Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Oh Man, That Was The Pyramid Scam Everyone Seen Them Do That In Public

Hahahahhaha, that was the pyramid scam I was telling you all about.

See...they were all downtown begging in front the womens underwear stores and that then the girls couldn't get in them....then....(ummm, their down there right now in Halifax if you want to go look)......then it was a Political Rally for the election and all the bums were flaming everyone.

Then at the same time I got another fake court letter from "slayer" hahahahahhahahahaa....they got busted in public from East Hastings down here in Halifax this week bumming at the election.

Hahahahahahaha, they're probably all over the news live and everything.

There are all these junkies down there and everything,  can you imgaine man right in public....that's who it is the pyramid scam...bums and them.

Now because of that my old court case was just people lying and flaming, that's the Rahtaeh Parsons case, then when the flamed me they robbed my house...that was the whole thing.

Now I'm getting more fake court letters right in public, hahahahahhahaha.

Right on television live man....that's who they are, bums - that's who runs the pyramid scam....the ones on the medians I mean.



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