Monday, September 25, 2017

Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say

Collapse-I Don't Care What You Say

Download this link to check out a rough version of my most recent song and listen to what everyone in the Trenchcoat Mafia is copying in Halifax and Atlantic Canada and hear why I am being bootlegged by Audio Interview Cd Distributors probably but I don't know for sure.

Everyone of you losers in Halifax and Atlantic Canada in the Trenchcoat Mafia scene are losers and I am super awesome and you will never be me because I am a Death Metal Super God and you will all fail.

It does not matter how much you copy me in the metal scene because you will never be a music star because you are all idiot's and fucking suck.

You will all fail and you're labels will fail and I will still be here and you will all cry and quit because you can not copy me because I am too awesome and you all fucking suck.

You will all quit metal and be humiliated and fail and I am already a huge guitar player you will always be a failure because you are the Trenchcoat Mafia and I am real heavy metal.


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