Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Court Case "Conclusion"

Wow, I'm pretty impressed and non interested in these topics.

So I know what's going on because I get harassed too much and now they are caught red handed.

This is a long story that I'm not telling...

That's because I don't know and don't care what it is.

All these people years ago started fighting with me, I thought it was what I was talking about....then I don't know what the argument was so I just left because I don't care.

I had this bad break up years ago is what happened, I mean I'm no I don't care, like to what happened.

So you come home one day and your wife is gone and the house is empty in the big fight outta no where, I thought we were fighting about what I was talking about, now I know that the other people were fighting about a different issue behind my back or something, then it came to me in my breakup.

It took a while and then I realized that whatever that was it was behind my back or something or private in their family and then this fight spilled over to me, then it wasn't about anything I was I just left when I realized that and then just tuned them all out and moved on in disbelief of what I witnessed not knowing what it was so I just left, just a regular occurrence for me.

You see, I'm locked in a school program since I was a kid in all these activities and can't get out of it and don't want to so I had to just keep going, so the relationship "ran out" and it wasn't my issue so I just went home and tried to ignore all this flaming.

Anyway, after that somehow all these bums found out about my money or something and kept coming back to my house trying to get in - the same old story "the ex girlfriend broke the band up", yeah I know - that's why I got outta there, she told me she was going to do that and throw all my stuff out...anyways, for nothing I assume just because we broke up then it happened.

So I'm not surprised about that, if they broke the band up and all that just to get back at me for something I don't know about, that's what I just went home, like to the dance academy from when I was a kid, where I live when I'm not down there where they were at.

Anyway, their family has their own businesses and stuff...then there are all these bums hanging around them later, their millionaires to them guys, like my ex band members.

Then I had to go finish my school programs here in Halifax then I got sick and it was not unexpected, I just didn't know at the time time I had to do more medical stuff that had been explained to me as a teenager, then I just ignored them and blocked it out then I had to do this hospital program that I finished here in Halifax.

In the middle of that I got assaulted at the office, anyway I don't blame my ex, I mean the band members are supposed to stay with the band hahahha, I can't believe they fell for that from her.

I mean she must be pretty important to them bums downtown.

Anyway, I had to go anyway...whatever, I had my own business to attend to.

After that I had this big information leak about my bank account, now all these bums follow me around.

I have no idea what any of that is and I don't wanna know and I'm not asking. 

I have other interests and no time for that, if anything I blame them bums for "wife corruption" in my court case, if it went to court I know she's gonna blame then plus that's what I'm saying even though we went in separate directions.

I'm more interested in my pogs than all that.

Anyway then I got approached by all these scams.

It's probably coming from some call center.

This is what is going's an attempted domain heist on my webpages now.

Last summer they tried to get my page on go daddy and then they tried to force it up on the auction and cut the price and transfer it to them from go daddy and some record store.

This summer they are saying it's "slayer" and my new page.

This time they did the same thing, they wrote me with a lawyer and said they owned my page from their Trade Mark and tried to force me to put it up for domain transfer to the band "slayer".

HAHAHAHAHA, fuck man what is my ex girlfriend telling you, I mean I didn't take it in the ass that bad from her for you to be down here saying that.

Like if that's where it came from, I don't know.

Maybe they are being held hostage by bums in a scam, but I know the difference and just fucked off...listen man, I'm sorry I'm just like that...I just get up and leave and go do something else randomly and wear different clothes and stuff and drop all the people around me and go do something else with different people from far away, I was probably not there long enough for anyone to see it and that's when it happened for the first time in my old relationship, I don't have a new one...I'm too busy and don't have time for it.

Yeah listen man, sorry everyone it was long before I met you all...I used to play a girl in plays and stuff and was doing this stripping act as boy pole dancing when I was younger as a joke with my other friends from far away, that was like YEARS before I met any of them and ancient history and probably forgot.

That's where my regular life is at far away when I'm in school, they never wanted to participate because they don't have those interests.

I don't mean anything by that, it just wasn't important and I don't think about it.

That's where I moved back to to finish my school programs, that's they got me doing that at originally like at dance school when I was a kid.

This summer the url web scam tried to FORCE me to transfer my domain name to "slayer".

Like writing me when I registered the name and saying they owned and tried to force the domain name transfer.

Then they said "I'm still allowed blogging about music".

That's a death threat like the one I got from "metal archives" webpage.

Yeah now I got it...

This is what their hinting at next summer they mean they going to hold me hostage and come to my house they mean in the threat and just put a gun to my head and force the domain name transfer using bums from "skid row" LA to try and squad in my house.

HAHAHAHAHA, everyone of them is a little prick to me.

So it became a domain heist, now they are threatening to hold me in a situation and not let me blog about music saying that "slayer" owns my trade marks at their trade mark filing for "slayer".

If you're me this is a joke and just a nuisance when I am sitting here working so I just had to turn them in AGAIN because of the Trade Mark violation they committed - that is also my job to regulate Trade Marks at my company so I also work at the trade mark office so when they threatened me I just turned them in to the news, bar association, senate and trade mark office and if they are real lawyers they will get disbarred and "slayer" will have their trade marks expunged and lose their band if that's all true.

Then I fucking left and want no future contact from them, so we'll just wait for the harassment to stop, so I just got sick of them and turned them in because every time it happened it was fake entertainment lawyers from Los Angeles flaming me here in Halifax and I'm fucking sick of them, so if that's really "slayer" then they probably got jail time from my complaint.

I don't fucking know, just watch the news and music press and see if anything comes up on it that matches that.

So if your wondering I still live in Halifax but I moved away from all that back home to England in Nova Scotia in the Commonwealth where my family is from and I'm gone home.

That's most of the whole story to me, yeah so now I know it was just a scam and I know nothing about any of it and all that happened was I only had a bunch of possessions stolen when I was moving away to do more of my school work for my business setup...that's my record label, band and blog stuff.

So I hope that clears this up for anyone, all these issues are over to me now...don't bother me with these problems coming from other people outside my life because I'm back in my bubble and no ones getting back in it.


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