Tuesday, July 27, 2021

EXAMPLE: Law For Using TLD Names

Like this....

Let's say I bought www.glenndanzig.com , for a links page....

I'm allowed for using that whatever  I want....

Unless I use it to pretend to be someone else called "Glenn Danzig" and pose as them on the internet.


Someone might have a case against you, other than that you can use it for whatever you want.

Everyone knows this, url tld names are public domain.

It's only the first thing that went on the internet.

So I don't know who they are but on my url I'm Jason Mackenzie - Slayer Magazine www.slayermagazine.com .

Death Metal and General Interest Blog.

I mean fuck man, that page just got super fucking famous because if this fake court case against the public domain from Sony artists.  

So I gotta get a bunch of content on there fast to cash in on the web traffic that I'm gonna get because some band at the Trade Mark Office called "slayer" just tanked and I'm going to get all this web traffic on my url from the court case so I gotta start cahsing in fast while I start blocking their case on Ecwid before I make merchindise prints for slayermagazine.com .


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