Saturday, July 29, 2017

Use Tide Pods For Your City Apartment Laundry Machine

Use Tide Laundry Pods In Your City Apertment
 When you are washing your clothes in the big city and have a big city apartment you should use Laundry Pods instead of regular laundry detergent because all you have to do is carry the laundry pods and then you don't have to lug a big huge container of laundry detergent up and downstairs with you every time you wash your clothes.

I recommend Tide Laundry Pods.

This way if you do your laundry you only need to carry one or two Tide Laundry Pods to the laundry room in your apartment.

This way you will never need to drag that huge jug of regular laundry detergent up and down the building ever again.

Just bring what you need! That's only like, only one or two laundry pods.

These Tide Laundry pods will work great in you City Apartment Building's Washing Machine. 

Like the Maytag Coin-o-matic Commercial Smart Card Washing Machine.

Maytag Commercial  Coin-o-matic Smart Card Washing Machine

Just remember when you use your Maytag Coin-o-matic Commercial Smart Card Washing Machine, always remember to add the Super Cycle wash option AFTER you pay for your load of laundry.

You just re-insert you Coin-o-matic Smart Card and then add Super Cycle for 0.25 Cents to get an extra 15 Minutes on your Wash Cycle.

Never over pack that Maytag Commercial Washing Machine! When you dry your clothes it may take multiple cycles to dry them if it is too full.

Only put enough clothes in your Maytag Commercial Apartment Building Washing Machine that will dry in 60 Minutes in the dryer or you will be wasting money on drying cycles.

An over packed Apartment Building Dryer may take up to 3 cycles to dry if you over pack the machine!

Only wash enough clothes in the  Maytag Commercial Apartment Building Washing Machine that will dry in 60 Minutes in the dryer or you are wasting money!

Always Add Super Cycle when using your Coin-O-Matic Smartcard!

With your Coin-o-matic Smartcard you just add your laundry money at the card recharge station and your laundry room money stays on the card.

Then you just insert your card into your Maytag Commercial Washing Machine and Pay by the Cycle off the card.

Don't overpack the washing machine because you will end up wasting your Coin-o-matic balance on the smardcard trying to dry your clothes in the dryer!

Add funds to you Coin-o-matic Washing Machine card at the recharge station.

You just use your debit card to add funds to the washing machine card at the Coin-o-matic card recharge station. Then you can keep all your laundry money on your Coin-o-matic Smart Card.

If your friends come to visit the balance on your Coin-o-matic Smart Card can always be used to issue parking permits!

Just go to participating machines and issue your own parking permits by buying them at your Apartment Buildings Laundry Recharge Station!


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