Tuesday, July 27, 2021

White Power / Nazi Sellouts

Yeah I'm getting sick of carry these bands around saying their Nazi White Power wearing Iron Crosses wearing their tshirts to high school and concerts, then they come down to the white power rally bands like "slayer" wearing Aryan and Nazi logos getting us to buy their records, then they come back later and try and strong arm you outta music with these scams and fake entertainment lawyers.

I thought I was reading a Nazi page, then it was a bunch of scabs, ripping off us blondes putting our logos up on sony.

When I was kid they used beat women on the bus in New York for less and spray paint right on them...that's what I remember, when I was teenager them fake nazi bands like "slayer", some kind of race impersonators would get beat with a stick and spray painted right on them on the bus where I'm from.


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