Tuesday, July 27, 2021

More Links Pages Examples

Like This:

It's like I say Anthrax Magazine for the science book and some band tried to sue me over the disease name anthrax, that's not what happened it was "slayer" instead.

Here are some of the links pages I bought:






Value: $45

Those are MY links pages, not for sale...unless I get offered a good price.

Last year people on Go Daddy tried to scam www.plan9records.com ....maybe I'll make that a public domain movie page, and slap up some Plan 9 free public domain downloads.

Go Daddy tried to steal that from me for their client last summer and started handing out my email and name in a scam to some record store trying to get my Plan 9 page, I had to tell them to fuck off.

I mean, I'm just loading all that...I can say anything I want on that.

I don't even know what I'm putting on the pages yet, you don't even get offers on them...one person wrote me and it was a scam from some record store on Go Daddy.

They tried to load www.plan9records.com on to the auction and force me to sell it for a 20% cut of my profits hahahahahha, fuck man the Internet's not that loose.

That's because my page isn't a scam, plus I use my own name....you can't say anything about it.


I'll tell you we got that stuff pretty cheap, now we got record stores on go daddy and "slayer" band trying to steal our stuff in a scam - I blogged about that last summer.

Go ahead man, sue me...I'll liquidate your assets before the filing date.


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