Friday, July 30, 2021

These Are My Final Instruction Until After My Summer Vacation

Sorry entertainment company I have to pull my promotions for the rest of the summer because all them guys from East Hastings & Skid Row showed up downtown during the election and the whole thing is on television.

I'm just gonna jump right to it....I gave downtown to the bums, the ones from East Hastings who sold my stuff on the streets...they all showed up downtown and I have a restraining order against the group of them.

They got some bum camp setup in the City Hall Court Yard, it was so nuts down there this week I can't believe events right downtown.

That's right on the news man, the bums took the downtown man...I fucking pulled out, it doesn't matter anyway I was just downtown there using their hand sanitizer know like billing a bunch of my soap budget back to the city, then getting my turn on the new garbage can at the bridge terminal.

The place is going up man...I checked...they got the bank machine and store inventory all unguarded all over the place.

Then they dug up Spring Garden Road and put fences up - that's the corral point for the when the place goes nuts they are going to fence them in on Spring Garden Road, then they left all the store inventory unguarded and the bums took the downtown.

Everybody knows downtown about my house and stuff that got stolen and that the guy from the band from Toronto followed me home from the Pavillion all ages club and climbed in my window and went through my underwear and stole my t-shirts and records (back in 2008 I mean), then they were down there trying to sell my stolen records or something to all the kids staking at the park.

Like homeless people squadding, selling stolen goods at the skate park trying to get the kids in everybody knows that the bums that got caught had the other people selling my stolen stuff out in East Hastings and they come down here start flaming people, then the stolen goods guys came from the underwear guy and some pawn shop and now I gotta get outta here.

I'm still in the area but I'm way over in Dartmouth almost in Waverly and I'm using outside services, so that place went up and everybody's down there can have it!

The bums win now, they're back in and I'm gone - only downtown!

Now I'm "out at the lake" until September and all them East Hasting people are down there fighting about the underwear guy and the stolen goods from my house because they flamed me against the restraining order and it came right out in public so I had to take off, anyway now they all know the stolen goods they had in East Hastings were from the home invasion and it was from the underwear guy and the whole Commons went up in flames.  

That's because they got caught selling stolen goods from the guy that stole my underwear and all those people owe me money and we had this big civil rights clash and it all came out and everyone's on the same page now and their all fighting...right on the news probably on City Hall cameras, I gotta get out of here.


Now Halifax Sucks

I'm on vacation.

Downtown Halifax sucks and now it's all bums from East Hastings in it living in all the parks and the city won't tell them to leave and their down there flaming everyone.

And the town Hall's closed with no Commissionaires or Cops and there's no one to complain to.

Now everyone's down their fighting and arguing and powder keg went up, I'm outta here.

I'm not going downtown anymore, I left.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Offspring - Army of One (Official Lyric Video)

The Offspring - Gone Away (Official Music Video)

The Offspring - "Come Out And Play"

The Offspring MTV live 1997

Oh Man, That Was The Pyramid Scam Everyone Seen Them Do That In Public

Hahahahhaha, that was the pyramid scam I was telling you all about.

See...they were all downtown begging in front the womens underwear stores and that then the girls couldn't get in them....then....(ummm, their down there right now in Halifax if you want to go look)......then it was a Political Rally for the election and all the bums were flaming everyone.

Then at the same time I got another fake court letter from "slayer" hahahahahhahahahaa....they got busted in public from East Hastings down here in Halifax this week bumming at the election.

Hahahahahahaha, they're probably all over the news live and everything.

There are all these junkies down there and everything,  can you imgaine man right in public....that's who it is the pyramid scam...bums and them.

Now because of that my old court case was just people lying and flaming, that's the Rahtaeh Parsons case, then when the flamed me they robbed my house...that was the whole thing.

Now I'm getting more fake court letters right in public, hahahahahhahaha.

Right on television live man....that's who they are, bums - that's who runs the pyramid scam....the ones on the medians I mean.



Court Case "Conclusion"

Wow, I'm pretty impressed and non interested in these topics.

So I know what's going on because I get harassed too much and now they are caught red handed.

This is a long story that I'm not telling...

That's because I don't know and don't care what it is.

All these people years ago started fighting with me, I thought it was what I was talking about....then I don't know what the argument was so I just left because I don't care.

I had this bad break up years ago is what happened, I mean I'm no I don't care, like to what happened.

So you come home one day and your wife is gone and the house is empty in the big fight outta no where, I thought we were fighting about what I was talking about, now I know that the other people were fighting about a different issue behind my back or something, then it came to me in my breakup.

It took a while and then I realized that whatever that was it was behind my back or something or private in their family and then this fight spilled over to me, then it wasn't about anything I was I just left when I realized that and then just tuned them all out and moved on in disbelief of what I witnessed not knowing what it was so I just left, just a regular occurrence for me.

You see, I'm locked in a school program since I was a kid in all these activities and can't get out of it and don't want to so I had to just keep going, so the relationship "ran out" and it wasn't my issue so I just went home and tried to ignore all this flaming.

Anyway, after that somehow all these bums found out about my money or something and kept coming back to my house trying to get in - the same old story "the ex girlfriend broke the band up", yeah I know - that's why I got outta there, she told me she was going to do that and throw all my stuff out...anyways, for nothing I assume just because we broke up then it happened.

So I'm not surprised about that, if they broke the band up and all that just to get back at me for something I don't know about, that's what I just went home, like to the dance academy from when I was a kid, where I live when I'm not down there where they were at.

Anyway, their family has their own businesses and stuff...then there are all these bums hanging around them later, their millionaires to them guys, like my ex band members.

Then I had to go finish my school programs here in Halifax then I got sick and it was not unexpected, I just didn't know at the time time I had to do more medical stuff that had been explained to me as a teenager, then I just ignored them and blocked it out then I had to do this hospital program that I finished here in Halifax.

In the middle of that I got assaulted at the office, anyway I don't blame my ex, I mean the band members are supposed to stay with the band hahahha, I can't believe they fell for that from her.

I mean she must be pretty important to them bums downtown.

Anyway, I had to go anyway...whatever, I had my own business to attend to.

After that I had this big information leak about my bank account, now all these bums follow me around.

I have no idea what any of that is and I don't wanna know and I'm not asking. 

I have other interests and no time for that, if anything I blame them bums for "wife corruption" in my court case, if it went to court I know she's gonna blame then plus that's what I'm saying even though we went in separate directions.

I'm more interested in my pogs than all that.

Anyway then I got approached by all these scams.

It's probably coming from some call center.

This is what is going's an attempted domain heist on my webpages now.

Last summer they tried to get my page on go daddy and then they tried to force it up on the auction and cut the price and transfer it to them from go daddy and some record store.

This summer they are saying it's "slayer" and my new page.

This time they did the same thing, they wrote me with a lawyer and said they owned my page from their Trade Mark and tried to force me to put it up for domain transfer to the band "slayer".

HAHAHAHAHA, fuck man what is my ex girlfriend telling you, I mean I didn't take it in the ass that bad from her for you to be down here saying that.

Like if that's where it came from, I don't know.

Maybe they are being held hostage by bums in a scam, but I know the difference and just fucked off...listen man, I'm sorry I'm just like that...I just get up and leave and go do something else randomly and wear different clothes and stuff and drop all the people around me and go do something else with different people from far away, I was probably not there long enough for anyone to see it and that's when it happened for the first time in my old relationship, I don't have a new one...I'm too busy and don't have time for it.

Yeah listen man, sorry everyone it was long before I met you all...I used to play a girl in plays and stuff and was doing this stripping act as boy pole dancing when I was younger as a joke with my other friends from far away, that was like YEARS before I met any of them and ancient history and probably forgot.

That's where my regular life is at far away when I'm in school, they never wanted to participate because they don't have those interests.

I don't mean anything by that, it just wasn't important and I don't think about it.

That's where I moved back to to finish my school programs, that's they got me doing that at originally like at dance school when I was a kid.

This summer the url web scam tried to FORCE me to transfer my domain name to "slayer".

Like writing me when I registered the name and saying they owned and tried to force the domain name transfer.

Then they said "I'm still allowed blogging about music".

That's a death threat like the one I got from "metal archives" webpage.

Yeah now I got it...

This is what their hinting at next summer they mean they going to hold me hostage and come to my house they mean in the threat and just put a gun to my head and force the domain name transfer using bums from "skid row" LA to try and squad in my house.

HAHAHAHAHA, everyone of them is a little prick to me.

So it became a domain heist, now they are threatening to hold me in a situation and not let me blog about music saying that "slayer" owns my trade marks at their trade mark filing for "slayer".

If you're me this is a joke and just a nuisance when I am sitting here working so I just had to turn them in AGAIN because of the Trade Mark violation they committed - that is also my job to regulate Trade Marks at my company so I also work at the trade mark office so when they threatened me I just turned them in to the news, bar association, senate and trade mark office and if they are real lawyers they will get disbarred and "slayer" will have their trade marks expunged and lose their band if that's all true.

Then I fucking left and want no future contact from them, so we'll just wait for the harassment to stop, so I just got sick of them and turned them in because every time it happened it was fake entertainment lawyers from Los Angeles flaming me here in Halifax and I'm fucking sick of them, so if that's really "slayer" then they probably got jail time from my complaint.

I don't fucking know, just watch the news and music press and see if anything comes up on it that matches that.

So if your wondering I still live in Halifax but I moved away from all that back home to England in Nova Scotia in the Commonwealth where my family is from and I'm gone home.

That's most of the whole story to me, yeah so now I know it was just a scam and I know nothing about any of it and all that happened was I only had a bunch of possessions stolen when I was moving away to do more of my school work for my business setup...that's my record label, band and blog stuff.

So I hope that clears this up for anyone, all these issues are over to me now...don't bother me with these problems coming from other people outside my life because I'm back in my bubble and no ones getting back in it.


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die (Full Album)

S.O.D. - Kill Yourself (Live at Budokan)

Horrific Suicide on Camera - R. Budd Dwyer

DEE SNIDER - I Gotta Rock (Again) (Official Video) | Napalm Records

DEE SNIDER - Time To Choose ft. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Official ...

CONDITIONING BY GYMSHARK | Ultimate Workout Motivation


NEWS: Sony Sues Gymshark For Copyright Infringement

Sony Music is suing company Gymshark for using music in their videos claiming copyright infringement to the UK based company.

Not looking good Sony, just ask your "slayer" lawyers.

That courts only hear those cases from non-extorsion based businesses.


SUMMER 2021: Nova Scotia Is Awesome This Summer

Old Nova Scotia days are back to me, the reopening just started and there's a new election with real candidates with Premier Ian Rankin...glad to see it's the Rankin Family running for office here in Halifax for President Of Old Nova Scotia - aka Atlantic Canada.

I was downtown today, free water bottles at the library...water bottle recharge station cooling up.

All the bums and beggars downtown are all sqadding down on Spring Garden Road in front of all all the womens underwear stores and the girls can't get in....that was big deal down there today and not going well for beggars.

Not only that they are running our issues the Rankins on their campaign for future job growth and industry from Nova Scotia with tourist season heating up and a record number of cruise ships heading in.

Yeah anyway, it was an awesome day here in Halifax with the reopening getting started and the traffic and stuff is just gearing up with super awesome weather, you can't even believe it.



Cro-Mags - From The Grave (Official Music Video)

Class of 1984

LINK: Bleecker Bobs Records!

I bought Bleecker Bobs in New York!



NYC Gangs of the late '70s documentary (WARRIORS fans take note)

Man Alive: The Bronx Is Burning (Complete) FDNY 1972

Hatebreed - I Will Be Heard (Official Video)

White Power / Nazi Sellouts

Yeah I'm getting sick of carry these bands around saying their Nazi White Power wearing Iron Crosses wearing their tshirts to high school and concerts, then they come down to the white power rally bands like "slayer" wearing Aryan and Nazi logos getting us to buy their records, then they come back later and try and strong arm you outta music with these scams and fake entertainment lawyers.

I thought I was reading a Nazi page, then it was a bunch of scabs, ripping off us blondes putting our logos up on sony.

When I was kid they used beat women on the bus in New York for less and spray paint right on them...that's what I remember, when I was teenager them fake nazi bands like "slayer", some kind of race impersonators would get beat with a stick and spray painted right on them on the bus where I'm from.


"White Power" rally turns violent at Stone Mountain


New York Bronx (South Bronx) in the 70`s and 80`s

DYING FETUS - Wrong One To Fuck With (Official Music Video in 4K)

Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say

Love Among Freaks - Berserker [8/03/2012's Pick]

Collapse Canada Day Sale!



LINK: Iron Reagan 'Zine

Iron Reagan Heavy Metal 'Zine

Music & New York Interest Page.




IRON REAGAN - "Miserable Failure" (Official Music Video)

More Links Pages Examples

Like This:

It's like I say Anthrax Magazine for the science book and some band tried to sue me over the disease name anthrax, that's not what happened it was "slayer" instead.

Here are some of the links pages I bought:

Value: $45

Those are MY links pages, not for sale...unless I get offered a good price.

Last year people on Go Daddy tried to scam ....maybe I'll make that a public domain movie page, and slap up some Plan 9 free public domain downloads.

Go Daddy tried to steal that from me for their client last summer and started handing out my email and name in a scam to some record store trying to get my Plan 9 page, I had to tell them to fuck off.

I mean, I'm just loading all that...I can say anything I want on that.

I don't even know what I'm putting on the pages yet, you don't even get offers on person wrote me and it was a scam from some record store on Go Daddy.

They tried to load on to the auction and force me to sell it for a 20% cut of my profits hahahahahha, fuck man the Internet's not that loose.

That's because my page isn't a scam, plus I use my own can't say anything about it.


I'll tell you we got that stuff pretty cheap, now we got record stores on go daddy and "slayer" band trying to steal our stuff in a scam - I blogged about that last summer.

Go ahead man, sue me...I'll liquidate your assets before the filing date.


EXAMPLE: Law For Using TLD Names

Like this....

Let's say I bought , for a links page....

I'm allowed for using that whatever  I want....

Unless I use it to pretend to be someone else called "Glenn Danzig" and pose as them on the internet.


Someone might have a case against you, other than that you can use it for whatever you want.

Everyone knows this, url tld names are public domain.

It's only the first thing that went on the internet.

So I don't know who they are but on my url I'm Jason Mackenzie - Slayer Magazine .

Death Metal and General Interest Blog.

I mean fuck man, that page just got super fucking famous because if this fake court case against the public domain from Sony artists.  

So I gotta get a bunch of content on there fast to cash in on the web traffic that I'm gonna get because some band at the Trade Mark Office called "slayer" just tanked and I'm going to get all this web traffic on my url from the court case so I gotta start cahsing in fast while I start blocking their case on Ecwid before I make merchindise prints for .


HAHAHAHHAHAH "slayer" Says Their Gonna Sue Me For Making Public Domain Prints


I get it my Iron Reagan 'Zine T-Shirts right?

"slayer" is saying their gonna sue me if I print Slayer Magazine T-Shirts with my own graphic on them.


That's what they mean - On Ecwid!


I gonna sue you on Ecwid man....what are you gonna do go get Glenn Danzig and sue me for giving our free copies of Plan 9 From Outer Space?


It's Public Domain.

The name....all of them on the url.

You're gonna sue me on Ecwid for making prints of the url? don't own that, it's public domain.

Anyone can say Slayer Magazine man....what do you think Ecwid is gonna do to them if they "allow" me to continue blogging in their threat letter. 

I'm allowed to keep blogging about heavy metal am I?


I know.

Everyone is.

What do think Ecwid is gonna say?

You think their gonna let me print a free graphic I made of the print of the url I bought for my Ecwid store? guy, just let me know how you make out with your lawyer for trying to sue my future Slayer Magazine graphics off Ecwid, I doubt your gonna be around much longer after I sue you for threats and harassment in a scam. 

What do you think?

Will Ecwid let me print a free graphic on their stock market cart - I mean I never even made any graphics or nothing for the page yet and it's already famous.

Maybe I'll sue Hasbro for printing Forgotten Realms Magic Cards my idea from our public domain agreement.

How far do you thin I'm gonna get?

Yeah no where, because you can't.

That's how rich I am about your lawsuit "slayer" Hasbro prints my concepts, what do you have?

Looks like bankruptcy and forfeiture to me.

Here is what I can do so far to them back in court over this url prints stuff on T-shirts....what do think's gonna happen at , maybe Ronald Reagan will write me.

Yeah, I'm not seeing it ....that or Slayer...hey didn't they print Paris Hilton all painted over on the special edition of "repentless" album?

I mean...I just took them to the news and the Senate, I'm gonna sue them at the Trade Mark Office for threatening me with their Trade Mark to try and extort my page, then they started making threats saying their were going to "allow" me to do something...ummmm, I don't remember being taken hostage.

Then the issues extrapolate....

Now they are getting sued through Ecwid and have to beat them before the shirt comes down if I print them...then I'm gonna sue through Ecwid to say they are trying to block my url prints anyone can make saying they own the name "slayer" on Sony on ever unregistered tld. etc.

It's almost like they broke every law in the book when they made that threat.

Well...I'm gonna be super busy now resolving this lawsuit, I have them beat in every court in Canada it's gonna take some time while I get my case together to sue "slayer" then since they went bankrupt defending my case at Ecwid and the Trade Mark Office so far....then I don't know what's gonna happen. 

Anyway, those guys got lots of time...I mean they have to find a court to take the fake case first...good thing their in California at the crooked 9th Circuit Courts.

So when you finally get a court that will serve me with the case I'm gonna have to ask for a reply extension because of my lawsuit against you at Ecwid and the Trade Mark Office for trying to block my Ecwid Prints and steal my domain name etc.

Get back to me in about ten years then when you can get a lawyer to file all that stuff you have to defend from me to get my page down.



LINK: Slayer Magazine -



Monday, July 26, 2021

Metallica: Now That We're Dead (Official Music Video)

Anthrax - Only (Official Video)


BIZARRE (Spain) - Ex Oblivione (Death Metal) #transcendingobscurity #dea...

FETID ZOMBIE (US) - Breath of Thanatos (Death Metal) #transcendingobscur...


EX DEO - BOUDICCA (Queen of the Iceni) Ft Brittney Slayes (Official Lyri...

FLESHCRAWL - Festering Flesh (Demo '91) [Full Demo] [10"MLP]

NECROGOD (Sweden) - Moribund (Death Metal) #deathmetal #oldschooldeath #...



NOLTEM (US) - Ruse (Atmospheric Black Metal) #transcendingobscurity #atm...


Metallica: Wherever I May Roam (Day on the Green - Oakland, CA - October...

The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright (Official Music Video)

HATEBREED - i will be heard - LIVE

Minor Threat - Steppin' Stone




John Altyn - Outta Control

The FIRM Classic: Low-Impact Aerobics Original DVD Workout

IRON REAGAN - "Miserable Failure" (Official Music Video)

Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows (Official Music Video)

Nirvana - Breed (Live At The Paramount/1991)

Gorefest-Chapter Thirteen

Razor - Sucker For Punishment [Video]

Inner Thought - Worldly Separation

Hahaha Man I Had To File A Scam Complaint Against "slayer"

Read the email I attached below...

So yeah I don't know who that is writing me and I didn't ask...I told them to not write back and they did anyway then I went out for a walk in Halifax and they all started flaming me again the same as before with the band "terrorizer" this time saying "slayer".

Down at the soup kitchen on Gottingen trying "call me over" to homeless people asking if "I'm looking for something".

Fuck off bum, that's what I'm looking for.

So I filed a complaint against them at the US Trade Mark office and to my local Senator and the Speaker of the Floor in Ottawa because I just was there complaining about something else.

So they go and say....the band "slayer" owns the name "slayer" if you say music on the page on every tld on the internet.


Fucking over man.

like every .com , .net , .org , mobi 600 extensions.

Then they said in it, you can read it below....if you say "slayer" and "music" content like "magazine" that you need their permission on all tld's...hahahahha, yeah Trade Marks don't cover that ass hole.

So I complained to the Trade Mark office and asked them to verify, and I wrote the news media again about it.

I told them it's fraud in Halifax for them to proceed with this case, then asked the Trade Mark Office to verify who wrote me and asked them to expunge their Trade Marks if that is them, for Trade Mark and Copyright misuse...using their Trade Marks to harass my page and extort me for money and web url's.

So I told the Senator, and  then I said if this proceeds I'm suing them at the Trade Mark Office for expungement over the misusage.

The point is, they can't say anything to me because now I have a case against them for misuse of their Trade Marks...if they get expunged that stops their claim.

So now they have to defend that first before they sue me, that will cost them millions of dollars to defend my claim and I'm already covered.

Yeah I fucking doubt you own all that maaaaaaaan.

Anyway if they got the money for that and beat me at the trade mark office, then I'll see what they say about my if they don't get arrested for extortion first.

Anyone can say Slayer Magazine just like my other page Iron Reagan Magazine.

Now beat it scam.

Good luck getting fans now.


Mayhem - Carnage (ft. Dead)

SCAMS: HAHAHA Look At This Lawsuit I got from "slayer" for

I got nothing to do with your band scam, you sue me and I'll sue you back for your trade mark at the trademark office using it to harass my page in a fake lawsut, everyone says slayer on the internet plus I live outside the United States.

Trademark misuse to harass my page and then you lose all your trademarks and copyrights.

If you're the real "slayer band" I guess your gone.

That's what I told them when I wrote back.

Got it scam.

Yeah you register the name "magazine" and everyone claims they own it on your "entertainment company" do they?


That's only my stuff for sale on the page.

I put the name magazine on it, what do you think's gonna be on it....I mean come off it...your trademark if that's even "slayer the band" can't sue saying you own every combination of the words slayer and magazine on the internet.

It say's magazine, that's what I put on the page.

Now beat it.  



Wsebsite Updates

It's the middle of Summer right now, some of our pages might be down for a couple weeks maybe....check back in a week in the page is down, server updates etc, going on...just summer maintainence etc. everybody's at the beach anyway not reading death metal pages.

Like from the links on our pages.


Sunday, July 25, 2021

OLYMPICS 2020/2021: Day 2 Recap

To follow the Olympics visit:

At the top of the page look up the day of the month on the calendar and then scroll down the date to see the day's Olympic events.

The days events are highlighted with a blue medal, then check your local tv listings for the event.


July 28

Underneath is has highlighted with a blue medal under the calendar date (July 28) 3 x3 Basketball and Artistic Gymnastics.

Then just follow down on the date for the rest of the days events.


Saturday, July 24, 2021

See They Made It

See they made it Magic Cards Dungeons &'s Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms printed on Magic Card format. 

Six months after I made my game on Dragon Adventures they printed theirs.

Now I got all this pressure on me to get mine going bigger, which it is big right now.

It's only $300...their game.

I mean come off it, Hasbro prints my games...this is just a pre-order D20 version has been out for six months for free.

I mean I'm not getting paid for that but everyone knows that's what it is, like the web traffic I'm getting off it is probably worth more than the pay check.


Yeah, I'm the out back game then building all the modules in beta Hasbros printing my stuff, and I didn't even have take it up the ass yet from some women to get that, when's this money coming anyway.

I'm going to have the biggest Dungeons & Dragons office on the iternet in ten minutes after that...remember that's my concept.



I mean Hasbro's printing them, where's my sales at?


Friday, July 23, 2021

UPDATED: Oh Yeah Update Wordpress On New Music Release Day Now The Pages Don't Work

Update....I'm back up.

Wordpress updated their "widget menu" for the first time ever apparently and messed up my pages.

Now they have a whole brand new sidebar menu format.

The "add video" option is not working on the sidebar and menu's and offers no resize option.

That function is brand new and just started working.

That all works the same only they changed the widget side bar menu to the same format as auto html php post screen for the article pages.

To correct this issue once you learn the new menu, remove all "add video" auto plugins and switch back to "custom html" function and use manual share embed, like from youtube in html format and then manually resize boxes from standard to like 300 x 250 pixels for manually resize sidebar videos on the old "custom html function" which was replaced by auto add video which is now not working on all templates.

Custom html add video seems to work fine but I had to reset my video inlays because auto video add stopped working on the update, but you have to add manual and resize video boxes.


Instructions: Like on the wordpress main new post page.

Click on widget menu, select side bar or bottom menu.

Go to location on sidebar with new live new "block" on widget menu by pressing the "+" "add custom html"...then share video with manual Youtube embed and resize the box to 300 x 250 pixels to manually resize video on the sidebar or bottom menu.

Yeah, this is way easier to operate wordpress on but I am getting server lock and cache overflow..and when you log out you can't log back in because of the cache overflow it thinks you're double logging in because the server cache didn't clear yet on the wordpress update

Then the front screen won't update until you add new post or log out and back in.

Then you get kicked off for like an hour because server lock from the cache overflow...the web server thinks you're still logged in and kicks you off.

That's what I see on my screen, maybe open a second web browser program to view your updates while logged out in a separate web browser than your work screen.

Nuisance, but it works better.

It will probably fix itself anyway later.


Yeah your bullshit wordpress updates are fucking up my pages, now my video boxes don't load right on my templates.

I mean people are selling them templates you know, you're fucking up their work...1/3 of the internet runs on're messing up the video inlays and resize boxes and you're causing cache overflow and server lock.

Now everything's all messed up and you're wasting developers times because you're ruining their templates by fucking up the video resize box on the sidebar menus.

Now all the template developers are going to have to update their templates to correct the video box sizes and logout issues with the cache causing ip lock issues on the server because of bad word press updates to their platform.

On new release day, god man...fired.


Look At Them Going On About My Dungeons & Dragons Game

That's Gary Gygax's son on there...they're fighting over the name TSR now or something....


See they mean the big one on the large promotion with media backlash....that's all their staff from the news and that.

On there with all that slap talk on the news abut TSR.

I'm someone else from out back.

Gary Gygax son?

He's probably just using my notes to make his game on my webpage...

See....I'm Advanced Dungeons & Dragons now.

That's not a copyrighted name on their media promotion...for the news for the TSR name.

Like, they are competing at the copyright they have three Dungeons & Dragons without mine.

That's for the media coverage.

I say "Dragon Adventures".....that's my page.

I have all the old TSR formats etc, like Gygax Jr there in the news....he can use my page from Advanced Dungeons & Dragons...their old dropped name off their copyright stories.

Like if they drop the url for the name anyone can use it off the copyright office....that's off media coverage.

They are competing for their names at the trademark copyright office on the media promotion...that's a different venue.

Like for the front of the bookstore.

So I guess they are making different games Hasbro owns Dungeons & Dragons...the new one.


Fuck them.

I'm just taking the name Advanced Dungeons & Dragons then because they dropped it and the url and stuff....but like this Dragon Adventures: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

Off their promotion.

They probably owe me anyway. 


God man, all them dorks ran ahead of me on that promotion and started printing all these books right fast copying my reference game.

See they all run down there ahead of me publishing stuff because I got no printing money yet.

See Dungeons & Dragons / Magic Cards Crossover

That's something my game started saying now they are printing books...Now I'm can run Magic Cards on Dragons Adventures because they d20'd me.

I have no saving throws for that in my book because we're still on just the weapons part not magic defense.

That's "Adventures In The Forgotten Realms" ...fuck man it's sounds like I'm getting a job here making magic card games, watch them start piling this stuff out so they can d20 my rule sets while I'm just starting.

Mine is "Dragon Adventures" Forgotten Realms and Grey Hawk.

I was going to use Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition Cards but I think they are bootlegs, now they are printing them on Magic Cards. 

Now look....

Fizbin...that's from Star Trek...careful what you're printing in that book, Fizbin might be a real game.

See all the dorks went nuts down at Hasbro because I'm making old Dungeons & Dragons Games:

Like I've been saying....if I go down there playing Dungeons & Dragons everyone knows me from the old TSR days, then all them dorks start clamming around my table because I run the advanced game rule set at my page.

See, now they are making stories of how to make a Character Sheet the nice way.

That's probably to replace that guy who got kicked off Youtube who was copying Kevin Smith who was making the character sheet videos, then I bought the name "Dawn Forged Cast" for my game, since it had all these old pages and there is a controversy behind it...then he got kicked off for bootlegging on Shopify or something.

That was even in Jay and Silent Bob reboot....with two Kevin Smith characters in it...not only that Kevin Smith is Harvey Wienstiens company, the producer up on assault charges, from Kevin Smith stuff...all jokes with your dick out...

I better cut this story short, because pretty soon I'm gonna be a boy in a dress at Disney baking cakes for Harvey Weinstien or something years ago in it.


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Mötley Crüe - Wildside - Official Remaster

1989 Jericho High School Video Yearbook

REO Speedwagon - Take It On the Run (Audio)

Now I Know What's Going On

Oh yeah now I got it...if you're on that promotion I'm complaining about you gotta take all this heat from the media.

They all work there on some deal or something, like that Lenny Lenders page...they put that out on youtube right and then that guy on the narration take the heat for if theirs actors in the clips.

Yeah, I'm not going on that...I got a real life.

Don't  worry tho, I got ya covered down at the old Cd Plus staff discount counter.


1980s Teens Having Fun While Parents Are Out For The Night (1987)

Oh Man, Lenny Lenders Is On The Internet

Oh man, that brings me back.


A Day In My 1980s Teenage Life (1988)

Medicine And Middle Age

Wow who dropped the ball on this one...not hearing much talk about adjusting to middle age and getting older later, maybe they have no advice.

I mean professionals today are pretty dumb, only working as a doctor for a couple years and then leaving...not practical experience, quitting their job every ten minutes, no long term family practices.

Which means no medical advice, like there's no talk shows about that stuff anymore and everyone's just left on their own.

Like today's generation dropped all that and don't like to work, except for maybe breaking rocks and packing boxes in Ontario, then all these professions claim to be making all this money and are paying $40 a tomato in large city's I can grow for nothing in Nova Scotia in my window box so I doubt it.

I mean, come on....all those people are just slaves to the bankrupt equifax credit system the doctors and the workers...just scraping along to get credit cards to buy items...I mean do you really need ever gadget in the store?

Like they all need every gadget in the store...the doctors and professionals I mean, so they work work work so they can go shopping on their credit cards, then they fuck off every ten minutes seeking more credit card debt from a higher paying job and abandoning family practice in your local community.

I realize many people global, they don't have credit systems like that...they say $100,000 is a lot on money down there in the Southern Hemisphere....I listen I'm with you...all this crap up here sucks bad, no one needs it and it's all voluntary participation.

Like those people are addicted to credit or something and end up working their life to buy a car or something and gave up their family roots and origins...things they still have over seas and end up in some compartment at the old folks home with nothing at 55.....that's where their BMW and credit systems got them...old age home at 55 with no nutrition and McDonald restaurant bloated corpse. 


Every knows your body changes in your forties....this is a crucial time if you want to live past one hundred.

Not only that, life spans are doubling every one hundred years.....the average life span in the 1800's was 40, a century before that it was 20's.

Now it's 84...and health and medicine are increasing....then what comes with that is a massive ill and death rate for some reason, like it's so bad you can't even see the healthy people.

Getting up every day at that age your body processes everything differently, so you need a different work out to stay the same...your routing becomes more isolated and you need to spend more time working out and looking after yourself and the rat race is all over - leave that to the twenty somethings...their the ones fighting for the jobs and positions.

Not in your forties, by then you're all done with that and settled into your older life and have your home and stuff to look after with no rat race and time for all that, when everything slows down when you get older.

According to statistics the number one cause of death is cardio vascular clogging.

To stay healthy you need to stay unclogged, get up in the morning exercise etc, have lots of fluids and keep your circulation going by walking or jogging.

Then maintain a healthy diet, which is way cheaper at that age when you get sick of all those Big Mac's, that's food for kids, at this age you be at your own apple tree out in the yard.

For me I was raised to plan for these years and given plenty of opportunities, like from back at the farm where everyone was a hundred and the parents still lived there...that's where I grew up and they had me in tons of activities singing and dancing and all that and prepared me for this age bracket.

Now that everyone has passed away and I'm in my forties they left me tons of stuff for me to have out in the country and stuff like at the farm where things are cheaper so I don't need any of that stuff.

I mean for me, I'd rather have trips to the beach and my own apple trees out in the county than all them expensive gadgets, plus it saves tons on money.

Like you don't need that stuff if your out at the beach every day or skiing all the time and stuff, at this age you have time for more of that to stay healthy and the wires get unplugged from your head from super nintendos and stuff.

Like that's all fake flashy lsd trips for kids on those devices, like when you're in your forties now that's not something you have anymore - all that excitement, your body doesn't need it.

Then you have time for other things that are more important.


The Offspring - Army of One (Official Lyric Video)

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

1984 Olympic Games Gymnastics Women's Uneven Parallel Bars

They Have The Obiter Over There At That Carnival On Main Street

Don't see that ride around here much.


Super Swell Saturday LIVE Replay


Global National: July 18, 2021 | Olympic COVID cases and concerns rise d...

HALIFAX: A Carnival Just Opened Over Here On Main Street

If you're in the area the lock down is ending, England is opening, and a carnival opened up near my apartment on Main Street at the Community College in the empty parking lot...they got some got some rides and candy and stuff there.

Not sure when it opens they just started unpacking.


Pound Puppies Episode 3 From Wags to Riches


Anthrax's - Madhouse Kings Among Scotland DVD OFFICIAL HD

Bound in Fear - Penance feat. Nick Arthur (Official Video)



DISKORD (Norway) - Gnashing (Death Metal) #deathmetal #technicaldeathmet...

U.D.O. - Nailed To Metal (2003) // Live // AFM Records

U.D.O. - Rev Raptor (15 tracks Japanese Edition - 2011)

U.D.O. - Dominator (Limited Edition)(2009)[Full Album]

S.O.D. - Bigger Than The Devil [1999] Full Album

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die (Full Album)

Anthrax - Only (Official Video)


A Special Message From Anthrax


Dee Gees | You Should Be Dancing

Sunday, July 18, 2021


Visit my X-Men Fan Fiction page at


It's Public Domain



Rory Culkin Tells The Horrific Story Behind ‘Lords Of Chaos' | Sway's Un...

MayheM Tour II - Euronymous Apartment and Helvete Records (noseblod)

RE: Old Band Merch & Youtube

You should see all these people on ebay and all over the internet collecting all this old band 35 year old metal shirts all passing them around on the internet on ebay and stuff.

Their all rummaging through all these cassette tapes and stuff, the format is digital.

Then their promotions are making all these YouTube videos of pages we work on off their site like at the regular record store...I don't care if you guys make videos of stuff we put out and promote then you got this fan network all covering it on the internet and not playing our stuff.

Yeah I know you're all promoted, I don't care what you're doing...I work there ask your mother.

You people and your old merch man and play counts on the internet, lame man.


Thе Оffsрring Аmеricаnа (Full Album)

The Offspring - Gone Away (Official Music Video)

Thе Оffsрring Let The Bad Times Roll (Full Album)

The Offspring - This Is Not Utopia (Official Lyric Video)

The Offspring - This Is Not Utopia (Official Music Video)

Return of Sabata | CLASSIC WESTERN | Full Movie | Spaghetti Western | Co...

Carcass - Keep On Rotting in the Free World [Official Video]


[CHOREOGRAPHY] BTS (방탄소년단) 'Butter' Special Performance Video




NECROGOD (International) - Moribund (Death Metal) #transcendingobscurity...


Saturday, July 17, 2021

Judas Priest - Out in the Cold (Live from the 'Fuel for Life' Tour)

Judas Priest - Breaking The Law (Official Music Video)

Judas Priest - 50 Heavy Metal Years of Music Boxset / CD / 2LP

GORGON - Death Was Here (Official Clip)


SEPULTURA - Apes of God feat. Rob Cavestany (Live SepulQuarta Sessions M...

VEILBURNER (US) - In the Tomb of Dreaming Limbo (Dissonant Death/Black M...

Pound Puppies - 80's commercial

Judas Priest - Grinder (Video)

MUSIC: Priest VS. Priest Split Blog Post

KK's Priest VERSUS Judas Priest Split Blog Post EP:


Rob Halford Falls Off Motorcycle


The Hellion / Electric Eye (Live at The Summit, Houston, 1986 - Official...


Cognitive - From the Depths (Official Music Video)

Iron Maiden – The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)



Metallica: The Unforgiven (Las Cruces, NM - August 27, 1992)

Rage At Dawn 1955 western movies Public Domain Mark 1.0

Diary Update July 17, 2021

This story is getting so pathetic I can't even believe it.

Years ago I go off doing all this school work since I was a kid doing all this stuff anyway in these school programs back during Reading Rainbow and all that - all that is over now and everyone defaulted.

Like that show gets the grants from the government to run on pbs and then they come down to the school getting the kids involved in activities and stuff and filming clips for their show etc. taking everyone out showing them all this science stuff, taking all these sat tests and working on text book research and stuff for the school board...trying to help you pick your career and stuff.

Then you grow up go to University and forget all about most of that then they go...."yeah, all that's closed now they ran for twenty years now, kids like you are all grown up now...later."

Yeah so what, I'm still watching Star Trek The Next Generation re-runs anyway.

Plus I mainly only watch public domain and music videos now.

Then stuff from ABC Saturday Mornings from the 1980's, you know stuff I would be involved Saturday Morning and Public Domain books and videos.

Like they take the kids out baking cakes on Reading Rainbow and stuff then school board wanted to know all about it for their education and they send them off to University and then you get down there to the career path and guess what?

No one was working there, like at the cake business from the show.

Then later when we all graduated those careers were never available because they were never made or something.

So a show like Reading Rainbow they took all the kids out like to the bee farms and stuff and then they asked the kids about what they thought it was and they put that in their text book research.

Like for standardized testing to make the text books, then they run that at Mattel and them on ABC Saturday Mornings to put the stuff on the kids shows from their school research for pbs.

Then you turn eighteen and they go "yeah, we're closed now"....then I'm like "yeah, so what".

Then I go oh yeah, I guess I'm gonna have to get a job then since you're all out of business and the school board research program closed with the entertainment company for pbs.

Then I mean, well don't worry about - I got all the school work here anyway, I'll just use all that from my degrees for a private business then since the government and pbs don't want it anymore.

Now I can just print it and sell it alone and keep all the money.

Like instead of Star Trek and the school board with all those pbs pricks getting it - you know the ones that closed down on Reading Rainbow.

Anyway, that's all over I go off to University ALONE with no supports and have to do it all by myself now then everybody fucked off and they are just losers now and the whole place closed.

So I finished my degrees and get all my projects done that I started and then when I went back the place was closed and nobody is around ever again and I never seen them since.

I mean they started all this work on the show Reading Rainbow back then on pbs and then when I grew up and graduated I got all the courses from the program and then like the cooking stuff I went down and the industry was never set up and no one worked there.

Like with my SAP computer and text book research.

Then they were all fucked off somewhere and closed and left and now I own all this stuff private by myself.


Sending you out to take all these classes from Reading Rainbow and then when you graduated all the stuff they showed you was never set up, no one worked there and they had no industry and were gone by the time I got my University Degree with not one citizen left there from the show outside.

Ok then.

So they defaulted from ABC Saturday Mornings, now they don't own the material from the shows from Mattel if they were designed by the students from the education program at the school from Reading Rainbow.

I guess that makes me Drag King now since Kenner lost all that.

The race car I mean.

Like that, a couple years after that closed - I should mention that Reading Rainbow and that also included my school when I was a kid in their research and testing for the school board and pbs etc.

That's what I mean...fuck Levar, where's my latte?

Just a couple years after that I was home invaded at the same program, when I was assaulted back in 2008 at the office by their staff.

That was a default, now they just defaulted again back in December for the rest of it and now I'm case is through by I don't have the money to sue yet.

Now the school board defaulted from the end of the Reading Rainbow show and Mattel and them lost all the old material from the students, like from the product development think tank.

That's because they abandoned it when the group turned eighteen and threw them out, then didn't continue with them at University and offered no new grants.

The they order the computer servers for SAP through Reading Rainbow and they taught them all the computer work...then when I graduated and went there they didn't even have an industry and couldn't afford the computer server they claimed they were paying $150 Million Dollars for or my salary to build them the machine.

Then they were triple job sharing and doing it for $50 thousand each, pathetic.

So they abandoned the shows and the students when they turned eighteen and they went off to University cut off with no supports and when they took all the courses and finished their projects the industry was never set up and no one worked there and they didn't want any of the work or research and couldn't pay for the computer order to the University, FRAUD.

Now I own all that stuff, anything I was involved in from the default in my education programs - need I mention now, I probably don't , that all my work is locked in the school.

I can just imagine.

Now after being around all that they won't give me my medical records from the school board program from when I was a kid and they got life in prison in my complaint whoever did that when they cut us off before University.

Then they left us alone with the work with no supports and we got assaulted.

Now they lost everything.

Then today after all that closed other people kept going and what I get form that is these other "productions" today...they want my money to run their business.

Like with my work projects, then they want it on their label my work.

That's the pyramid scam.

Like you go to school from the show or something, then there was no industry with the complete student work.

They the government didn't take the work for grants.

Then they defaulted.

Then the entertainment company wanted me to give it to them like Sobeys did, without the fist fight, and then take a salary off it - my SAP servers etc. - while they owned it and got the for thier label name on it.

Like they think you're going to give them your sap server worth millions of dollars if they installed them just so you can have someone elses label name on it.

Then they want you to take a salary off your own projects so they can have a free job off your work while they do nothing in a pyramid scam and the government offers no grant money.

Ya get it?

You're all a scam.

Why would I take a salary when I'm the fucking owner, die.

Then none of you from back then who cut me off are getting a salary or even a gift off it over it then, please kill yourself today.


Thursday, July 15, 2021

MAYHEM - An Everlasting Flame (PART IV)

CUTTERRED FLESH (Czech Republic) - Black Aurora OFFICIAL VIDEO (Brutal D...


The Breathing Process - Shroud (Official Music Video)



U.D.O. - Metal Never Dies - (2021) // Official Music Video // AFM Records


First Fragment - Pantheum (Official Video)


GRISLY - Wickedness that Lurks Within (Official Lyric-Video) [2021]



VIANDE (France) - Traitre a la Vie OFFICIAL VIDEO (Death Metal) #transce...


Collapse - Mechanisms of Oppression

The Shopping Channel - Suzanne Somers Organics 4pc Skincare

Suzanne Somers: Thighmaster commercial (1991)

RE: Suzanne Sommers Podcast

So what, I like spraying air freshener out my kitchen window in the morning to attract birds when I'm eating my breakfast. 

Then by the smell they know what's happening and they can sit in the tree outside the window while your eating at the kitchen table, that's what I bought my air freshener I can spray it for the birds to sit with me when I'm eating my breakfast.


That Lovely Smelling Air-Freshener Could Be Killing You! - The Suzanne S...

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

New Calendar System

Listen to this's just the turn of the century now with new equipment on traditional methods from a hundred years ago.

So it's not just the year calendar with the months and the days you need to add the weather / plant calendar into your schedule.


After charting weather patterns on the calendar for the past one hundred years this is what we have learned...the centuries and decades are charted by the weather and plant calendar in cycles.

So if we look a the record what we see is "decade bands" in the it is the 20's so we're getting....wind, dust, drought like that.

Like this month in Atlantic Canada we got storms, then sticks, then hay, then chlorophyll...then heat.

People are saying that those are plant and weather cycles on the calendar that they are using to count the months and days from years ago.

Then we have viruses like covid.

For example I check my calendar and I know it's the 20's and it's July so there's probably going to be....storms, wind, sticks...that's what it feels like sticks coming at you outside, then there's going be hay, etc.

We're probably just using that from now I'm not sure what I'm doing this summer because my plans have to be different because of the storms, sticks and hay report.

That is more probably important to your Outlook Calendar than your regular days of  the week, now I have to write on that in my date planner now about the weather and sticks report and stuff.

Plus we know this because the black hole research says that's what it's doing, scientists just haven't had the instrumentation long enough yet  to chart the weather patterns and plant calculations...for the hay and stick index from forest pollination or something during the 20's on the year calendar.


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Metallica: The Unforgiven (May 14th, 1991 Rough Mix) (Audio Preview)


RE: New Band Releases On LP

I dunno man, they look warped to me...with the sticker label stuck up right high, like it's not flush to the lp like old Sony and Columbia and the color looks looks like toy wax or something from little green army sets or something to me, other people might like them I don't...don't get me wrong though the box is nice it's the just the lps looks like shit.

Wherever they're making them at, anyway you can tell by the lp quality no one buys them anymore and their not "red book" of lp format.  

This reminds me of the old days at CD Plus up here, the place went out of business and kept going (every body bought all their stock and  they went under and had to restart) then they had no inventory that is what this looks like.


Too Mean To Die - VIP Box unboxing by Phil Shouse


DISKORD (Norway) - Dirigiste Radio Hit (Death Metal) #transcendingobscur...


Accept - 05 The Undertaker - Bass Play Along Video by Martin Motnik




Monday, July 12, 2021

NORTH AMERICA: Current Political Climate


CANADA: Re: Covid Vaccinations

Re: Canada news article: 

Yeah, it's not mandatory so no one's worried about it.

Plus, no one likes the suppliers because they are not Canada Only and the vaccine makers owe us all our tax money back because their companies and the government are in default to the citizens and the people making and selling the vaccines are going to lose their homes in the lawsuits against them for stealing tax money and not giving us jobs.

From cross border places like the United States who run with all scams and no regulation apparently.


How Rich Is Nova Scotia Now Ottawa?

I mean, to you and your "work force" you got up there you keep bragging about and catering to on the television, you know the ones coming up from the United States stealing all our money and stuff.

Like I mean, why do we need them we can just make our own Canadian versions locally and they can all get the fuck out.

I beat that Company Sobeys in court....they are in default, the ones that changed the vote....not just that they changed it, we don't like people around here that want to change those things...that's what I'm telling you.

So we beat Ottawa and Nova Scotia in Court and their businesses they protect locally on the TSX from Halifax and Ottawa, so why are they still there then?

Like you pretend you don't live in the house next to us out in the yard in your pyramid scam and everyone can see you.

Now we beat the United States in 1812,  threw out George Washington and the founding fathers in the History books with new research, defaulted their current government political backers like Boeing and Lockeed Martin who owe us all our tax money back.

Plus we are King James founding Country on the continent, the crown of the United States Thirteen Colonies have the largest lobster fishery in the world and are the number one tourist destination in Canada and was number eight globally.

So I'm not seeing Ottawa, what you're telling us on the news about you're holding our referendum in Nova Scotia illegally from us at your houses while you're getting sued at home for it with no political backing from the town and all your company backers are in default and going to be closed over the issue.

So we're not seeing how your saying that Halifax has no money Ottawa since we have all that here locally and you won't give us our money back at our houses from your fake office out at your home where you're stealing our stuff at.

It's only a matter of time before you all go down in the courts , just remember that.