Thursday, July 22, 2021

Medicine And Middle Age

Wow who dropped the ball on this one...not hearing much talk about adjusting to middle age and getting older later, maybe they have no advice.

I mean professionals today are pretty dumb, only working as a doctor for a couple years and then leaving...not practical experience, quitting their job every ten minutes, no long term family practices.

Which means no medical advice, like there's no talk shows about that stuff anymore and everyone's just left on their own.

Like today's generation dropped all that and don't like to work, except for maybe breaking rocks and packing boxes in Ontario, then all these professions claim to be making all this money and are paying $40 a tomato in large city's I can grow for nothing in Nova Scotia in my window box so I doubt it.

I mean, come on....all those people are just slaves to the bankrupt equifax credit system the doctors and the workers...just scraping along to get credit cards to buy items...I mean do you really need ever gadget in the store?

Like they all need every gadget in the store...the doctors and professionals I mean, so they work work work so they can go shopping on their credit cards, then they fuck off every ten minutes seeking more credit card debt from a higher paying job and abandoning family practice in your local community.

I realize many people global, they don't have credit systems like that...they say $100,000 is a lot on money down there in the Southern Hemisphere....I listen I'm with you...all this crap up here sucks bad, no one needs it and it's all voluntary participation.

Like those people are addicted to credit or something and end up working their life to buy a car or something and gave up their family roots and origins...things they still have over seas and end up in some compartment at the old folks home with nothing at 55.....that's where their BMW and credit systems got them...old age home at 55 with no nutrition and McDonald restaurant bloated corpse. 


Every knows your body changes in your forties....this is a crucial time if you want to live past one hundred.

Not only that, life spans are doubling every one hundred years.....the average life span in the 1800's was 40, a century before that it was 20's.

Now it's 84...and health and medicine are increasing....then what comes with that is a massive ill and death rate for some reason, like it's so bad you can't even see the healthy people.

Getting up every day at that age your body processes everything differently, so you need a different work out to stay the same...your routing becomes more isolated and you need to spend more time working out and looking after yourself and the rat race is all over - leave that to the twenty somethings...their the ones fighting for the jobs and positions.

Not in your forties, by then you're all done with that and settled into your older life and have your home and stuff to look after with no rat race and time for all that, when everything slows down when you get older.

According to statistics the number one cause of death is cardio vascular clogging.

To stay healthy you need to stay unclogged, get up in the morning exercise etc, have lots of fluids and keep your circulation going by walking or jogging.

Then maintain a healthy diet, which is way cheaper at that age when you get sick of all those Big Mac's, that's food for kids, at this age you be at your own apple tree out in the yard.

For me I was raised to plan for these years and given plenty of opportunities, like from back at the farm where everyone was a hundred and the parents still lived there...that's where I grew up and they had me in tons of activities singing and dancing and all that and prepared me for this age bracket.

Now that everyone has passed away and I'm in my forties they left me tons of stuff for me to have out in the country and stuff like at the farm where things are cheaper so I don't need any of that stuff.

I mean for me, I'd rather have trips to the beach and my own apple trees out in the county than all them expensive gadgets, plus it saves tons on money.

Like you don't need that stuff if your out at the beach every day or skiing all the time and stuff, at this age you have time for more of that to stay healthy and the wires get unplugged from your head from super nintendos and stuff.

Like that's all fake flashy lsd trips for kids on those devices, like when you're in your forties now that's not something you have anymore - all that excitement, your body doesn't need it.

Then you have time for other things that are more important.


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