Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tallships are in Halifax this Weekend!

Tallships Are in Halifax this Weekend

Tallships are in Halifax this weekend.

I went to see the Bluenose II Ship , which is a re-creation of the Bluenose Racing Ship that is famous in Canada. It is the ship that is on the Canada Dime or 0.10 Cent Piece they are called.

This is the Bluenose Original Ship.

The original ship the Bluenose is featured on the dime, that ship is NOT in Halifax. Apparently, it may have been destroyed in a shipwreck like 100 Years ago or something.

The re-creation ship the Bluenose II is the one in Halifax at Tallships NOT the original one on the dime.

It was pretty exciting to see this ship this weekend.

I always saw a bunch of ships from America, which was also pretty exciting.


Use Tide Pods For Your City Apartment Laundry Machine

Use Tide Laundry Pods In Your City Apertment
 When you are washing your clothes in the big city and have a big city apartment you should use Laundry Pods instead of regular laundry detergent because all you have to do is carry the laundry pods and then you don't have to lug a big huge container of laundry detergent up and downstairs with you every time you wash your clothes.

I recommend Tide Laundry Pods.

This way if you do your laundry you only need to carry one or two Tide Laundry Pods to the laundry room in your apartment.

This way you will never need to drag that huge jug of regular laundry detergent up and down the building ever again.

Just bring what you need! That's only like, only one or two laundry pods.

These Tide Laundry pods will work great in you City Apartment Building's Washing Machine. 

Like the Maytag Coin-o-matic Commercial Smart Card Washing Machine.

Maytag Commercial  Coin-o-matic Smart Card Washing Machine

Just remember when you use your Maytag Coin-o-matic Commercial Smart Card Washing Machine, always remember to add the Super Cycle wash option AFTER you pay for your load of laundry.

You just re-insert you Coin-o-matic Smart Card and then add Super Cycle for 0.25 Cents to get an extra 15 Minutes on your Wash Cycle.

Never over pack that Maytag Commercial Washing Machine! When you dry your clothes it may take multiple cycles to dry them if it is too full.

Only put enough clothes in your Maytag Commercial Apartment Building Washing Machine that will dry in 60 Minutes in the dryer or you will be wasting money on drying cycles.

An over packed Apartment Building Dryer may take up to 3 cycles to dry if you over pack the machine!

Only wash enough clothes in the  Maytag Commercial Apartment Building Washing Machine that will dry in 60 Minutes in the dryer or you are wasting money!

Always Add Super Cycle when using your Coin-O-Matic Smartcard!

With your Coin-o-matic Smartcard you just add your laundry money at the card recharge station and your laundry room money stays on the card.

Then you just insert your card into your Maytag Commercial Washing Machine and Pay by the Cycle off the card.

Don't overpack the washing machine because you will end up wasting your Coin-o-matic balance on the smardcard trying to dry your clothes in the dryer!

Add funds to you Coin-o-matic Washing Machine card at the recharge station.

You just use your debit card to add funds to the washing machine card at the Coin-o-matic card recharge station. Then you can keep all your laundry money on your Coin-o-matic Smart Card.

If your friends come to visit the balance on your Coin-o-matic Smart Card can always be used to issue parking permits!

Just go to participating machines and issue your own parking permits by buying them at your Apartment Buildings Laundry Recharge Station!


Friday, July 21, 2017

Destroy Washington DC.


This is the Flag that will replace the Washington DC flag in the future of North America. Nova Scotia will Destroy Washington DC and now rule North America.

Join the fight to End Washington DC:

This is what the End of Washington DC will look like.



3 Reasons To Hate Washington DC for Life

Washington DC  now thinks it's England bossing the world around hundred's of years ago while they give us NOTHING and want us to give them everything for FREE to keep then in charge.

I guess that makes us William Wallace here in New Scotland aka Nova Scotia

Then they ALWAYS go back on EVERY AGREEMENT they ever make with anyone.

This is clearly the END OF AMERICA under WASHINGTON DC.....D.C meaning "Different Country" that's NOT WELCOME ON NORTH AMERICA.

Don't let Washington DC boss the World around from their fake capitol. 

DESTROY WASHINGTON DC the Enemy of North America today.
I will be documenting the end of America as time permits on my blog.  Join the fight to end Washington DC "Different Country" to end the  FAKE OWNERSHIP OF PLANET EARTH.

3 Reasons To Hate Washington DC for the rest of your life:

1. America's Stonehenge

Apparently Washington DC experts have confirmed years ago that the ruins in New Hampshire are from the year 1200 from before Christopher Columbus and never told anyone.

The ruins at America's Stonehenge apparently have been matched to ruins in Europe from the year 1200 and they refuse to tell anyone. The ruins they think could be from something like Dracula days or the Dark Ages or something.

Washington DC refuses to tell you because they are fucking pricks.

Fuck you DC, that's something that I always wanted to know and that would have helped me a lot in University just knowing it. Just knowing it would have make me a lot happier because that's something the I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW.

America's Stonehenge proven to be dated to the year 1200 by using matching rocks in Europe and blocked by Washington DC. DIE.

2.Is there a one hundred story Rocket from the late 1800's hidden inside the Empire State Building?

Is their an old rocket in the Empire State Building?

Apparently, there may be an one hundred story Buck Rogers style escape rocket from the 1800's hidden inside the Empire State building. The rumor is that the front of the building "cranks" open and the part on the from is really a rocket launch pad from the 1800's.

The actual rocket is supposedly hidden in the walls and has  be "cranked closed" into it's cylinder position.

When the building is normal the offices are inside the main rocket, the elevator would be the center of the rocket.

During escape, the rocket's walls would be cranked closed destroying the front of the building.

The launch pad on the front would be cranked open destroying the building and revealing a one hundred story cylinder rocket that would be fired during an escape.

Built in like 1930, that actual rocket is from the late 1800's and is clearly an old piece of crap.

Washington DC won't tell you about the rocket, they should die now.

Is this actually the construction of a crude rocket from the late 1800's?

Is this the construction of an escape rocket in New York?

My illustration done in microsoft paint of the location and operation of the rocket

This would be a similar rocket design as seen on Buck Rogers.

3. Is their a Cannon in the Arm of the Statue of liberty from 1875 to prevent Blimp Attack?

Statue or Cannon from 1875?
There may also be a cannon in the arm of the Statue of Liberty that can also be used as a flame thrower to prevent blimp attack.

If a blimp flies over the Statue it can be fired from inside the statue to shoot blimps in case New York City is attacked by blimps in the 1900's.

If New York City comes under Blimp Attack in the 1900's the cannon is a secret weapon that can fire shells and flames into the air if a fleet of enemy blimps fly over New York City.

Then if it goes bad the pricks from Washington DC in New York City can escape in the Buck Rogers escape rocket hidden inside the Empire State Building.

Washington DC refuses to tell you.

These are three reasons that can help you of your path to hating Washington DC for the rest of your life.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The 1 Minute Expert

1 Minute Expert
 Yes folks now today we have the latest product of our time in the age of the internet. Now we have the 1 Minute Expert...these are the people that think they are experts in 1 minute on any topic.

Where do they get this expert information and training skills that take skilled professionals years to develop?

That's right everyone...Youtube "how to..." videos. Today the 1 minute expert can get an advanced skill set in only 1 minute thanks to free how to instructional videos posted on youtube. 

No education needed today people for these experts....just watch a youtube how to free instructional video and you can open your own business and become an expert in the field in 1 minute.

Don't even worry about people asking you about your new 1 minute expert professional has the answer to every customer question posted in a free instructional how to video.

The 1 minute expert...a proud new creation of the internet age thanks to free youtube how to instructional videos. Just remember, they can fix your car or remove your appendix and are experts in 1 minute because they watch how to instructional videos on youtube.

Just watch the youtube how to video and then you are an expert in 1 minute. 

Then open your new business, sit back and let the cash roll in.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Scrubbing Bubbles Are Super Great

Wow it sure is super hot this summer.

Just remember, in heat like we're having this summer city apartment buildings can get super hot.

Don't forget to disinfect you shower tiles and tub with a good spray cleaner to prevent soap scum and mildew buildup.

When I'm cleaning and shining my bathroom I always make sure to use Scrubbing Bubbles because they are super great.

"Use Scrubbing Bubbles Every Day!"
 Just remember when it's super hot in your city apartment mildew and scum can build up fast on your tub and shower tiles. Make sure to properly spray your tub and shower tiles daily to prevent soap buildup which can cause shower scum from the hot weather and possibly turn into mold...Gross!...and be sure to use scrubbing bubbles because they are super great.

Just remember, spray your city apartment shower tiles and tub daily with scrubbing bubbles to prevent gross soap scum buildup during the hot summer weather in your bathroom. Use Scrubbing Bubbles every day to keep your shower tiles clean and shining!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Posers & "Record Label" Scam Revealed

Now that the "4th of July" is finally over everyone can get back to their regular activites, thank god that's over. 

For all you posers out there just remember, all you have to do is read the post below this one and when you follow me around the City copying me and bad mouthing me at metal shit just remember to tell everyone that you are as big as or bigger than the Emperor of America and you are a bigger musician than me the Death Metal Super God. That should get you super far when you are out there posing and shit and copying me. Remember, it is super important that when you go around copying me to make sure to say you are the Emperor of America to everyone.

Record Label Scams Revealed

Here is probably the deal as best I can figure out on those "heavy metal" or "death metal" they call it record labels up in Quebec and other areas of Canada probably.

Now you have to understand that these labels are "small" pressing labels for small "death metal" bands they are called. They are probably super broke and just want to get their name out. Then you get the big rip off instead.

Don't really fault them, they are just metal guys and want everyone to see and hear their band, then they get suckered.

$500 may not be a lot of money but it is to a bunch of guys trying to play death metal probably.

This is what the scam looks like it is doing.

First they open and close like every five years and are on their like fourth probably fifth label incarnation by now since like a few years before 2006 or something.

I don't know what they do now but they used to make the band pay for half the record pressing at the label and they charge them like $500 each.

The are two parts to the scam that I can see:

They sign like twenty some bands or something then they put them out for five years and then drop them all.

Then they sign twenty some NEW bands and change their name.

Then they go right gay and say "All the old bands are dropped now and now these are my new ones."

Then they never put out the old bands albums anymore.

Then they close again and make a third new label and drop the second batch of bands and they are all dropped now.

Then they go right gay and say "All the old bands are dropped twice now and now these are my new ones."

Then they never put out forty some albums ever again because they have a new batch of bands.

This must be the conversation at their fake record label:

"Oh I'm a gay fake record label from Quebec running a huge scam on the internet, here's what I'm gonna do.

Oh, these are my first set of bands, now their all dropped and I have new ones. The new ones are the ones that are out now.

Then I'll just close that and then all their albums are dropped and now I have even newer ones.

So, ever five years all the old bands are the dropped ones and I ALWAYS have new signed bands for a few years then all the old ones are always dropped and I'll never release them ever again.

All I have to do is change the name of the scam record label every five years and no one can say anything.

Then I'll make all this money off the scam and then take a gay cruise with my boyfriend to go see Anthrax."

They go right gay and say....

"This is my first all the bands are dropped and they are the dropped ones forever.

Now I have a new one, it's my second label and now these are the bands that are out.

Then I'll close that and drop twice as many bands and then they are all the dropped ones and then I'll never put those out ever again for money. 

Then I'll make another new label and put new bands out again and they will be the bands that are signed this time.

Then when I'm done I'll take a gay cruise with my boyfriend to go see Anthrax."

This is probably heading on into it's FIFTH time by now that this has happened.

Yeah right!

They just keep opening and closing every two minutes and keep saying the old bands are dropped  and only the new ones are out.

Ok, right...make a record label and then close it and keep saying that only the new bands are the ones that are signed and not the old ones from the first two labels because they change the name, Then they never release the old records.

Here's is where they make the money....

They used to charge each band $500 to press their own record that's the whole price for the whole pressing I guarantee it, I don't know what they do now.

Each time they do that it is like $500 times 20+ bands.

That's like $10,000 every five years they get from bands alone.

Then they take the pressing and sell copies for like $10 each or something, then they go out and TRADE STOCK with other independent record labels to fill their store.

Then they end up taking your record that you paid for them to press and they trade them for other bands cd's.

That's right, they trade you bands cd with other people so then can get FREE STOCK, then they sell them all.

So after 15 years they end up with $30,000 of free money from bands paying them to put their record out, then they make money off selling your cd and then they trade them for hundreds of other bands cd's and sell those too.

So yeah, they get tons of free stock off your record with no investment. That's all free money to them.

Then the money from selling traded cd's and sales off your record pay back the original pressing fee's and they get a free $10,000.

Then evey time they close they use NEW bands so they don't have to pay the old one's royalties by using their records again.

If the scam used the original records in the new scam they'd lose too much money because they would have to pay the old bands royalties, so instead they always use new bands with no repressing.

So after four or possibly five in the work's of label openings they would have pulled in over $50,000 in free money collected from bands that was supposed to be for pressing but it doesn't cost them anything because the cd's pay for themselves with sales.


$50,000 in free money in fifteen years.....I hope you paid income taxes on that! Yikes.

Anyway, 20+ bands at $500 dollars a time they collect from you is like over $10,000 for free..selling like 50 Cd's pays for the whole pressing so it's free money to them....more that a years welfare or disability benefits.


Anyone running a scam like that could afford to take a gay cruise with their boyfriend to go see Anthrax for $10,000 in free money.