Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Motorhead is the new "Trench Coat Mafia" in Halifax

People in Halifax are dressing like "The Hammer" and acting it out.

That's right everyone it's not Marilyn Manson anymore it's Motorhead.

If they don't like you in the North End and Gottengen Street "The Hammer" will smash your dreams of being a music star.

This is all because they are listening to the Motorhead album "The Ace of Spades" from 1980 and "living out" the lyrics in Downtown Halifax, dressing like the "Characters" in the band and are "addicted to loitering".

To get what they are doing you have to understand the "concept" Motorhead are performing on the record.

On the Motorhead record  "The Ace of Spades" from 1980 the concept on the record is that the band are "Urban Cowboys" in the City and are comparing themselves the Characters in Old West movies like "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly" for example.

Instead of the record taking place in the old west it takes place in The City in the 1980's and they wear leather outfits and act like Cowboys in Western Movies.

The lyrics are here:


About ten years ago this happened to me directly in Downtown Halifax and the North End and Gottengen Street, but I called their bluff and they all took off. However, there are people still around causing problems and copying artists in every category (music, art, photography etc.) and if they don't like the other people or if they don't feed them in the North End they send "The Hammer" from the Motorhead Record "The Ace of Spades" to "Smash your Dreams" of being an artist in Downtown Halifax  because they think they own the entire art community because they are down there all the time annoying everyone and are "addicted to loitering".

This is what they said about me..."Jason MacKenzie from the Death Metal band Collapse has all this guitar stuff and money from his job at a Corporation and he's not helping out the other artists in the North End of Halifax and Gottengen Street so we all hate him and are going to ruin his advertising campaign by trashing his name in the North End and Downtown and on Gottengen Street so he can't play anymore and Collapse will quit because it's not fair that he has money for band gear and food and won't give us any."

What they meant by "Helping out the other artists" was that they all wanted me to "give them money" for guitars, amplifiers and food so all the "bands" in the North End could have the same music equipment and food as someone working in a huge Corporation like me.

When I told them to "suck it" they sent "The Hammer" to the Downtown area to ruin my advertising campaign.

Yeah right...they are so poor in the North End apparently they think in their heads that a band that doesn't have anything to do with their area because I play EVERYWHERE  can  be made or broken in one neighborhood in Halifax.

This is because they have the Marilyn Manson syndrome like Dylan Klebold or someone for Motorhead and they think that my band all depends on them in the North End and tried to ruin my band by harassing me and flaming me on the internet begging and crying for food and band equipment.

Dylan Klebold-Mass Murderer
The whole problem here is the inner city itself which will probably be banned and torn down in all cities at some point because the people are so fucked in the head.

The problem with the inner city slums is all the people in there have "claimed" all the downtown areas as some kind of "hang out" like a music hang out or an art hang out or something.

Now they are all loitering downtown and have claimed all the areas like 800 times over as some kind of urban hang out for the slums in the inner city and are all down there ruining it.

These days people from the slums in the inner city all think they "own" the downtown because they are all loitering so much and begging for money.

Now when regular people go down there they have to "walk around them" after the City let them sit there because they think they own it.

If a regular person puts up a music or art poster they all go retarded because an "outsider" meaning regular citizen is trying to advertise their business downtown and the inner city is saying they own all the down town areas and didn't leave any room left for regular citizens to promote their art or music.

If a regular person tries to promote their art or music people from the inner city will send down "The Hammer" from the Motorhead record "The Ace of Spades" to ruin their advertising and kick them out of the area by mouth off and flaming them.


All after REGULAR CITIZENS allowed them to be there. Now people in the City want them out of there and banned from  begging and loitering.

On the Motorhead record the "Ace of Spades" they are saying on the song the "Ace of Spades" itself that the band has an "Ace of Spades" playing card up the sleeve of his leather Jacket or something and all he needs to win at cheating is to keep the Ace of Spades playing card up the sleeve of his leather jacket.

They say in the song that they know someday they will get caught for cheating and have to face the consequences.

Now people in the North End of Halifax and Gottengen Street have been acting this out in public downtown and just like in the song...They have been caught!

Track 1: The Ace Of Spades

"the only card I need is, The Ace Of Spades"

This is to win at cheating.

 "You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools,
But that's the way I like it baby,
I don't wanna live for ever,"

Then they say that they are born to lose and got caught doing this in downtown Halifax just like in the song and they said it's the way they like it. Then they said that they didn't want to live forever.

"I see it in your eyes, take one look and die,
The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be,
The Ace Of Spades"

This is the part in the song where they ruin your band or art.

They say if you try and get ahead of them in Music in the North End they will "whip out" the Ace of Spades out of the sleeve of their leather jacket and your music and art will die.

That means they will kill your music or art by flaming you on the internet and ruining your name in Downtown Halifax when they are there loitering from the North End and Gottengen Street.

They say it like this to you:

You know it's going to be the Ace of Spades.

That's if they want your band gear or something.


This song is about how they sit around downtown all day loitering like reptiles and you're supposed to love them for being gross and sitting around in the sun all day sponging off the City like a lizard on the concrete


"The rider wearing black,
You know he's gonna Shoot You In The Back

(Like) - In the Western movies!"

Then they all wear Black Leather outfits like the Characters on the cover of the record.

Then they are saying they will SHOOT YOU IN THE BACK if you don't give them money. In their case it's by FLAMING YOU and RUINING YOUR ADVERTISING DOWNTOWN.


This is about how they are like City Cowboys breaking all the rules and have an Ace of Spades up the sleeve of their leather jackets to cheat at cards because all they care about is "winning" at art and music and will try and cheat.

How they cheat and be bigger than your art or music if they use the "Ace of Spades" up the sleeve of their leather jacket - Meaning they will flame you and ruin your advertising so their bands will appear bigger than yours if you don't feed them or give them money and band equipment.


This is about how they all run around downtown living fast and loose like they are riding a motorcycle and wearing leather outfits when they are running around downtown harassing people.

The leather is to carry the "Ace of Spades" playing cards and to repel rock when they are loitering on the concrete.


This is about how they sit around down town all day on the side of the road and carry band equipment around playing shows.


This is about how they will "Open Fire" on you if you "get in the way" of their dreams of being artist if you are better than them.


This song is about how they are trying to get teenage girls to believe them that they are music stars so they will go out with them when they are in high school.


This song is about how they will be watching you dance like they are shooting bullets at your feet when they ruin your advertising campaign by watching you run around the city when they are loitering trying to fix your posters that they ruin.


This is about how you will be "biting the bullet" and they will be "leaving you" when they are a bigger artist than you after they ruin your art and music.


This is about how they are begging women for money all day downtown and chasing them around looking for stuff, this is the best part to them because they know that a real woman will never actually go out with them. So the chase is better than the catch happens when women hand them money when they are begging for change.


The Hammer is the main character, he is the guy who runs around with the Ace of Spades playing card up his sleeve.

"And I'm here to stay, it's gonna be that way,
Don't try to run, don't try to scream,
Believe me, The Hammer's gonna smash your dream"

They say they are here to stay and they are going to smash your dreams of being an artist.

"I'm in your life, just might be in your wife,
Could be behind your back, I might be on your track,
And it might be true, I might be onto you,
I'll scare you half to death,"

They say they are in your life whether you like it or not and try to scare you and have sex with your wife.

 That's if you won't feed them or give then band equipment.

" Don't try to hide, don't look around,
Believe me, The Hammer's gonna bring you down,"

This is the last part of the album where they say you can't hide from them and you have to believe them that "The Hammer" will bring you down.....then you will no longer be an artist or musician in Halifax when they ruin your name from the North End of Halifax and Gottengen Street.


Obviously, this is some kind of Marilyn Manson "Trench coat mafia" thing for the Motorhead album "The Ace of Spades".

Now instead of Trench coats it's Leather Outfits like the characters on the album cover - like in an Old West Movie but in the City instead.

Watch out Halifax Artists - "The Hammer" may be on to you from the North End.


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