Monday, July 26, 2021

Hahaha Man I Had To File A Scam Complaint Against "slayer"

Read the email I attached below...

So yeah I don't know who that is writing me and I didn't ask...I told them to not write back and they did anyway then I went out for a walk in Halifax and they all started flaming me again the same as before with the band "terrorizer" this time saying "slayer".

Down at the soup kitchen on Gottingen trying "call me over" to homeless people asking if "I'm looking for something".

Fuck off bum, that's what I'm looking for.

So I filed a complaint against them at the US Trade Mark office and to my local Senator and the Speaker of the Floor in Ottawa because I just was there complaining about something else.

So they go and say....the band "slayer" owns the name "slayer" if you say music on the page on every tld on the internet.


Fucking over man.

like every .com , .net , .org , mobi 600 extensions.

Then they said in it, you can read it below....if you say "slayer" and "music" content like "magazine" that you need their permission on all tld's...hahahahha, yeah Trade Marks don't cover that ass hole.

So I complained to the Trade Mark office and asked them to verify, and I wrote the news media again about it.

I told them it's fraud in Halifax for them to proceed with this case, then asked the Trade Mark Office to verify who wrote me and asked them to expunge their Trade Marks if that is them, for Trade Mark and Copyright misuse...using their Trade Marks to harass my page and extort me for money and web url's.

So I told the Senator, and  then I said if this proceeds I'm suing them at the Trade Mark Office for expungement over the misusage.

The point is, they can't say anything to me because now I have a case against them for misuse of their Trade Marks...if they get expunged that stops their claim.

So now they have to defend that first before they sue me, that will cost them millions of dollars to defend my claim and I'm already covered.

Yeah I fucking doubt you own all that maaaaaaaan.

Anyway if they got the money for that and beat me at the trade mark office, then I'll see what they say about my if they don't get arrested for extortion first.

Anyone can say Slayer Magazine just like my other page Iron Reagan Magazine.

Now beat it scam.

Good luck getting fans now.


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