Friday, July 21, 2017

3 Reasons To Hate Washington DC for Life

Washington DC  now thinks it's England bossing the world around hundred's of years ago while they give us NOTHING and want us to give them everything for FREE to keep then in charge.

I guess that makes us William Wallace here in New Scotland aka Nova Scotia

Then they ALWAYS go back on EVERY AGREEMENT they ever make with anyone.

This is clearly the END OF AMERICA under WASHINGTON DC.....D.C meaning "Different Country" that's NOT WELCOME ON NORTH AMERICA.

Don't let Washington DC boss the World around from their fake capitol. 

DESTROY WASHINGTON DC the Enemy of North America today.
I will be documenting the end of America as time permits on my blog.  Join the fight to end Washington DC "Different Country" to end the  FAKE OWNERSHIP OF PLANET EARTH.

3 Reasons To Hate Washington DC for the rest of your life:

1. America's Stonehenge

Apparently Washington DC experts have confirmed years ago that the ruins in New Hampshire are from the year 1200 from before Christopher Columbus and never told anyone.

The ruins at America's Stonehenge apparently have been matched to ruins in Europe from the year 1200 and they refuse to tell anyone. The ruins they think could be from something like Dracula days or the Dark Ages or something.

Washington DC refuses to tell you because they are fucking pricks.

Fuck you DC, that's something that I always wanted to know and that would have helped me a lot in University just knowing it. Just knowing it would have make me a lot happier because that's something the I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW.

America's Stonehenge proven to be dated to the year 1200 by using matching rocks in Europe and blocked by Washington DC. DIE.

2.Is there a one hundred story Rocket from the late 1800's hidden inside the Empire State Building?

Is their an old rocket in the Empire State Building?

Apparently, there may be an one hundred story Buck Rogers style escape rocket from the 1800's hidden inside the Empire State building. The rumor is that the front of the building "cranks" open and the part on the from is really a rocket launch pad from the 1800's.

The actual rocket is supposedly hidden in the walls and has  be "cranked closed" into it's cylinder position.

When the building is normal the offices are inside the main rocket, the elevator would be the center of the rocket.

During escape, the rocket's walls would be cranked closed destroying the front of the building.

The launch pad on the front would be cranked open destroying the building and revealing a one hundred story cylinder rocket that would be fired during an escape.

Built in like 1930, that actual rocket is from the late 1800's and is clearly an old piece of crap.

Washington DC won't tell you about the rocket, they should die now.

Is this actually the construction of a crude rocket from the late 1800's?

Is this the construction of an escape rocket in New York?

My illustration done in microsoft paint of the location and operation of the rocket

This would be a similar rocket design as seen on Buck Rogers.

3. Is their a Cannon in the Arm of the Statue of liberty from 1875 to prevent Blimp Attack?

Statue or Cannon from 1875?
There may also be a cannon in the arm of the Statue of Liberty that can also be used as a flame thrower to prevent blimp attack.

If a blimp flies over the Statue it can be fired from inside the statue to shoot blimps in case New York City is attacked by blimps in the 1900's.

If New York City comes under Blimp Attack in the 1900's the cannon is a secret weapon that can fire shells and flames into the air if a fleet of enemy blimps fly over New York City.

Then if it goes bad the pricks from Washington DC in New York City can escape in the Buck Rogers escape rocket hidden inside the Empire State Building.

Washington DC refuses to tell you.

These are three reasons that can help you of your path to hating Washington DC for the rest of your life.


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