Monday, July 26, 2021

SCAMS: HAHAHA Look At This Lawsuit I got from "slayer" for

I got nothing to do with your band scam, you sue me and I'll sue you back for your trade mark at the trademark office using it to harass my page in a fake lawsut, everyone says slayer on the internet plus I live outside the United States.

Trademark misuse to harass my page and then you lose all your trademarks and copyrights.

If you're the real "slayer band" I guess your gone.

That's what I told them when I wrote back.

Got it scam.

Yeah you register the name "magazine" and everyone claims they own it on your "entertainment company" do they?


That's only my stuff for sale on the page.

I put the name magazine on it, what do you think's gonna be on it....I mean come off it...your trademark if that's even "slayer the band" can't sue saying you own every combination of the words slayer and magazine on the internet.

It say's magazine, that's what I put on the page.

Now beat it.  



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