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Cody Rhodes Feels Real Tension With CM Punk Ahead of Royal Rumble | Bust...

COMMENTARY: WWE Wrestling Hits Wall On New Years Launch

Now you get this ROYAL RUMBLE pay per view and WRESTLEMANIA pay per view coming up.

You already got the big cop out.

Many issues, too much action with low resolutions in story lines...I mean how many matches do they get a year?

Like they gotta space that out, too much outside the ring antics making up for lack of regular fight time.

I mean you gotta condense all that excitement into less matches people.

Now you get what...

Tentative if the wrestlers are even still there by Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton

Gunther "The Ring General" vs. Seth Rollins.

Now you don't even know if they are injured or what I mean, plus with limited match time.

So you don't know what you'll get for Wrestlemania.

Many storylines unconcluded.

Watch for new big stars including Reah Ripley Womens Champion and Kabuki Warriors new female tag team champions.

Other big stars look like Randy Orton, LA Knight and Rey Mysterio that look like they are continuing.

Now Rey Mysterio has Carlito and Dominick backlogged with "guys he's trying to get rid of" Dominick Mysterio gave the belt up to Dragon Lee another Rey Mysterio guy PLUS the guy he sent Carlito to beat up...BEAT him up instead...Carlito!

WTF Rey? Where are these guys coming from or what?


Full NXT Deadline 2023 highlights

The Kabuki Warriors win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles: SmackDown highl...

FULL MATCH — LA Knight vs. Solo Sikoa: SmackDown, Jan. 26, 2024

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Dragon Lee confronts new North American Champion Oba Femi: NXT highlight...

Tatum Paxley angers Lyra Valkyria with an attack on Roxanne Perez: NXT h...

Breakker and Corbin advance to Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: NXT...

SPORTS: Wrestling Cop Out Hits Predictable Path

If you're a wrestling fan, I mean I am.....but I mainly just watch the big trendy one.

Here we go...

In the last eighteen months WWE just had a huge successful run.

Now a year later all the big stars from that run QUIT this year in 2024 and try and make their own name at AEW Wrestling TBS (?).

Predictable as usual...


Triple H (?)

Sami Zayn etc.,

All just had huge success in WWE , now launch  BRAND NEW Wrestling Event called "AEW".

This after the recently closed TNA Wrestling.

AEW Wrestling which is FIVE years old just launched with TBS and Triple H promos (?) is cashing in on that with a new large launch.

Now you get this at WWE...

The big Wrestlemania quit where Gunther - Intercontientional Champion already claimed the Heavy Weight Title from injured Seth Rollins for Wrestlemania AND Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns.


The Bloodline story all Unfinished.

Etc., from 2023.

This year 2024 shows a large migration of stars to AEW off the success of the Bloodline and Sami Zayn who have now broken up and switched to AEW.

New stars in WWE include Reah Ripley, Dominick Mysterio and Cody Rhodes.

Opinion, while 2023 was one of the largest selling years for WWE Wrestling, unfinished storylines in their scripts will leave fans disappointed.

It's nice to see WWE (Vice MacMahon Company) NOT playing the nice guy this time by leading the competition into starting their own new Wrestling Event - AEW Wrestling - off the success of 2023 in the WWE and CONTINUE with the same stories unconcluded.

The new big star in WWE is Women's Champion Reah Ripley anyway, selling out globally they said for WWE making the other contenders bottom card anyway.


Fan support for private independent backing events on WWE like CLOSED "Halloween Havoc" titles from WCW (Brands owned by WWE) - NXT - Halloween Havoc by itself on WWE...

Retailers and web promotors (web traffic businesses) private backing old closed pay per view titles like "Halloween Havoc" and making their own blog and urls for the event as retail / fan support...titles big at video sales stores.

Those new venues will be the competition for NXT Wrestling (WWE) - Featuring Stars like Dominick Mysterio and Dragon Lee and compete directly AGAINST  the stars that left for AEW on NXT to launch the new WWE brand of WWE - "Halloween Hacov".

This leaves a big rush at WWE on NXT Wrestling as outside fans and promotors back "Halloween Havoc" at private merch tables to help launch NXT at Retail Stores for WWE and compete directly against AEW for ratings on NXT to sell "Halloween Havoc" pay per view events on WWE.


Gunther vows to break Seth “Freakin” Rollins: Raw highlights, Jan. 22, 2024

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Randy Orton talks return and history with CM Punk and Roman Reigns: WWE'...

Meta-Four chase Akira Tozawa through a haunted house: NXT Halloween Havo...

30 minutes of CM Punk destroying people on the mic: WWE Playlist

Best moment from every month this year (2023): WWE Playlist

RE: WWE: RKO vs. The Spear

Obviously, this even matched thing going on in WWE is coming down to Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns for the big title.

Logan Paul keeps the United States title in America away from Canada and Mexico contestants.

The Ring General, Gunther - Still holding the Intercontinental Championship drying it out.

However, while the next generation of wrestling is locked in some stale mate Cody, Dominick, Randy and some others still have to face their legacy of unwanted opponents from their inherited wrestling camps. 

While they pursue their regular ring goals as well.

Looks like RKO "Randy Orton" has this Cobra Move where he "strikes like a cobra into the opponents shoulders" thus....catching "Roman Reigns unchallenged spear."

That's gonna be the big match.


FULL SEGMENT – CM Punk and Cody Rhodes’ war of words: Raw, Jan. 22, 2024

RE: Cody Rhodes WWE On ESPN

It's great to see a guy Cody Rhodes who is 38 and was big fighter years ago....I mean popular in youth sports and in his twenties...etc. 

He's there working in the business while wrestling, I mean he owns his birth fathers name (Rhodes) that has a bunch of wrestlers under it like CM Punk and Sean Michaels (who work for Rhodes families wrestling school or whatever).

Cody Rhodes is still young to all that Ultimate Warrior stuff, but guys like him who never really knew WWE Wrestling is kinda there by himself with this image hanging over him.

Like he get's a free pass by owning the Rhodes Camp for a business to be in wrestling AND also has his solo success separate from that where's he set to become mass marketed like The Rock etc., heading into his 40' expect to see Cody Rhodes everywhere, plus he won a list of matches at WWE to have some print of the Rhodes name he's taking over.


Cody Rhodes on WWE: THE ROCK is one of the main reasons we're here today...

DYING FETUS - Throw Them In the Van (Official Music Video)

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Dying Fetus - FYA Fest 2024, Glazer JCC, Tampa, FL 01-06-2024 Filmed by ...

“Dirty” Dominik vs. Dragon Lee - NXT North American Title Match: Raw hig...

Sami Zayn vs. “Dirty” Dom Mysterio: NXT North American Title Match: Raw ...

“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio wins the North American Title: NXT highlights, ...

AJ Styles vs. Dominik Mysterio: Raw, Oct. 17, 2022

Dominik Mysterio vs. The Miz: Raw, Feb. 7, 2022

Dominik Mysterio vs. Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown, May 7, 2021

Dominik Mysterio vs. Chad Gable: SmackDown, March 5, 2021

Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs. Dominik Mysterio: Raw highlights, July 3, 2023

Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins – Steel Cage Match: Raw, Sept. 14, 2020

Dominik Mysterio through the years: WWE Playlist

WWE Planning Hulkamania 40th Anniversary Celebration

Bodycam: Hulk Hogan Comes to Son's Aid During DUI Arrest - Thunderlips Returns (?)

Hulk Hogan Helps Teen Whose Car Flipped on Highway | TMZ TV

The dawn of Hulkamania: Raw highlights, Jan. 22, 2024

Rocky vs. Thunderlips (Hulk Hogan). Exhibition fight. Rocky 3

Raw’s wildest moments: Raw highlights, Jan. 22, 2024

FULL SEGMENT – CM Punk and Cody Rhodes’ war of words: Raw, Jan. 22, 2024

Saxon - Motorcycle Man (2009 - Remaster)

Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding


THE DONNAS LIVE 2003 Las Vegas Full Set VHS rip

The Donnas - Rock am Ring festival 2003

Diamond Head - Am I Evil? (Remastered 2021) [Official Audio]

Diamond Head - Helpless (Remastered 2021) [Official Audio]

Diamond Head - It's Electric (Remastered 2021) [Official Audio]


FUGATIVE ALERT: HALIFAX: Cole Harbour Pawn Shopped Robed $60 K Stolen

It's pretty crazy up here on Main Street, the Halifax Forum Homeless Camp is open, FREE FOOD, and over in Hockey Town Cole Harbour "Sidney Crosby" hometown Pawn Shop was robbed for $40 - 60 THOUSAND Dollars....

I mean, down on Main Street, what are they doing wearing all that stolen property from the pawn shop and blowing the cash or what?

Crazy out.

I think Brinks is looking for a stolen cash box on Main Street....$40 - $60 Thousand Missing they said.

Last fugitive they said found dead this week.


WWE RAW Full Highlights HD January 22, 2024 ** WWE Monday Night Raw High...

Ace Frehley - 10,000 Volts (Official Music Video)

ABORTED - Death Cult (ft. Alex Erian of Despised Icon) (OFFICIAL MUSIC V...

Darkest Hour – Societal Bile – (Official Video)

HALIFAX: Congestion At MacKay Bridge Area May Cause Traffic Outages

It's getting pretty cleared out at Alderney Landing Area in Halifax, it also looks like a lot of city congestion has cleared out in Downtown Halifax...

I wouldn't be surprised for several reasons if they limited the Halifax Bridges to local traffic and make incoming highway traffic go through the land area around Mount St. Vincent University.

Traffic is expanding that way anyway, much more construction going on in Bayers Lake and expansion to Peggy's Cover which is actually a MUCH larger Halifax City expansion area on a much larger peninsula than Downtown Halifax.

I expect TOTAL OUTAGE at HALIFAX FOURUM area, and large mess in other city areas as homeless camps move to a "Silverdome" holding scenario for the homeless.

I was surprised to hear on the radio around these business much of the congestion has backed off that area as the new Homeless Stadium Shelter opens.


With a new CFL Stadium now in the works in Halifax the Metro Center / Scotia Bank Center can also be used if the Halifax Forum fills up.

I know for a fact after being out this morning that homeless people smelling the free food at the "Homeless Silverdome Camp" at the Halifax Forum will be over there packing the place making a huge mess of garbage in the area.

I recommending avoiding the area.


Monday, January 22, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Division...

ALERT: HALIFAX: Panic Abounds In City As "Hurricane Katrina" Shelters Open, Residents Not Quarantined

This is a visual alert, I saw and heard about on News Radio Halifax - This story has NOT yet been covered.

RECOMMENDATION: Avoid Robie Street Area!

My area "Shubie Park / Main  St. / Dartmouth Crossing" is MILES away from that area.

Over here, if you're own place is secure and you have your own budget etc., like single / no dependents then you should be fine.

They said the highest risk of homelessness was families and seniors.

Today they had two propane fires in homeless camps and now opened "Hurricane Katrina like" Superdome Shelters at the HALIFAX FORUM.

If you don't live in the area I recommend avoiding the MacKay Bridge area on the Halifax side.

People are going to get stuck over there outside out of their houses as they all fight over the transition from Homeless Camps that had fire on the City Hall Lawn this morning and another one near my area on the Highway.

I would recommend stay in your own area and keep place secure and only use your own neighborhood for store services.

Halifax on Robie at the MacKay Bridge at the HALIFAX FORUM is the site of the new homeless shelter like after Hurricane Katrina in the United States.

It's going to be the worst conditions ever down there in Halifax now as the place fills up, over here on this city Main Street area there are loose people everywhere and it looks like chaos as they transition them to the new Hurricane Center at the Halifax Forum.

Stay safe everyone.


Put your detective cap on for this sneak-peek of “Law & Order Toronto: ...

Sunday, January 21, 2024

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Division...

ESPN SHOCKED by Patrick Mahomes,Chiefs defeat Josh Allen, Bills 27-24 to...

"Patrick Mahomes is undefeated in Divisional Round Games" - ESPN reacts ...

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills HIGHLIGHTs 4TH-QTR | AFC Divisional...

Western New York bar ready to cheer on Chiefs against Bills for playoffs...

NFL: Mahomes Wins In New York

Kansas City Chiefs beat Buffalo Bills (New York)...

Mahomes, learns new plays and cold weather calls in New York...New York Jets fans claim Mahomes on waivers, NFL says lawyer vacant.


Behind-The-Scenes of the new Law & Order series

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent | Coming February 22 on Citytv

Law & Order Toronto: Criminal Intent | Official Trailer | Premieres Thur...

New Show "Law & Order: Toronto" - Finally A Show To Be Excited About

Finally a new show to watch...

Toronto get's it's ass kicked by New York, Detroit and Chicago.

I mean, big hype during NFL Playoffs and everyone in the USA knows they won already.

That's a show someone can watch.


ABORTED - Death Cult (ft. Alex Erian of Despised Icon) (OFFICIAL MUSIC V...

RE: NFL "Division Round" Playoff

My picks on Saturday lost 1/2 a game for the loss!

Texans, lose second quarter '49's win and advance.


What's CBS Radio talking about, what is this "fantasy play review" haahahahahha, "he's throwing the ball, he's catching the ball.."


They said half the night on CBS Radio that BOTH the '49's and Packers WON and advanced.

Hahahaha, then callers had to call in and correct the score, I mean how many hours can you talk about a game with no scores or stats in front of you.

The big game is DETROIT LIONS - this afternoon, not sure what the other tickets went for but the remaining ones were $1000 a ticket yesterday.


Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Div...

Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Divisiona...

Saturday, January 20, 2024

HALIFAX: Former Sunday Shopping Proponents Under Court Scrutiny Over Failed Store Services

Halifax Court Proponents Superstore and Sobeys now facing new legal issues that have closed Superstore and fraud bank terminals signal Sobeys next.

Superstore in a radio storm "cancelled their 50% sale" and CLOSED according to customers.

The store the RETRACTED , continuing with the sale....after losing all customers.

Sobeys, I personally know this, are facing court scrutiny over ten day plus reversed transactions by store staff resulting in different amounts being deducted from customers credit cards on different interest rates dates on the self serve terminals is the UNOFFICIAL explanation for the false reversed transactions is just a rumor.


HALIFAX: Sunday Shopping Ban Looming In Nova Scotia

Public representatives planning new court cases against the Nova Scotia Government have stated that the Nova Scotia Sunday Shopping ALLOWANCE now has no defendants or political platforms. 

As Local MP, and MLA's are getting sued in Halifax AT HOME for their failed City Pest Control Platform local Politicians now no money to defend open Sunday Shopping.

Future plans include to sue OTHER Government Representations in various riding through out the UK Countries to find out why Sunday Shopping was illegal affected in Halifax, Canada.

CANADA / UK under the  rule of King Charles now plans to rectify Sunday Shopping, with probably a full ban in all UK Countries as local courts under the King Charles Monarchy now have no time for the issue as King Charles begins to take the reigns of the UK Throne.



Halifax, CANADA / UK PEST CONTROL BAN looming as law suits against chemical companies pending, is a public rumor.

Citing "Ineffective chemicals that have no results, over access to tenant housing during covid and the housing crisis, and strong gain in home remedies."

So soon residents will be alone for their own pest control as Canada / UK looks like it's banning apartment access to pest control services, in whose Government Ridings, Civil Servants have no funds to back the lawsuit against them for their failed pest control platforms.



LINK: WWE schedule, list of PPVs for 2024: Royal Rumble date, location, start time, how to watch -









FOUNDED 1989 - Early stars included Rey Mysterio Jr. [DOMINICK MYSTERIO]

TIMELINE: 1989 - 2000 (WCW)


DATE: OCTOBER 31, 2024.


HALLOWEEN HAVOC (WCW) - DOMINICK MYSTERIO - Best moments of NXT Halloween Havoc 2023

HALLOWEEN HAVOC (WCW) - DOMINICK MYSTERIO - New Years Day brings the fire for Halloween Havoc

HALLOWEEN HAVOC (WCW) - DOMINICK MYSTERIO - Perez vs. James - Devil’s Playground Match: NXT Halloween Havoc highligh...

HALLOWEEN HAVOC (WCW) - DOMINICK MYSTERIO - Lyra Valkyria dethrones Becky Lynch's title reign

HALLOWEEN HAVOC (WCW) - DOMINICK MYSTERIO - Top 10 Week Two Halloween Havoc moments: WWE Top 10, Oct. 31, 2023

HALLOWEEN HAVOC (WCW) - DOMINICK MYSTERIO - Lexis King dominates in his NXT debut: NXT Halloween Havoc highlights, O...

HALLOWEEN HAVOC (WCW) - DOMINICK MYSTERIO - FULL MATCH — Ilja Dragunov vs. Carmelo Hayes - NXT Championship Match: N...


NHL: Edmonton Oilers Closing In On NHL Win Streak Record

NHL Edmonton Oilers win streak at 12 games, the record is 17 by the '93 Pittsburgh Penguins during the Gretzky / Lemieux era.

Edmonton gains 24 points in 12 games for third (?) place, Connor McDavid 3rd Place in Assists, Nathan MacKinnion (Mooseheads (BLUE JACKETS) / Avalanche) first place in points.


NHL Highlights | Kraken vs. Oilers - January 18, 2024

Maple Leafs @ Oilers 1/16 | NHL Highlights 2024


Here are my NFL picks for this weekend...Four Games between today and tomorrow.







Zoey Stark emerges victorious in Women’s World Title Battle Royal: Raw h...

FULL MATCH – Women’s No. 1 Contender Battle Royal – Fatal 4-Way Finale: ...

Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark vs. Tegan Nox & Natalya: Raw highlights, Jan...

Zoey Stark ends her alliance with Trish Stratus: WWE Payback 2023 highli...

Rhea Ripley, Chelsea Green and more WWE Superstars react to 2023 Women’s...

Most outrageous matches of 2023: WWE Playlist

Rise of DAMAGE CONTROL from SummerSlam 2022 to now: WWE Playlist

SKY retains her WWE Women’s Title against Michin: SmackDown New Year’s R...

WWE Asuka vs Charlotte Flair 12/8/23

Orton says he’ll RKO Roman Reigns as Styles and Knight brawl: SmackDown ...

FULL MATCH – Randy Orton vs. Solo Sikoa: SmackDown highlights, Jan. 19, ...

Friday, January 19, 2024

RE: Halifax, Metro Park, Charger Stations

Look science...

In Halifax Downtown at the Metro Park will be converted to a parking garage, plus charger station.

Esso etc., will also have the same service.

The Halifax Downtown Metro Park will offer parking THEN additional bays with charger stations for days / over night for extra fees.

Parking Free + Charger Station Fee for four or ten hour charge.

That's the price from Esso and General Motors.

The new cars will be LOCKED with no "cd ripper technology" on new "SACD" high def music player systems.

Third Party Companies like Tesla, will have to use an adaptor ring on the charger plug, which I doubt they can manufacture.

Only ask General Motors for a "free cd ripper version" or "free universal model" for free products to Telsa BEGGING them to a free gift.

All during the LOCKING of the new car audio systems.

In reality Tesla will have to convert to GM not the other way for them to be fueled at Esso and Halifax Metro Park.


RE: Failed Tesla Vehicles In Halifax

Back to the Electric Charger stations...

Why would anyone back a company like Tesla / Space X that had a "tourism space explosion" to make an electric charger station in Halifax that doesn't work.

My point...

A "third party company" like Tesla Motors already stated deaths and broken chargers DURING road travel in Telsa Cars.

Can't even make an electric ring adaptor to fit Esso Gas Station chargers.

These local businesses in HRM claim third party companies like failed Space X, Tesla can make their own electric fuel pump.

In reality companies like Esso own the charger adaptor ring to make third party groups like Tesla forced to use General Motors, Ford and Nissan (GTR) fully functional charger stations, using a third party generic charger ring adaptor.

Conclusion, although the Tesla name will always be around in Science and Technology these specific devices will be forced to be "General Motors / Esso" Compatible.


RE: Canada Unpaid "Covid Loans" Repayments

Canada "CRA" says "billions" , ? , in unpaid covid loan debt relief from scams and bad credit etc.

It's not nice to hear this morning that people were living off illegal loans from covid debt reduction.

Now they have not been repaid for many loans, now bad credit is COMMON in Canada because of that and the other people apparently fugitives being sought out by the CRA. 

So there you go, while everyone had nothing during covid all you hear about is fake covid products, all them went bankrupt or whatever, now this....people lived off illegal loans.

So whatever "public service" represented Canada for the last twenty years claiming to handle this issues apparently was closed the whole time with no regulations.


RE: Halifax "Fast Charge" Electric Car Stations

On Halifax Radio this morning they claim that the new Electric Car Chargers, "fast charge stations" at the gas pumps sometimes "don't work".

They advertise two charges four and ten hours and "affordable electric cars" for HRM claiming a couple thousand vehicles in the area.

Already, they say at Dalhousie on Halifax News Radio that these so called "electric cars" are "affordable and can be charged in four and ten hours".

Then they said the problem with these cars is you get to the pumps and they don't work.


When I was at the gas station all Esso pumps were working.

So this local electric charge venture must be outside of General Motors etc.

General Motors, Ford, Nissan (GTR), etc... 

Would NEVER release a broken gas pump for vehicles at Esso Gas Stations etc.

My point....

Before the mainstream launch of electric cars happens General Motors etc., who ONLY OFFER fully working gas pump stations for their vehicles would ONLY OFFER the same charging service as gas pumps only.

When the actual electric car comes out from places like General Motors, all fuel stations will ONLY have fully working "fuel pumps and chargers" as normal procedures NOT LIKE these alternate affordable cars and charge stations currently being offered in Halifax.


Thursday, January 18, 2024

Dying Fetus • FULL SET • Tampa, FL • 1.6.24 • FYA X

RE: Old "Theme Park" Rides Out The The Woods, Action park etc...

Be careful of this when we're out in the woods tramping them trails down.

I found out that in the forest some of these used to be "Canoe Rides" that were carved into the ground.

So if you bring your own boat then the ride is still there.

I mean, like at the "Cannonball Loop" areas, all them ground stands are still there.

I mean, the water is turned off but there's some "Action" left in the park after a big rain or something.


The Colorado River Ride Attractions are canoe rides, they are carved rivers into the ground at closed theme parks, just flood the river and bring your own boat.

Just be careful because they built stuff into the ground around the ride to scare and excite the passengers...

The good thing is that a place like "Action Park" closed rides stuff you can just bring your own canoe. 


RE: NFL Wild Card Weekend / Playoff Ticket Price

Just blogging from way out at some closed theme park area....

I just heard on CBS Sports Affiliate here in Halifax that the Lions vs. Bucs Game is $1200 a ticket!

Get out them loans.

Anyway, when I was down there people started fixing the park up!

Recommendation, open old closed "Action Parks" to foot traffic in wooded areas....visitors and park staff started  fixing up the ride and trail area,,,,free visitors!


Tuesday, January 16, 2024

FULL MATCH — Rollins vs. B├ílor — World Heavyweight Championship Match: S...

Raw’s most shocking moments: Raw highlights, Jan. 15, 2024

Hand-building the Super Advanced Nissan GT-R50

2023 Corvette Z06 Review // The $100,000 Supercar

2023 Corvette Z06 vs 2022 Ford GT // The American Superheroes [+Drag Race]

2023 Corvette Z06 vs GTR NISMO vs 1000hp R34 GTR // DRAG & ROLL RACE

2024 Nissan GTR T-Spec vs The Cheapest Nissan GTR You Can Buy

FULL MATCH— Seth “Freakin” Rollins vs Jinder Mahal– World Heavyweight Ti...

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Super W...

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Game Highlights | NFL 2023 ...

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Los Angeles Rams vs. Detroit Lions Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Super Wild...

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys Game Highlights | NFL 2023 Super Wi...

SPORTS: NFL Rules Update, Suggestions - NFL WILD CARD WEEKEND

Fans can get involved in things like professional sports by "working on the game", kids will say...."Hey, fucker....why don't you try this move on the game."...
The athlete would say "Thanks, Kid....looks like they'll be putting that one in the rules update."

Like on the NFL...

If fans can think of new rules for the game sometimes they go in the rules book.


1. Make Rule Book "open ended development" then create live cut in for rule update...the NFL for example would then say when the rule takes effect.

Example, example emergency live game rule supplement clause.

Expand on more plays if possible like "Infield Fly Rule".

In the NFL a "multi tier point scoring game" has different points on scores.

1, 2, 3, 6.


I see this 6 points then the other 6 points are broken up on three other plays for 1, 2 and 3 points.


Don't worry about the official rule during the discussion....

What I really don't like about the NFL and I have to say this morning when I look at it is my Number one item....

NFL Teams NOT perfecting the 2 point conversion play. 

At minimum in the NFL....

On the second attempt if you give up one "one point conversion then you get a FREE 4TH DOWN for TWO POINTS.

I ask MGM many teams lost the big game by NOT using that play.

It costs 1 point for a free 2 point touchdown attempt.

Those extra one points could have added up to a championship win.

Like in New England....

Now I'm starting to see some of this crap like Alex Cora was putting on the field.

I mean him sitting there to young to be running the team.

Now I decided that he was my best I'm going with that.

To follow I mean.

Now the New England Patriots have a brand NEW team now that the big quitter "Billicheck" has been fired.

The new team like Alex Cora on MLB, has 1 Championship Super Bowl Ring and a previous management position as their new Head Coach.

So congrats to Alex Cora has moved to my favorite players list on my blog.

Hopefully I meant the same / right  guy.

When I was a kid around them places you go down there and a guy like Billicheck would have the place full of garbage with all these old championship rings from closed leagues in the forties and fifties and all this stuff, and these old papers everywhere.

When I got down there I just threw that right in the garbage.

Now they'll have some breathing room now that the "big quitter left".

Observations / Examples of NFL "look" they call it.

Talking out of my ass...

More work on the End Zone for Passing Reception of  Defense Tackle.

I mean the Jets lose four games on the same pass this year?


More work on the sack.

In a game like the NFL Teams need a lot more work on the sack and my proof is the two point conversion statistics.

The correlation between the sack and a two point conversion is this....

That's what it is.

Multiple sacks  on first to third down, before the punt, could lead to an "end zone tackle" that is an AUTOMATIC two points on DEFENSE.

REMEMBER: In the NFL you can score on defense.

More work on defense two point scores.

I mean the guy has to run back to throw the ball....

If I'm the coach I'd tell the players this.....

You gotta get that guy in the End Zone for the sack and get that two points.

I don't care how many downs it takes just do it.

Recommendation, work on that defense two points.

My rule suggestion.....

On the sack for a two point defense score, I mean ANY way to score like the sack in the End Zone for two points like if the guy kicks the ball out that is the same as a two point sack.

Drilling this play is also practice for the two point conversion.

I get it though in a low score game the difference might be 8 - 6 by missing the conversions BUT if they get them the score would be 8 - 10.

..edit...wrong example.

It takes TWO touchdowns for 12 THEN it would be 16.

Going back...

it would be 14 - 14 if tied.

Liek this....

It would be 14 - 10.

OR....14 - 16 if successful.

That could have been the whole win on the first play of the game.


them guys are broke or looks like they can't even play.

The rule suggestion...

Is an interception in the End Zone worth two points?

Like the sack for two points, what if in the offense end zone the defense gets an interception....should that be worth two points?


NFL Live’s Super Wild Card Weekend Preview & Predictions

Rangers @ Capitals 1/13 | NHL Highlights 2024

Kraken @ Capitals 1/11 | NHL Highlights 2024

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Miz & R Truth vs Dominik & JD Mcdonagh – WWE Raw 1/1/24 (Full Match)

The Miz and R-Truth argue with The Judgment Day: Raw Day 1 highlights, J...

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Friday, January 12, 2024

HALIFAX: Flaming / Rumors At Food Courts During Lunch Hours Creates Staff Outages At Local Junior / Senior High Schools, Updated

Listen to these rumors on Main Street, Halifax Area.....

At the Food Court during lunch on a Friday it was packed at the Mic Mac Mall from the Elementary / Junior and Senior High Schools on Main Area on the local bus route between the schools and the lunch area.

All the girls at the Food Court told off some make staff member who was not working and took garbage to their table and was unwashed.

The blonde girls etc., from the local schools listed above HUMILIATED the male staff member in public like in front of all them India Girls etc., who work in the same Shopping Center.

The girls complaining that they can use their lunch cards that are prepaid at the school cafeteria's like at the University but the school doesn't have the staff available to regulate student trips on Halifax Transit to the Food Court a five minute bus trip.

They mean, they may have to use other cash, credit cards or pre-paid cards to eat at the Food Court OFF their tuition card for the University Students or using their parents money at the Food Court.

Calling the man and his friends ugly, laughing and humiliating them it was then packed on the transit on Main Street.

The rumor was an Underage REPORTING Child Sex Offender told a bum to sit beside someone on the bus because the girls were with them the on lunch from the local Junior High School, Elementary and High School. 

Then a big fight broke out.

The girls were complaining that when they were eating they got in a fight with the male staff at the Mic Mac Mall who tried to talk to them during HIS work hours on their lunch.

The girls meant in this rumor on the Transit / Food Court that their parents gave them money to eat and go to the Mall for lunch (some off their meal cards from the University Cafeteria) during some event or with their friends during nice weather and then men at the mall tried to talk to them on their lunch, were not washed and stand at their table holding GARBAGE while not working on Mall Staff Hours on pay....

Now they want to charge the Underage offender as an adult in a probation breach and make him report as an adult so he will have to tell the neighbors who he is and then list all the people he knows in the incident.


Watch for that, they are saying that the public wants two results from the incident...

That I heard.

1. Make Underage Sex Offenders Public Report  As Adults, In cases like flaming convictions as a new sentence (making them report as an adult).

2. Then also apply this to UNREPORTING adult sex offenders and also make them report to the public as a regular offender in convicted in cases such as flaming.

Update, the girls at the "Mall" Food Area some had up to $7000 in credit on their University Tuition Plan, that they could use for meals if they wanted.

I mean...

What happened, some bum tried to bleed her meal card plan for the University Cafeteria $7000 or what?

Attempted theft over $7000 is how I take it, to hold a girls meal card and bum off her at the school or worse is what I think happened in this rumor.


HALIFAX: Radio Reports Canada / UK - "War Report" , Updated

Halifax news radio the SAME one as New York CBS Sports Affiliate at night....

Update, They said Halifax Mooseheads was now the Columbus Blue Jackets and the star player was hurt for weeks and is now out in the Championship against Quebec.

Reports that Africa has backed Hamas in the War In Gaza, saying that Israel has committed genocide in Gaza and SUED in court in at the Hauge and LOST.

Israel reports that it DOES have the right to defend itself against genocide claims in the attack.

The hint on the report was that there is chaos in the region and that the genocide that started the open conflict was soldiers on all sides that became awol and fought without the countries backing is the hint from Canada on the radio,

Now Canada / UK has in stepped to back the United States in Yemen against an Iran faction backing both parties in Gaza against Israel who have attacked international shipping in Canada and the whole UK.

Now Canada is at War with Yemen and Iran factions, while they falsely accuse Israel of genocide using awol soldiers or something.


Israel has just entered a war with Africa who are trying to occupy Gaza while they sue illegally from Africa and was thrown out by Israel at the Hauge.  

Now Canada is at war with Yemen (All UK countries they mean) who have attacked UK shipping in Yemen from Iran.

Some faction.

No response from Iran on the radio to say if the group was officially backed or not like Israel has already done, saying they are outside factions from Africa and Iran fighting.

Now the larger military is stepping in from the UK to move shipping back to normal conditions by bombing Yemen who they claim is backed by Iran.

Update, they said the Dalhousie University professors have a new plan for emergency shelters and now they have students at the school working on transferring some old stuff they had on the campus to build the shelters which the University said was probably the best option.

Homeless people then LEAVE the lobby area where they were squadding and then held a woman against a wall by the throat in their office.

Now these buildings need new security, they said the man was squadding like in the lobby of the ferry terminal and then when into and office space like a doctors office or professional clinic and grabbed a woman by the throat and held her against the wall.

Until now, people squadding were only in the lobby now they are trying to come into the offices in day hours and have attacked women working alone. 


Thursday, January 11, 2024

Patriots Lose! Belichick Fired!

Diary Update, Jan 2024 Dental Work

Just getting some dental work done here over Christmas and New Years while I babysit this web traffic...

In Halifax one dentist on Main Street couldn't process Government Health Insurance and the other needed a $160 cheque to cover the next $5000 in Government Dental Insurance.

You fucking broke.

The regular dentist covers everything, 100% on Government Cheque Plans.

Except cosmetic.


If someone who used to work in a lab or something or private medical clinic had a bunch of expensive dental work done or in a research clinic

That could be a doctor, scientist, patient etc...

Anyway a dentist can't work on his own mouth so if he makes a dental procedure in a research lab someone else has to give it to him.

Later, if he the patient switches to full cheque coverage benefits plan, the dental procedure falls to the public dental coverage.

The work the the private / research clinic is then transferred to the new dentist at the full coverage Government Cheque plan dentist to the local dentist offering full coverage for cheque benefits now offers NEW procedures learned from a patient formerly at a research clinic etc., then that dentist gets the new cheaper procedures at HIS clinic.

These transfer from the old expensive private or research clinic procedures to the full coverage Cheque Benefits Dentist who can now offer new expensive procedures for the same price at his clinic as the old ones, plus the chair becomes more available because it saves time the new dental procedures.

The new procedures didn't go to the private dentist who couldn't cash government health insurance OR the one charging +20% fees, because they didn't attract any research lab based clients.

Then the dentist who covers the full bill on government health insurance HE now has more advanced cheaper procedures on the SAME equipment that used to be at expensive private clinics on bigger machines is now cheaper and done at the local full coverage dentist.


Sunday, January 7, 2024

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MUSIC: Public Domain Update

In the Death Metal section, my record store blog renamed the public domain cd - "Prophecy - Don't Mess With Texas" TO "Devourment - Prophecy: Don't Mess With Texas" and the title went nuts in metal.

Free Devourment full discography also available free on .

That has the song "Devourment - Babykiller" initially released in Record Stores in Canada on my "CD's: Label Great White North Records the name that I bought.

That name was on "The End Records" which was bought by BMG Rights Management also contained the band Danzig.

Danzig was also released on Public Domain on free download version or whatever.

I personally bought the Great White North Records name for my "CD" "Collapse - Destroying By Design".


"Third Party Derivative Label PRC Music (from Great White North Record Label Origin) also released the album "Ambilivance"  on public domain that I am sharing at .

New released album on public domain "Excision - Hymns Of Depravity" was on "Pathologically Explicit Recordings" which had released an album with a "stolen" song from my band Collapse which was re-recorded with unofficial parts and NOT used by my band Collapse .

DEVOURMENT - BABYKILLER - Originally Released In Canada in Records Stores on Great White North Records Compilation CD V/A - GWN 2K5.



Pathologically Explicit Recordings also looks like it has restarted as two new pages Pathologically Explicit Recordings and Pathlogically Explicit Records.


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RE: Roman Reigns At "Against All Odds" Period

Now Roman Reigns has to defend the belt after some title record with the odds increasing against him while he runs away and hides waiting to resolution.

Roman Reigns - "The Deadliest Spear In Wrestling", anyone else...never heard of ya.

Let's see Roman Reigns get beat up or spear everyone in WWE.


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Server Blog Update

Jan - Feb 2024 some pages might be down here and there for a few days.

Last week of regular season NFL, look for 1/4 game highlights on youtube during the live games.

I noticed a strange calendar issue, many companies may have to change server payment schedules because of odd calendar dates and price increases, lead to outages.

Scams all over the internet on shopping carts, re-bills, extra charges, fake shopping cart add on's after 10 day credit card reversed transactions, that double block bank account total.

May main point is watch out for credit card processing time outages and companies unable to combine shipping on all products.


Devourment – Don't Fukkin Mess With Texas - MY LINK:

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RE: NFL, Texans Make Playoffs, Huge Two Point Play At End Of Game

Here is a great example of how to play by scoring two points in the NFL.

This time the Texans give up the safety for two points intentionally, then they get to kick the ball on the return and then win and make the playoffs on defense by winding the clock down to stop the Colts who couldn't score from their end zone after receiving an intentional safety two points lose from their end zone on the long punt return.

Great ending to this playoff win for the Texans.


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Friday, January 5, 2024

RE: Bizarre Incident Update From Last Post, Updated

I got part of the story....

People came up to the community on Main Street and started a fight with them about scoring two points in football because they were all playing in the back yard at different houses.

Then people who started the flaming incident / verbal attack etc., in the restaurant tried to force the people playing football in theirs 20's / 30's to say they didn't have 2 point scores in football.


People like me playing were letting the girls in the backyard when they were playing at home to score 2 points when they didn't have the ball like on the NFL Superbowl.

The other people who started the fight said they didn't let their girlfriends or wives score on defense.

Then the whole time they were married and playing football in the yard their girlfriends / wives didn't know the full rules and the boyfriend / husband wouldn't let her score when she didn't have the ball the whole marriage when they were playing in the backyard and with the kids etc.

So it must have started as some kind of domestic fight and then tried to come up to this area on Main Street (region) and start a fight with them about it for telling the girls about 2 points on the game you can get without holding the ball.

Plus they play in the back yard with no tackle, so it was easier to score.

That what some of that fight was about maybe, I heard.

Update, so the "guy" started the fight tried to "boost up" to be up on Main Street and compete with the other guy in the backyard talking...then when they got there they weren't.

They they thought they could talk to them and on Main Street they were all wearing expensive clothes when they got there and then tried to stay there arguing to be in the group with them, all dressed in piss or something.

Like pissing their pants and then trying to get girls to touch them downtown when they are bumming is what I heard. 


HALIFAX: Strange Assaults Lead To Public Miscommunication

There must have been some event here in Halifax off the news, this is what I saw...

CBS Radio said on the affiliate here in Halifax that "Tom Brady" said all the players suck today because they weren't him.

Then this big fight started because the girls knew how to score 2 points on defense in football in back yard terms and then "Tom Brady Fans" got in a fight with them over it.

That's because the girls knew the 2 point score method and the Tom Brady fans didn't and were just watching the Super Bowl tv draws and really didn't know all the NFL rules.

Now a couple weeks later I was out shopping and had to go to the dentist, who was too happy I was back on my ballet workout and went and got all my old needles out for my dental work....yeah thanks.

Later, after my mouth was in less pain I went out for a nice soft donut.

Then they had this incident here on Main Street Dartmouth....

When I say Main Street Dartmouth it's between Downtown Halifax and The Stanfield International Airport I think is the name.

That's Main Street, Mic Mac Mall, Dartmouth Crossing Shops and Shubie Park and Campground.

Subie Park is only ONE of four "National Parks" in the area but is at the Mall Setting for shopping and camping and is more private example, no legal cannabis in camping areas or outside in park, but drinking allowed in campground only.

My point is the parks are bigger than people think and is has unmaintained older trails where the Trans Canada Trail hasn't been finished yet....but if hike you can still get out walking on the old paths which go pretty far into the forest area.

My other point here is that is all out in hundreds of miles of wilderness NEAR Halifax at the Speedway Race Track.


Apparently, none of that was going on this morning people claimed....

Now all the bums or homeless people started coming up to Main Street after they closed part of their illegal campsite at Alderney Landing...the other Tim Hortons on the same bus route.

I'm not lying, that one is at the Community Services Welfare Office.

Now they are squadding around there at the bus / ferry terminal and taking the bus up and down the hill from the homeless camp near Community Services to Tim Hortons on Main Street and this big fight broke out or something.

People squadding in the restaurants stood up in the dining area and started yelling because they said the New York Jets won 6 games this season and then beat the Patriots in the same division, then the Bills beat both teams.

The guy starts yelling and I thought he was going to rob the restaurant with a machine gun, then he tried to make people say in the restaurant that the New York Yankees suck at baseball.

After, they said the New York Jets won 6 games and beat New England.

So I left right away and didn't participate because the bum guy yelling tried to stick it on people in public that he made a Yankees fan say the team sucked by forcing them in a public restaurant.

Then no one would participate.

Then they had all these people squadding and were waiting to flame them saying the Yankees sucked after the first guy forced them to say it but nothing happened and everyone left and they got stuck in the scenario.

So...nobody said anything back to them

A few days later at McDonalds restaurant they were all there again, this time with a bunch of old people on rebate or pension day.

That part was people said that these bums came up to Main Street from Alderney Landing and then all these old women from Seniors Apartments came out and went downtown "looking for teenage fun" with bums from the soup kitchen and got lost when they stepped off their doorsteps in the busy city area and got put in a home.

Then then group of old women was involved in that Yankees incident using their old age pensions then they tried to come down to McDonalds and make guys working in their twenties and thirties to get them stuff for the fucking bum.

Then no one would talk to them or take the message right in public.


I think they lost their old age pensions is my point and that's it for them.

What I mean is all these people from the Senior's Apartment, I heard about, tried to tell people working in their 20's and 30's that they were busy and the people working working were getting in their way because they were in a hurry, like at the retirement home they mean.

So maybe I'm having dialect issues but that was pretty fucked in the head to witness twice in public restaurants in one week in the Dartmouth Crossing area.

My other point is that the bums apparently stole the napkins, soap etc. from the front of the fast food stores and then blamed a local business to get free supplies for their store by stealing free condiments,  soap and napkins for their local restaurant in Halifax from restaurants on Main Street Dartmouth is the rumor.


Tuesday, January 2, 2024

RE: "Girls From India" Running Wild In Halifax

The girls are not just from India I mean Asia location etc.

My point is if a bunch of girls moved here to Nova Scotia from India etc. and now they have a "new culture event" like visiting the people here at the Cruise Ship stuff plus they have jobs at the Hilton etc.

What do people gotta say something about anything or what, now these girls have a place to visit and hang out at in Canada here in Nova Scotia and they like new things like having pajama parties with blond girls from University or whatever.

What does a man have to do with that in Halifax?


Talk about something else.

God man.


COMMENTARY: New Years Not Just For Pricks

Here we go with this New Years thing in Halifax....girls from India have their own new stuff here like new smells from Nova Scotia like plants and stuff for India.

Now they have different stuff here, again....lots of them girls from India who live here don't like all that other stuff going on...they wanted to hang around and then meet people like I know then they wanted to meet a blond girl I would know for being lgbt.

I mean, it's pretty sad people in the area want you to participate in a one note New Years event here....not that there is one...just loud mouths trying to dictate public conversation.

Then I mean, if girls who move to Canada from places like India lot's of them want to come to a party like I have so they can meet girls from Canada like hot blondes and stuff, then they wanted to date the other girl.

Yeah, so they have all that India stuff going on, but they have unique stuff here to add to their India stuff and lot's of them want to party with blonde girls and be lesbian, then all these people annoy them and everyone about pricks trying to talk to them when they are trying to do other things like hang out with girls from Canada they can meet away from those other "over talked about" culture items.


RE: "Twenty Most Popular Porn Stars"

I dunno, stars like #14 August Ames have been dead for a few years now.

I mean, maybe you're renting from the video store or something.

When I watched it most of them stars were ten years ago, now there are a few big ones still but when I watched it they were mostly new people.


Top 20 Most Popular Porn Stars in the World