Tuesday, July 27, 2021

HAHAHAHHAHAH "slayer" Says Their Gonna Sue Me For Making Public Domain Prints


I get it now....like my Iron Reagan 'Zine T-Shirts right?

"slayer" is saying their gonna sue me if I print Slayer Magazine T-Shirts with my own graphic on them.


That's what they mean - On Ecwid!


I gonna sue you on Ecwid man....what are you gonna do go get Glenn Danzig and sue me for giving our free copies of Plan 9 From Outer Space?


It's Public Domain.

The name....all of them on the url.

You're gonna sue me on Ecwid for making prints of the url?

Ummmm.....you don't own that, it's public domain.

Anyone can say Slayer Magazine man....what do you think Ecwid is gonna do to them if they "allow" me to continue blogging in their threat letter. 

I'm allowed to keep blogging about heavy metal am I?


I know.

Everyone is.

What do think Ecwid is gonna say?

You think their gonna let me print a free graphic I made of the print of the url I bought for my Ecwid store?

Well...music guy, just let me know how you make out with your lawyer for trying to sue my future Slayer Magazine graphics off Ecwid, I doubt your gonna be around much longer after I sue you for threats and harassment in a scam. 

What do you think?

Will Ecwid let me print a free graphic on their stock market cart - I mean I never even made any graphics or nothing for the page yet and it's already famous.

Maybe I'll sue Hasbro for printing Forgotten Realms Magic Cards my idea from our public domain agreement.

How far do you thin I'm gonna get?

Yeah no where, because you can't.

That's how rich I am about your lawsuit "slayer" Hasbro prints my concepts, what do you have?

Looks like bankruptcy and forfeiture to me.

Here is what I can do so far to them back in court over this url prints stuff on T-shirts....what do think's gonna happen at www.ironreagan.com , maybe Ronald Reagan will write me.

Yeah, I'm not seeing it ....that or Slayer...hey didn't they print Paris Hilton all painted over on the special edition of "repentless" album?

I mean...I just took them to the news and the Senate, I'm gonna sue them at the Trade Mark Office for threatening me with their Trade Mark to try and extort my page, then they started making threats saying their were going to "allow" me to do something...ummmm, I don't remember being taken hostage.

Then the issues extrapolate....

Now they are getting sued through Ecwid and have to beat them before the shirt comes down if I print them...then I'm gonna sue through Ecwid to say they are trying to block my url prints anyone can make saying they own the name "slayer" on Sony on ever unregistered tld. etc.

It's almost like they broke every law in the book when they made that threat.

Well...I'm gonna be super busy now resolving this lawsuit, I have them beat in every court in Canada already...so it's gonna take some time while I get my case together to sue "slayer" then since they went bankrupt defending my case at Ecwid and the Trade Mark Office so far....then I don't know what's gonna happen. 

Anyway, those guys got lots of time...I mean they have to find a court to take the fake case first...good thing their in California at the crooked 9th Circuit Courts.

So when you finally get a court that will serve me with the case I'm gonna have to ask for a reply extension because of my lawsuit against you at Ecwid and the Trade Mark Office for trying to block my Ecwid Prints and steal my domain name etc.

Get back to me in about ten years then when you can get a lawyer to file all that stuff you have to defend from me to get my page down.



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