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Trenchcoat Mafia:The Unauthorized Interview CD out soon
PRC Music from Quebec is an open scam. That is the "Label" that makes CD's for the Trenchcoat Mafia here in Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

Here is the response from the HFX LOCAL Trench Coat mafia..."I don't understand why people are saying some people don't like us. We've been the big popular music crowd in Halifax for over twenty years and now people are saying they don't like us. It doesn't matter how big a artist is if WE don't like them because we're the biggest downtown popular crowd to ever exist in Halifax and if we say no one like's Slayer or Metallica  everyone  in our super popular Halifax crowd says they don't like them either or we won't be friends with them. That's because we own local popularity and  run the City of Halifax."

Newsflash wieners you're not popular and everyone hates you.  

Now this topic is getting super long and I'm not spending time editing my spelling on here and shit because it's too long and the topic is too stupid.

I looked this up a while ago and I don't know if it's all accurate but fuck them anyway it's what I thought and that's what it looked like.

So PRC Music from Quebec is releasing these fucking pricks albums from the Trenchcoat Mafia or "Maritime Metal" it used to be when that was around years ago  here in Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

Then their Label is PRC Music in Quebec which does all this openly in the public. That's the people from the Label my old album was on when I got ripped off 11 years ago.

The are saying they are on Universal Music Canada and it's fucking bullshit. Then they are looking for bands.

First they said they were on Purveyor Music Distribution and when I looked that up before all they carried was Interview CD's like "The Unauthorized Metallica Interview" cd's.

They said that that was the label PRC was distributed on the only one I could find just made Unauthorized Interview Cd's which  are BOOTLEGS.

I don't care when these are carried in stores, if they are really unauthorized they are bootlegs.

Then guess what?

My first album Collape - Destroying By Design got BOOTLEGGED.

So they started to press the album then they scrapped it then it got their distributor if that's accurate sells bootleg Interview Cd's.

If I had to guess I would say cd got Bootlegged, then the new laben is distributed by Bootleggers.

Yeah but you can't prove any of that like where they specifically come from but that's what it looks like. Either way PRC is a scam.

Now the Purveyor shit is not on there that I could see and it said they were on Universal Music Canada and they are not, now it say's they are on "Outside Music" which is kind of like Sonic Unyon from years ago.

So i know Outside Music is a distributor but it's not Universal Music, I don't know if  Universal Distributes Outside Music or not. 

When I looked up Outside Music's Distribution List PRC Music was not on it.

Before they said Universal Music on Purveyor and that's not on there now, the only thing I could find on Purveyor is they sold Bootleg Audio CD's of like Metallica of something.

Then my first record got Bootlegged and they are selling it small under the counter now. So that's that people in there somewhere bootlegging where my record got bootlegged but you can never prove specifically who the bootlegger is so you can't do anything about it because they took it underground.

So they are pricks anyway so fuck them. 

This is what will probably happen:

They said they were being Distributed by Universal Music Canada and that was on Purveyor that apparently sells Unauthorized Bootleg Audio CD's as far as I can tell.

Now it says Outside Music which is a Label and Distributor in Canada but it's super small.

I don't know is Outside Music is carried by Universal Music Canada or not.

Then on the web page under label information it says all this fucked in the head shit that doesn't make any sense.

They say they are an underground label that is NOT ON A QUEST FOR WORLD DOMINATION which is pretty funny that they say that because one of my slogans is that COLLAPSE IS ON A QUEST FOR WORLD DOMINATION which includes exposing poeple like PRC MUSIC and the TRENCHCOAT MAFIA because they are both scams and in the public and they are both a public issue.

Now they are backpedaling and saying that they have been in business since the 1980's and are including all their old back catalog like my band Collapse  in their discography on their info page.

They don't say my band but it's the same list as my band and they are copying my slogan.

That's probably because they are trying to say that THEY NEVER CLOSED because everyone is saying once a label closes they should leave the scene because they owe the old bands money and it's a scam if they make a new label without them on it.

Yeah now they said they released all those old albums but they didn't...that was Great White North Records......PRC MUSIC never released any of those records they reference on their info page.

Now they are saying they released  over 150 but they didn't. Those were on a different label and PRC only has like 30 or something.

Now they are pretending they are Great White North Records and taking credit for those titles but they didn't make them. They are probably just trying to hide that fact that they are a scam by taking credit for old titles.

This is what will probably happen....they'll say their gonna be on Universal Music Canada Distribution but they need like 100 Bands or something, then they'll use that angle to sign bands and then close their label saying they never got to the level they need to get them in stores on Universal.

Then they'll just take it underground and bootleg them with Interview CD's and sell them small at they under the counter level and not pay anyone.

I'm not saying that PRC MUSIC is Bootlegging audio interview CD's and that they Bootlegged Collapse-Destroying by Design and that it's being distributed by Interview CD bootleggers with my name on it...BUT it could be that but you can't prove anything.

Then on their info page it says they have been involved in that as a "RACKET" since the 1980's (I doubt it, they are probably just saying 1980's to look cool and try and sign bands) and I don't think they are joking because it's a real racket and I have first hand experience with them.

Then they point you to their estore and say "Have a blast" and buy 3 get one free....that's probably because everyone says that their Maritime Label was "Blast Head" and just closed and it was probably they same thing as "Great White North Maritimes" and that PRC was probably running that as an Atlantic Canada Label and they just closed it and sold off their inventory.

So people are saying that "Blast Head" from Atlantic Canada was probably run by PRC or something and the bands they signed never knew they were on it and now they're all probably getting bootlegged but you can't prove anything.

That inventory was bought buy some other label...probably someone else they know and they'll probably just bootleg it and hold it under the counter saying the label is closed and the people who bought it are selling it as old inventory. 

In fact they probably just closed it so they can bootleg it somewhere and not pay anyone because they are closed.

But....You can't prove any of that it's just what people are saying and that's what it looks like.

Anyway, all those people are the Trenchcoat Mafia anyway and those labels are a bunch of ripoff's.

So stop running around in Montreal and Quebec saying you're right big and I'm scared of you and shit because I'm not and all you are is a bunch of losers in the Trenchcoat Mafia and you're bands all suck and you have no scene and you're "record label"is always some scam with a bunch of bootleggers at 

My band Collapse is super awesome and I am a Death Metal Super God and you are all losers.

That is all.


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