Sunday, September 17, 2017

World's Largest Flea Market People Buying Up Halifax Collectables

World's Largest Flea Market
The Collectable's Market Value Has Sunk

The big flea market people were around Halifax buying up all the collectables for next to nothing recently or something.

This is because the value of Collectables has dropped and you can't get any money for anything probably right now. These are probably the people from the United States from the World's Largest Flea Market who were here and bought up all the collectable's in Halifax for next to nothing.

Now they will be making the rounds to all the Large Flea Markets in the United States with all the stuff they bought here. 

This is a sign of how the value of collectables has sunk to next to nothing. Everyone knows around here in Halifax that if the World's Largest Flea Market was here buying stuff to sell at flea market's in the United States that the market value of the collectables is super low. That's because they came here and bought it all for nothing to take back to the United States to sell at the Flea Market's they have there at low prices.

One of the biggest secrets in the market of Collectables for 2017 is  THE VINYL LP. and RECORD PLAYER SETS.

Vinyl Lp's and Record Player Sets are big heading into 2020
Right now Vinyl Lp's are becoming a huge retail market and apparently Vinyl Lp Records are reportedly out selling digital downloads. I can't confirm this crazy statement but that is the word on the internet.

Here is the deal. Right now manufactures are opening the Vinyl Lp Record Sales Market to ANYONE who wants  to sell records. The small independent manufactures who have licensed their albums from large Companies like Sony, Universal and Warner  Music are trying to move their products fast and are asking upwards to $45 per album for common house hold Lp records. This is because they are doing small runs of like 10,000 copies and their prints are limited and licensed from Major Labels. Now they are trying to move their products fast because of the large trend in Lp Record Sales which are apparently out pacing digital downloads in the music industry sales market.

Here is what is going on with the big Independent Label Lp Sell Off.....

Vinyl Lp's are about to be worthless!

Since Vinyl Lp's are about to be worthless Independent Manufactures are trying to dump their products as fast as possible.

Wireless Streaming Bluetooth Lp Player
This is because Major labels are about to pull their Product Licenses from Independent Labels and start Mass Producing Vinyl Lp Records again for the brand new Wireless Streaming Bluetooth Lp Record Players which retail for around $150.

With Vinyl Record Sales outpacing Digital Download Sales Major Labels are pulling their licenses from Independent Manufacturers to mass produce Vinyl Lp's to use with the new Wireless Streaming Record Players which can play your records wireless anywhere in your house!
The word coming from the World's Largest  Flea Market people in the United States is that people are trying to sell their old records for up to $300 per album and are asking up to $45 per album for on an eight song record!

Since Major Record Labels can't get any money out of digital sales and can't compete with Smartphones that hold 10,000 songs for free off the internet people are saying that they around about to mass produce the Vinyl Albums for the Wireless Record Player for only $2 per record brand new at Wal-Mart Discount Bins. 

The World's Largest Flea Market People in the United States are saying that everyone is over charging for their old Vinyl Lp's because the price is about to drop to $2 per record for discount bins at Wal-Mart so the Major Labels can get $2 for Eight Only Songs when everyone gets 10,000 songs for nothing off the internet.

To compete with Free Digital Downloads Record Companies are now about to ask $2 for eight buy them on the Vinyl Lp.

Now they are planning to re-run all their old albums from their music vaults and sell them for $2 per album at Wal-Mart for the Wireless Lp Record Player.

Record Companies will be making a fortune in the future off selling Vinyl Albums for  only $2 per record with only about eight songs on it when they can't get any money at all out of digital sales.

Now everyone will be able to collect as many Vinyl Lp's as they want because they will only be two dollars.

Everyone in the Music Industry knows that Vinyl Lp's made in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's are as common as regular household cardboard are are worthless.

Now they are saying that when mass produced like in the 1960's Vinyl Lp's are as cheap as common as cardboard. People are saying that in the future when they get a free digital download of an album for their smart phone they will be able to get the artwork for $2 in a Wal-Mart discount bin if they get the Vinyl Lp to go with it.

Record Company people are saying at the World's Largest Flea Market that Vinyl Lp Collectables prices are a scam because they are about to be re-run and mass produced like in the 1960's for $2 per album in Wal-Mart bins.

They are warning people to "not be fooled by artifically inflated prices" on music collectables.

Record Companies are saying that "the price of a Vinyl Lp is the same as house hold cardboard so they might as well throw a Vinyl Lp into the cardboard so they can get $2 for the artwork."

With prices about to drop to $2 per record at Wal-Mart bins for the Wireless Lp Player record companies are going to make a fortune at approximately $2 for only eight songs when people get 10,000 for free.

"$2 per album for about eight songs is a lot of money when we get nothing for 10,000  songs off the internet" is what they are saying. 

So they are going to manufacture them for the price of house hold cardboard and throw in the vinyl record and get their $2 for the picture on the cover.

Now they are  pulling their licenses from independent manufactures to get their $2 per album at the Wal-Mart bins like ordinary cardboard that comes with a vinyl record and the album artwork.

Then they are promoting the Wireless Vinyl Lp player and mass producing Vinyl Lp's for $2 each at Wal-Mart Discount bins. 

They are saying this will generate a lot revenue and help recover money lost because of free digital music on smartphones.

This may be out in the next couple years at Wal-Mart.


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