Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Back To School & There is No Metal Scene in Halifax

That's right everyone it's time for back to school. Now all of you people will be heading back to class with all your brand new school supplies and stuff from your back to school shopping trips this summer with your new clothes and stuff and you'll all be sitting there hoping your true love will finally like you this year and you'll all be falling in love with them and stuff.

Personally, that happens to me all the time so maybe this year will be your turn.

Speaking of back to school, make sure you go get all your heavy metal outfits and the mall this September. I was out shopping and Stitches has heavy metal shirts or something there now like Slayer, you can also get Slayer shirts at Winners now. Slayer must be retarded now or something because getting their shirts at Stitches and Winners is not metal at all but if you need Slayer shirts for the first week of back to school you can get them at Stitches now.

I also heard that Slayer was making comic book characters from the titles of their songs but I don't know if it's true or not. They are going to be demon characters for a comic book or something called names of their songs like "Disciple" and "War Ensemble". 

The names of the Demon Characters in the Slayer comic will called "Disciple" and "War Ensemble". So the name "War Ensemble" is now the name of a comic book character apparently. Another character may be called "Haunting The Chapel" and one is probably called "Black Magic" for their comic character series which goes along with their song titles.

I think what Slayer did is draw a demon comic book character for every one of their song titles and they may be making collectable cards or something of all of them. Anyway, I'm not sure if it's true but that's what I heard.

Personally, I love going to school and I have a University Degree and a Certification in Project Management. I'm not working right now though because I am working on books and music and stuff. 

Since I'm not in school now or anything I usually spend my spend my days watching music videos all day and  talking to girls on the internet. 

Then I sit around my apartment drawing skulls all day and stuff and practicing my arpeggios. Right now we're working on our art production for the Record Label I'm making. 

So we've been working on the studio sound for the records and stuff and now we're working on the art production which is going great so it should all be out sometime. So we're doing a pro art studio for the label for the album covers and stuff then I'm working on my books and stuff which are a bit behind but we're doing a lot more with it than I planned.

Speaking of that all the posers in Halifax are all out coping me again and now their all writing books or something. It should be good seeing illiterate people from the North End of Halifax putting books out and stuff. They are probably just blank pages of paper or something with a "Can you Spare some change" sign on it that they use when their out begging for money on Spring Garden Road in down town Halifax.

Judging by the penmanship on their cardboard signs in downtown Halifax when their annoying people for money all day the books they have coming out should be a real find at the free public outdoor library they will probably be putting them in.

On another note when are they getting rid of all those bums with cardboard signs in Downtown Halifax harassing people for money anyway?

From what I hear everyone in Halifax fucking hates them because they are garbage and everyone wants to ban them from the sidewalk because they are ruining the look of the downtown area and then they won't stop annoying you for money.

Then the bums in Downtown Halifax all go around saying people are sensitive to them because they are poor or homeless but the truth is everyone in Halifax fucking hates them because they annoy you for money every time you go shopping and the whole city wants to ban begging from the sidewalk.

It will be a great day in Halifax when the City finally bans people from begging for change with those fucking cardboard signs and stuff and finally gets rid of them permenatly.

They make the downtown area look terrible and everyone thinks they look like old garbage bags on the side of the street by the all the nice brand name store's in the Shopping Area on Spring Garden Road.

Everyone calls them garbage and wants them banned from the area so it will be great when they get all the beggars out of downtown Halifax.

This is why everyone fucking hates them. You go to downtown Halifax to by a new pair of Versace Glasses at the Eye Doctor and their are all these this fucking kids out on Spring Garden Road in from of the shops with cardboard signs begging for money and annoying you when you leave the store. 

They just sit there waiting for you to come out because they know you have money then they keep yelling at everyone and begging for money and then if you ignore them they call you a fucking asshole when they are the one causing the problem.

If it was up to me I'd have them all removed by the Halifax Sanitation Department and ban them from the sidewalk. It will be a great day when that happens.

Then they are all coming from the slums in the North End of Halifax. 

The North End of Halifax is a dirtiest most run down neighborhood in all of Nova Scotia.

It's the area at the base of the MacDonald Bridge on the Halifax side of the Harbour by the Army Base and the Naval Shipyard.

Then behind the Army Base if the most run down area in all of Nova Scotia and all those fucking bums begging downtown all live there with nothing apparently.

If it was up to me I'd plow the whole area today and ban the homeless people from begging downtown then they'd all have to go somewhere else.

After that everyone in Halifax would be happy because everyone hates all those beggars downtown with their fucking cardboard signs and wants them banned from the area and then have the North End Demolished.

Everyone in Halifax is also sick and tried of Gottingen Street in the same area being a fucking dump in the North End and wants it cleaned up and turned into something nice like Spring Garden Road or Barrington Street. 

Then everyone wants the "look" of Gottingen Street Banned from Halifax and they want to people begging to leave because they are causing a problem and the area is so run down.

Hopefully, they will demolish all the the North End and Gottingen Street and ban people from begging and make Gottingen Street look like Barrington Street and Spring Garden Road with brand name shopping on it and then ban the look of Gottingen Street from the City and then ban all the slums.

The the place can be normal and all those fucking pricks downtown begging will get the fuck out of here so the regular people can have a nice day.

Fuck them anyway, everyone hates all those fucking beggers and the fucking North End because it looks like garbage and is the most run down area in all of Nova Scotia.

Now back to the topic about the Halifax Metal Scene.....there is none.

The only person in Heavy Metal in Halifax is myself.

I am in the real heavy metal scene and have real stuff and music etc and I am the best guitar player period anyway.

No one else in Halifax even listens to death metal that I know about. They all like two bands and only listen to Motorhead the Ace of Spades Record and all dress like the characters in Motorhead on the Album cover.

All the people in the Halifax listen to is Motorhead the Ace of Spades and that's what they all dress like downtown. Then they can't play and only like like two bands and think they are all metal. Then they follow you around begging you for change and being pricks.

Their is like a million bands in metal and no one in Halifax even listens to them or is involved in it except myself.

Everyone just listens to Motorhead and dresses like the characters on the cover. Then they think they are right "metal" and run around copying you.

I would know, I am in real heavy metal and none of them are in it. They are just a bunch of idiots downtown and on the internet.

Here is the story:

In like 2006 I put out a record on Great White North Records and played in the Halifax area for a couple years downtown. 

Everyone there in the metal scene is a fucking hobo.

Great White North Records is now PRC Music and they fucking suck. Now they are out signing bands from Atlantic Canada again and all of them fucking suck including PRC.

Any band from Atlantic Canada on PRC Music from Quebec fucking sucks.

They have no musical theory on their records, their guitars on the albums are not in sync in the left and right speakers and they have no real drum beats from heavy metal music and don't use BPM and have no timing on their albums.

Then they put out cover songs of thrash bands and and their guitars are not synced in the left and right speakers and don't match, then they can't even play the drum rolls on thrash songs and the beats are all wrong and off time on their records.

That's because they all fucking suck and don't have any musical ability at all and don't know any theory whatsoever.

That's what you get for a metal scene here in Halifax and it's all at the youth center in the North End of Halifax and is all garbage.

If you go to a concert they start bumming you for money with cardboard signs probably. I would recommend never going there because the whole area is a dump and everyone bums you for fucking money at these stupid concerts where they can't play.

Here is what happened to me down there in the North End.

I put a record out on Great White North Records in 2006 and it was supposed to be out on Sonic Unyon and The End Records and go in all the record stores.

Then when it was time to put the fucking record in the stores the label didn't have the money to make the records and the folded.

So my record when out in the list to all these stores on Sonic Unyon and The End Records and then the label didn't have the money to put the record out and the folded. Now I don't get any money for my record because it went out but the business folded and now it's just for sale somewhere.

Then I played live in the Halifax area for a couple years and haven played here since 2007. That's because I went down to the North End of Halifax with a real record deal and bunch of gear and stuff for a real band with good recording and stuff that was going to be out at the mall.

All the bums in the North End all got mad because if you show up there with a Marshall Stack they think you are running a soup kitchen for bums in the North End. So I told them to fuck themselves and left.

Then I never went back.

They they all started flaming me in the internet using my real name and making these hobo threats to me that you have to decipher.

So after I never went back to the North End to play ever again because they thought I was handing out money and soup and I wasn't they all started this fight with me on the internet.

It was called "Maritime Metal" back then and on the internet, but when you went to the concerts in the North End of Halifax they weren't really metalheads they were bums just pretending and when you go to the concert they get mad and start begging you for money so I never went back because that are all hobo's.
Then when you keep playing without them they all flame you on the internet using your name from the North End, all saying your "band isn't real" if they don't like you in some kind of hobo talk.

It turns out that after you decipher that it means it's a threat because they think they are a mafia or something. That means when they say "your band isn't real" they are threatening you to quit because they don't like you and you won't give them money and soup because they are so poor and pretending to be metal just to go bum people for money.

So I went down to the North End to kick their ass and it turns out they were a bunch of kids and you're not allowed beating them up so I left.

So they flame you on the internet if you don't give them money when you play there then when you go to kick their ass for it it was just a bunch of poor kids so nothing came of it and I left.

Then they are REAL internet trolls. Like the trolls that live under a bridge except they are trolls that live on the internet and sit on message boards all day instead of under a bridge.

The if you try and talk on their page the internet trolls in Halifax all flame you with your real name on the internet where they sit all day on their message boards and try to make you give them money or they won't let you post about your band.

That's because if you play in a band the internet trolls won't let you talk on their metal pages in Halifax unless you give them money at shows in the North End  and feed them because they are all homeless.

When the North End gets demolished and the band begging from Halifax streets it will be a great day in Nova Scotia.

Suck it Losers.


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