Saturday, July 29, 2017

Tallships are in Halifax this Weekend!

Tallships Are in Halifax this Weekend

Tallships are in Halifax this weekend.

I went to see the Bluenose II Ship , which is a re-creation of the Bluenose Racing Ship that is famous in Canada. It is the ship that is on the Canada Dime or 0.10 Cent Piece they are called.

This is the Bluenose Original Ship.

The original ship the Bluenose is featured on the dime, that ship is NOT in Halifax. Apparently, it may have been destroyed in a shipwreck like 100 Years ago or something.

The re-creation ship the Bluenose II is the one in Halifax at Tallships NOT the original one on the dime.

It was pretty exciting to see this ship this weekend.

I always saw a bunch of ships from America, which was also pretty exciting.


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