Saturday, July 30, 2022

MLB: New Baseball Card Stock To Put Value Back In Cards

The talk going around now in New York at MLB tables like collectable stores is that Baseball Card values will soon be back when a new "franklin mint" style card stock paper is introduced.

The paper will have gold, silver and other metals in the paper with a guaranteed weight that the card will be printed on giving it a permanent value in gold and metals inside the paper. 

To replace old cards fans outside at card stores expect a New York Yankees complete baseball re-print set on the new card stock of all past team members since the introduction of MLB.

The new "metal weighted cards" will transition the cards in the baseball museum and eventually replace the original for example 1920's and 1950's baseball era cards with a gold value replacement card paper to put the value back in card collectables.

I expect someday a complete reprint of all New York Yankees player baseball cards from all years as the MLB, fans, card shops and the New York Yankees introduce the new card format in New York City at MLB and official collectable shops like Sotheby's Auctions and The Franklin Mint value predicting team value the new proposed collectable baseball card format fans are now demanding at card shops in New York City.

Old card value is about 10 cards for 1 Cent.


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DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Official Trailer (2023)


5 Times Batman Has Used A Gun

Dark Nights: Death Metal | Music Video Trailer

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Dark Nights: Death Metal - Full Soundtrack | DC

DC Death Metal - Full Story | Comicstorian

Top 10 Strongest Villains in The Marvel Universe!

Death Metal "Evil Batmen Rule The World..." - Complete Story | Comicstorian

Toy story 2 Woodys roundup merchandise

Toy Story (1995) - Woody & Buzz Use Sids Rocket To Fly

Lightyear | Official Trailer 2

Gargamel: Best Moments Compilation

HEADS FOR THE DEAD - The Breaking Wheel (Death Metal) Transcending Obsc...

Embryonic Devourment - High Clearance Code Access (Official Video)



Royals vs. Yankees Highlights (7/29/22) | MLB Highlights

Friday, July 29, 2022

INTERNET: RE: Smartphone Open New Window & Switch Tabs

When you watch a video on Youtube like a music album stream, scroll to the TOP of the page...then "new tab" button appears.

Press new tab, then select to open a new tab...this creates a list of open tabs on the tab button for the open web browser windows.

Music stops on the Youtube page when you switch to a new tab so I couldn't listen to music on youtube and then search on the internet on the other tab at the same time.

Use the "new tab" button to switch between browser windows.


BMX Street: FULL COMPETITION | X Games 2022

Extreme 80s TV Commercial Nostalgia 🔥📼 Retro TV Commercials VOL 482

Royals vs. Yankees Game Highlights (7/28/22) | MLB Highlights

DE PROFUNDIS (UK) - Embrace Dystopia (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity




RETADOR - Furia [2022]


ABADDON INCARNATE (Ireland) - Gateways (Death Metal/Grindcore) Transcend...


Monday, July 25, 2022

RE: Slam Distribution

Bands are asking how to get on slam metal, you'll need to get on a label that's slam distribution...then the digital record store blog page might see it.

The blogs what their listening to at record store counter at the death metal page, mine, like outback in the stock room and stuff blogging and sharing videos on the internet.


UPDATE: I'm Digital Record Store Blog Now

Now I'm "Digital Record Store Blog" on the internet like iTunes the digital record store only I'm like "iTunes Digital Record Store Blog" except I own it on Death Metal.

I'm promoting at , then go to the blogs and those are "Digital Record Store Blogs" and you can watch new metal videos like at the Mall at the record store and then read this blog instead of talking to me at the counter.

Then I have stuff for sale on it in my shopping cart and I'm selling Dungeons & Dragons D20 System and it's made for watching and shopping on the smart phone, just flip through the videos until you buy something from me. 



RE: Dungeons & Dragons New Movie

Their movie is about a team of Thieves, in my D20 beta game Dragon Adventures but it's an all girl archer team.


Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)

MLB: Wild Card Update

Alert: Boston 17.5 Games back of New York and still in Wild Card race.

New York Yankees are in first place and won the World Series every time they met these regular season stats, this puts Boston 17.5 games back of first in the AL East with the new rules that is only 3.5 games out of the Wild Card playoff spot.

So there's big gaps in the standings but with the new rules lower teams are still in the World Series race now we have a race at the top of the standing between New York both teams, LA Dodgers and Houston Astros and another race at the bottom around 20 games back for the last play off spot in the new format.

Yankees / Mets this week! Both in first place!


Yankees vs. Orioles Game Highlights (7/24/22) | MLB Highlights

Blue Jays go off for 28 runs in ONE game vs. Red Sox!!!


The Future: When Animals Live Inside With Us

As we head into the recent future new virus alerts have been issued, you'll just have to get over it.

When I was young it's chicken pox now it's monkey pox, I mean in the future all animals are going to have to live with us inside the house anyway.

So you'll just have to get used to them itching and scratching, I mean we have stoves and all the animals want to come live inside so you'll all just have to get used to it as our future civilization blends in with the animals to take them inside with us.

Our New In Door Companions


California (The O.C)

Sunday, July 24, 2022


MUSIC: All This Happened

 I found out what has been going on, people bought old names and sometimes they just restart an old promotion.

Other people were doing that and bootlegging posing as the original label trying to run a scam and when we showed up and restarted the name normal from working there the whole time a bunch of people took off.

Then they were writing other music pages and running scams on the internet with the instead of  a regular restart with a new company on an old name.


RE: Launch

See, here is all the nusance just went down now Sang Frais zine started charging to see free content from the old page asking for donations.

That is because my page is a larger section and it links down to them....someone has the pdf magazines posted which were free and now they started charging.

So when you promote your band in Montreal you don't know if that is the same page or someone else restarted it and started charging for old free magazines from their old page.



Funerarium - Noces Chimiques | | Catalog # MYS 002

The Eternal Blade - Ecarlate | Catalog# MYS 001

RE: Great White North Records, De Mysteriis Records, CD Plus, Mayhem


Here is the link to the official Great White Records Promotional page....these are the releases that were heading to CD Plus / Urban Sound Exchange in Canada and The End Records / BMG Rights Management if  it was today, before it was Sony RED and Caroline Records Distribution and them.

What I mean about the release schedule is that Mayhem was release at CD Plus first in like 1998, that's when Great White North Records opened in Montreal which was a huge promotion outside of that label at the other labels, stores and distributors.

Then by 2006 my album was out "Collapse - Destroying By Design" and Great White North Records was releasing albums on "De Mysteriis Records" while Mayhem was in the import section of the heavy metal section and were like $35 a CD back then.

When our record came out it was supposed to be sold back at CD Plus with Mayhem in the import section as a Canadian release and US Release on separate distributors. 

Then Great White Records opened a  Black Metal label and only released two albums on "De Mysteriis Records" to sign Mayhem and them for Canadian album release in the local metal section with my album at CD Plus / Urban Sound Exchange.

So they wanted the $16.99 sale at the CD Plus / Urban Sound Exchange for the Canadian release of the Mayhem and Norway Black Metal Albums, then the label was named after Mayhem.

I'm not sure if big black metal bands wanted to be on that, a label named after Mayhem, but it was larger distribution than them in the import section for new bands.

Anyway, "De Mysteriis Records" was an attempt to sign Black Metal bands for release at CD Plus and Urban Sound Exchange off carrying the Official Norway Bands in the import metal section.

Great White North Records releases at the store were only going to be $16.99 compared to import black metal cd's at $35 each.

So I decided to buy the name back and make it official and restart the Montreal promotion we were doing at CD Plus at the time, that was the Black Metal scene and that at the Raves up in Montreal where we were playing at.

"De Mysteriis Records" for the magazine in Montreal was supposed to be for the cosplay dress up people at the raves and black metal shows in Montreal then they were getting Mayhem and them playing.

Then that black metal promotion was big at CD Plus / Urban Sound Exchange and advertised in all the LGBT magazines in Montreal and France.

Most of the metal magazines were in French.

That's CD Plus / Urban Sound Exchange rave scene in Montreal, like at the old big HMV in Montreal, that releases techno and dance music as well as Black Metal for dress up raves and stuff or whatever where we were working and playing at.

So I restarted the names and am continuing with that to go with my Urban Sound Exchange / A & A Records Digital Pages because they are part of the inventory list for the restart and that's what I carry at my record store concert promotion when it's open.

So today the same as before....

If I opened a retail store and carried Black Metal Mayhem might be an import cd or lp at label on "De Mysteriis Records" would be locally carried for $16.99 as a new release because it is the same store but there are no bands on the local distribution label yet in Canada like "De Mysteriis Records".

Also visit my new promotion page for the Montreal page etc. at which I am promoting at Great White North Records in Montreal. 

Eidt, people asked me about this...all kinds of people are back working there at the outside promotions that distributed the rave and metal stuff back in 2000, they said they lost access to materials like poster prints and stuff etc...that is all back and what were are working on, the it's the same store like CD Plus Online.

(Hahahahaha everyone said that CD Plus is now.)

Then the concerts and raves for the shows are in downtown Montreal for their promotions off my old one from CD Plus.



Saturday, July 23, 2022

The best - Kathryn Janeway

Remo Williams Trailer

Disorder In The Court The Three Stooges Color HD Remastered Public...

Shattered Spirits (1986) | Full Movie | Martin Sheen | Melinda Dillon | ...

Intruder | Official Trailer | Sam Raimi | Danny Hicks | David Byrnes | R...

West Wing: Who is Nancy on the West Wing?

Renée Estevez

Best Monkey Moments | BBC Earth



LIVE BURIAL (UK) - Blood and Copper (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity



ERNIA (Spain) - How To Deal With Life And Fail FULL ALBUM STREAM (Grindc...

Friday, July 22, 2022

MUSIC: Sick Drummer Magazine Page Down After Restarting Franck Camus Promotion

HAHAHAHA, see....I put the url up on the official page and they all took off and sick drummer magazine went offline.

See, as soon as you say anything they close and take off...hahahahahahaha...that's because I'm official links and what they aren't?

hahahahaha, if was Franck Camus man I'd be mad right now.


WORLD: Bit Coins As Real Currency

Some countries are making Bitcoins real currency to buy and sell on the internet and you can trade them for cash at the bank machine.

Right away public opinion on bitcoins is that this process it too tedious and requires extra steps to use than just using a regular bank account and credit card system.

The new "digital currency" for use on the internet remains closed in an inside system, you have to trade for cash to shop outside.

That's too many steps for the public, remember other products like regular televisions and cable packages people will pay large monthly cable bills to use the service with one button...a television remote, a feature not available on the internet.

Even though many shows and programming comes in free on the internet you need computers etc. to watch and require daily computer setups to watch each show....turning on the machine, restart, internet signal connectivity etc.

Too many steps for most people so they just pay for cable televsion.

Bitcoins to be a real currency needs to have a currency exchange rate and inflation value to be real money, that you can save and invest and grow as interest in your bank account.

Then you collect bitcoins and watch the interest grow and then use them to buy real world goods without a second machine like cable vs. computer for watching television shows.

For bitcoin to be a real currency on the internet something has to prove it's value...

Things like web traffic.

Bitcoins are not valued in an interest rate as a real currency based on measurements like web traffic.

You don't earn bitcoins for having high web traffic.

So that is not a real currency, the web traffic on bitcoins themselves is it's "interest value" like pounds and ounces on gold and silver.

Weight on gold and silver determines it's price and interest value.

On the internet that measurement is items like web traffic, which are not figured into it's value.

I know this because you can't buy a bitcoin and post your coin account number like a "digital dollar" to influence the bitcoin interest rate like the dollar by adding your personal web traffic to their bitcoin interest value like gold and cash. 

If bitcoins were real currency then you could buy an account and post the number on your web page, then web traffic would "increase it's weight" for money trading by adding your interest values on your web traffic back to the bitcoin at the bank reserve or something.

The bank reserve would automatically add your interest collected on the digital dollar by adding viewer rate to make it a more higher value currency.

They don't have that so web traffic is not worth direct money, then if they did you could earn money on the internet directly by opening a bitcoin account for your page and then your web traffic would collect interest on the currency that would make the value of it larger in the real world and this measurement would allow it to be traded like gold, silver and dollars in real world purchases without a second device to buy and sell on it.


Court Case Update July 2022

Here is my court case upadate to go with the new scam information from my first two album launches.

Remember I already won the case, I don't have the money to go to court...this is the second time things have become easier for me to go to court because of government services getting fixed in Canada.

This is for my civil court lawsuit after winning the criminal case as a defendant.

That was when I was wrongfully arrested and I won, now I have to sue to get the settlement...after that would be criminal charges when the court hears the rest of my information if the people responsible wern't already arrested in the verbal and written complaints..

I'm saying that in 2006 a scam overturned the Sunday Shopping referendum in Halifax or something that is just the background setting ouside in my case.

Then the scam tried to get me to stay home from the big concert and then tampered with my office job that is my complaint.

That they followed me.

From work to the concert or both and then ruined the metal scene in a scam and then ruined my office in a scam, then robbed my house when I kept going.

Then when I caught them and turned them in they issued me fake police orders that never made it to court.

Later I won my case.

That's what I am suing about now that the scam did that to me at work and at the concert then when I won they came to my house and robbed it.

That is the current intro to my winning court case against the scam and home invaders, after that the testimony will be about who was there and knew about it and what else they were doing.

After they get all the people in the scam when I win my default settlement I am seizing their, business etc. record label stuff all that.

Then since they are defeated in court and they just need the responsible person list from the scam then the court will decide how much money I am getting for the settlement.

So as time went on the court case has become easier and is now reaching a more realistic price to proceed now that I have new court information about the scam I beat in court and am suing.

That is getting pretty easy to resolve now, but other people have to find the responsible parties...the case never expires because of the constitutional infraction in court against me by the scam.



Music Scam Scenario

Here is more information on the scam I mentioned below about the record label.

Like this, maybe that was the scam coming in or already there....remember in Halifax in the same year 2006 is when they overturned the referendum today I think that is the data breach.

Plus, they had this event at Great White North Records with them quitting at the big launch.

Like this....

Scam kid freaking out: "no, no, no.....we....we....we....gotta stop the band from playing!!!!!."

Yelling and flailing everywhere, "ahhhhhhh".

Scam kid to record label owner...."Don't go to the concert, the guy is playing anyway even though some girl got mad! Don't go, don't go.....we have all the money just stay home and get it from us'"

Says anything to get them to quit / recruits them into scam or was in it anyway.

Then the label owner listens to the kid and joins in on the scam, says "yeah I can't come to the big launch I quit."

That pleased the girls in the scam.

Then he quit...

Later scam to me...."What are you gonna do now the label closed, are you sharing all your band money now that you can't play".

Me..."fuckoff, I don't talk to scam kids complaining about me playing on a stage flailing around like a little prick."

The I released "Mechanisms Of Oppression" demo version on my own out of my pocket from my stock market job and it was it was the same album release event bigger and better without the label so I kept going.

Scam Kid: "He, he, he,....he put it out anyway!!!! Then he spent HIS money on HIMSELF."

The he robs my house.

Scam Kid: "what are you gonna do now, we robbed your house and now all your old band members hate it because you won't stay home so we can bleed you for money with some crazy story we made up."

Me: "Fuckoff scam kid, thanks for the court settlement're friends are off the official albums and I'm doing the full length album with a new lineup we're big stars now downtown at the local metal section in downtown Montreal."


Then I left to become an even bigger band without them


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Adult Entertainment

I was just reading about how to monetize my web traffic, which is like money on the internet...that's why the internet sucks for commerce...bitcoins are based on cash not web traffic.

So you can't earn bitcoins for web traffic even though it's worth a lot of money in advertising.

Web traffic does not mean sales, so you can't judge web traffic on commerce...but it is name recognition...which is not worth as much as web traffic cash value.

I mean a top domain name you can buy for $5000, that's guaranteed name recognition of some kind if you do that.

Then MAYBE you'll sell something on the page, my music page is on a clean server so I don't use any adult material that's extra money to run that on adult servers, but even though it's a big page you might not make much money.

Then I was reading how to make money on adult pages which has a high payout if you have adult web traffic, so I was thinking of ways to monetize that just researching.

I did my SAP business analysis to that and they didn't have my solution available on the internet.  

Since I am on the blogosphere with high web traffic when I looked at adult entertainment I couldn't use it on my format.

I mean the main pages on there are "tube" pages with links to full length videos and actresses webpages but when I apply my format to that I can't share the free tube video to regular blogs on the blogosphere because I am on clean pages and I don't think that pages like Twitter are very good for porn links because you can't take the page seriously or it doesn't work.

So blogging in adult entertainment is not the same as regular, and most places don't want adult content on the server.

That didn't really meet my model, sharing videos from adult tube pages to the regular blogosphere...there's no really good interaction point there.

On that one you really need to keep the adult content on the adult servers only and people have to come find it because there's no much linking on clean pages to adult servers.

Instead what you can do though is sign up for a free membership on the tube page where you can make your own profile and chat with other users and share your favorite adult videos on your own page on their site, then when you talk on the comments and message board you can meet people in the private chat room.

So even though they didn't meet my business model when I met the girl downtown I met on the page she had a different way to make money off it when I got there in person.


RE: Harley Davidson Motorcycle Ban

Everybody knows it's gonna happen, the Canadian Government doesn't release vehicles to be assaulted by the customers of the motorcycle company so they are getting banned.

Soon these gangs will not have access to Harley Davidson's in Canada when the company is banned for running off illegal gang activity, everyone knows it's coming it's just a matter of time.


Westport Hells Angels clubhouses raided by investigators

Hells Angels members converge in Toronto for rally

Large 'unsanctioned' Hells Angels procession arrived in Toronto


GOLGOTHA - My Burden [2022]



RE: Great White North Records & Slam Metal

 This is what I am talking about, when slam metal came out that was around "Devourment - Babykiller" that is the promoted Slam song on Great White North Records from other labels like Unmatched Brutality Records etc.

They were all working there back then when Slam came out, I mean the label owner back then quit at the album release for Sony RED.

I mean I went so he quit, like a girl made him stay home and quit the label because I went, when I went to play the release he quit the label because I didn't stay home or something like that for my ex girlfriend is what it looks like.

Like they stayed home from the big launch and everyone else went and made it big in metal then they got kicked out.

HAHAHAHAHA, on the Sony tour.

This is important that I just found this out because Slam is still going and so are the other labels, it was going out on my label GWN Records today from my court win back then to all the magazines, slam metal and them.

Then they quit for some girl to stay home and not be a touring label or do magazines, that's what I mean it's an official label for metal, then they just walk out on the release on all the other death metal labels and they never got to the magazine release.

Like they set up this huge label and just walked, here it was because of some girl or something...I mean I just found this out....other bands and labels might need to know that happened back then because they worked there too and stuff might have happened to them that was the same events so they need to know about it.

....just got some info to add, then....when they quit and stayed home they tried to keep going and sell the cd's and band stuff and bootleg...I don't know who specifically, but that's what the group of people did.

So after they quit, they tried to get the music press cancelled like for Devourment etc. on the third party label...then they tried selling it with no press or something and bootleg, then they were getting bulk cd's somewhere and making cd  copies and selling them as originals in the old location like 10 cds for $5 or something, below cost of manufacturing the albums.

Then they all got thrown out of music like 800 times


Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Paroxysm - Humanimality

Gossip Update

Here is a gossip update about what happened in the metal scene up here and in Monreal back in 2006 on the "official" pages. etc.

I just got the url for the old promotion the official label page and I already had the other ones, when I was setting the old links and urls back up from the old promotion when they were working on the magazine releases years back, anyway...I was able to get a bunch of the web traffic back on the name from the metal magazines now.

I mean after gwn closed I just kept my record and kept going under my name, I could have bought the old pages then and kept going, I just did that now.

Back then it was Montreal and Halifax, Montreal closed then Halifax closed and owed me money and I lost band merch, then they had at least two fights at my house...people from Montreal around the label.

Here is the unofficial gossip....

I found this when setting Great White North Records back up and now I have the official promotional page and I am going with that as well as my new one for slam bands etc.

On the release schedule back in 2006 we played in Montreal and that was causing some issues back home, then I kept playing....when I went to Montreal everyone back home was pressuring me not to keep playing...then everyone wanted to stay home then I quit and kept  going by myself and all the other people quit or got kicked out of music.

Then the label closed that Summer when it was run from Halifax, hahahahahah.

This is what I heard, so the people back home who didn't want to play music when I was going away tried to make me quit in 2006, then after the cd release they got the label gwn office in Montreal to quit with all the bands on it hahahahhahahahahaha.

Then they thought I was going to quit that's when I put the run to them, then they were all hanging off my ex girlfriend or something and quit so I left her and threw them out.

My point is the label closed, then all the bands and people came down to my house and trashed it....then started bumming me for money at home and trying to hang off my ex girl friend.

Then I left for like a year, then I was back with my ex then we broke up for good a year later when I moved....all the other guys stayed there when I used to live with all the bands that got dumped.

I mean, then they tried hanging off my old house and bumming me for money at the office because that was going to be paying for the tour and record label.

Then they all closed followed me home and started bumming my house and trashed it after the closure, then me and my ex broke up because no one wanted to play any more because they met her ahahahahahaha.

The they thought they were getting my money...

The story is right on the gwn release list, closed after the Collapse release shows because people wanted me to stay home and bum my money from the band and tour, so they tried closing the label...that didn't work, then I kept going and they trashed my house and they got kicked out now I own it and left and never came back.

I mean my point is....the other band people etc. tried to stop me from playing in Montreal, when I kept playing they got together with the label and band people at home and tried to come to my house and bum me and make me quit.


That's the six month period in 2006....the record came out in like January....everyone wanted me to quit when I didn't the label broke up then I left my girlfriend over it and kept going.

I was back together with her for a while and then they came down and trashed my house when I kept going and then I threw all of them out and moved away and never came back.

Hahahahahaha, it's even on the release list....MY HOUSE was all the money and band promotion and it was just me...then they did that all over my girlfriend and my job money ahahaha, and she never even went to one concert hahahaha.

That's how desperate they were for my ex girlfriend back then, all quitting and following me around from bands in Montreal trying to get my band stuff and money from my ex or something ahahahahaha.

Get jealous much losers, why don't you follow your motto and go "stay home sometime" and keep the fuck away from me.

Like, bands and label people following around my ex girlfriend bumming her for my money...once they saw me they all wanted to quit and stay home because of my office job, then they tried this you can't play if we all quit stunt and it wasn't what was happening, so I threw them out.

So they all quit or something and closed to stay home and bum my ex for money or something off my office job hahahahahaha.

Then my office job was like their old head office so I closed them when they didn't know who I was hahahahahahaha. 

Updated...I mean you might not get what I meant by that HAHAHA, but I mean in a scenario like your friends and girlfriend don't want you playing on Sony RED you're fucking gone anyway...then I mean I played the big album release...then the label owner HE DIDN'T GO, and quit the label for MY girlfriend or something.

Then I did and kept the label and name going etc. the friends that said the same he went to live with them or something and do a small label where they didn't have to tour or go outside HAHAHAHHA.

Then after I kept going and did a demo for Nuclear Blast and them back then after the label closed, the demo version of  "Mechanisms Of Oppression" and that never went out...then they robbed my house and flamed me in a pyramid scam from my office and at my house and I got the band, the label and they owe me a court settlement.

HAHAHAHAHA, stay home and get a girlfriend loser.






ERNIA (Spain) - A Mute Florist (Grindcore) Transcending Obscurity Records


2022 MLB All-Star Game Full Game Highlights (Giancarlo Stanton, Shohei O...

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Inner Thought - Worldly Separation

Red Sox vs. Yankees Game Highlights (7/17/22) | MLB Highlights

Juan Soto wins the Home Run Derby after a walk-off against Julio Rodrígu...

MUSIC: More Ads

More Collapse ads from Great White North Records.


You can see on the poster it says "Maritimes" that was my part with my SAP Office Job at the time doing distribution etc., and working on the metal section at the Mall at Cd Plus / Urban Sound Exchange.




Great White North Records Old Oblivion Ad

I'm back running my old Great White North Records promotion and updating the material on the Official Great White North Records page: 

So I decided to just go forward with that since the old distributor was Sonic Unyon in Canada and Sony RED and them other places and keep going from Montreal at the old one.

I'm doing this as a new thing in addition to the page etc.

This is not in the bio material but in the printed text it says formed by so and so, then it closed in July 2006...that was a scam.

The old founder name left earlier that year and it was being run from Halifax and Montreal after that, I claimed all that in my court I have the official page for Montreal.

So I'm just continuing with that with new bands on it and the old line up is dropped and I own the catalog in court but it is still unresolved.

I'm just picking it up then and going forward with new bands, then the press should say other people ran it for six months and that was me and the other people quit and I kept going now I have restarted it in 2022 and is based in Montreal in the same location (downtown area) and is also the Quebec Death Metal page .

Other links are and . 


Sunday, July 17, 2022

New Links Page

New links page 

That's the old official Great White North Records page, that's the url printed on all the Great White North Records releases on CD etc. like on the original version of Collapse - Destroying By Design .


HALIFAX: Adult XXX "My Hijab, My Choice" Controversy

The "My Hijab, My Choice" billboards in Halifax now have XXX Hijab Videos out on the internet.

So in the clip the girls choice was the to do adult xxx videos in her hijab, then posting their phone # 555-555-5555 like that on personal sex pages and meeting clients through internet text on the web url.

The porn page was hijab xxx and then the personals ad with the video had the text number then she was recieving texts and going to clients houses from the front url of the webpage.







DE PROFUNDIS (UK) - Desecrating Innocence (Death Metal) Transcending Obs...




VOMIT FORTH - Seething Malevolence (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Friday, July 15, 2022

Traci Lords Book

Hopefully this time no one will know who I am not like at my university graduation when all those people showed up.





PURE TABOO | DOCTOR'S ORDERS | Short Film | Elena Koshka & Donnie Rock |...

Jake "The Snake" Roberts (DDT compilation. 1986 - 1997)

Pegas Productions - Flying Logo

HALIFAX: Canoe '22 At Lake Banook

Team Canada is at Lake Banook in my neighborhood August 3, they just build a new "grand stand" area this big huge concrete structure for the event...they have plaques up for Canoe '97 down there, now it's Canoe '22.


I'm assuming the new structures they made are for the Team Canada broadcast for CBC something, that lake is always packed during events I always see tons of people down there, sometimes I know them.


Canoe 22 - Katie Vincent

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Metal Update Summer 2022

Most musicians from 1980's pop music have all now passed away the same in Heavy Metal music, mostly the only people playing there are most of the fans at the same for example it's just guitar company people playing with other staff, with no fans on most of it.

Most metal from the 2000's is all gone now, then there is no one promoting there.

What I mean is before when I was there there was a whole industry of people there, that industry is closed and all staff retired or passed original Rolling Stone, for example my new page is , all those people are gone as far as I know.

Like that specific industry has closed and no one replaced those jobs so there is no work there, like the people who used to do catalog lists at the record store...the stores closed and all those jobs are gone.

I switched over to underground metal, that on Slam Metal / Deathcore / Death Metal, , , then I'm doing a release list on for an album release list etc., and the old record store pages I am doing blogs on them.

That's what I went forward with because of this outage.

I predict that cateory with the new bands on it will be bigger later after a few release cycles like nine years or something, then they'll be new bigger bands on there with better promotion.

That's where I will be at with my band

Most other places have no venues now or original promotion from years ago and most artists of that time period have passed away.


RE: Halifax Hobo Dream Factory

I don't know who makes this stuff up and tells these people this stuff, now the hobos are looking for this place they saw in a magazine, then they're hanging around out on the street looking for some magazine ad to take them to some magical vacation resort or something, like they saw in some magazine now they're just sitting there waiting for someone to take them in hahahahahahahahha.

I mean someone must be making up these dreams for them in a factory downtown is what it sounds like, I mean the amount of activities hobos have to make all these stories go around town.


Reds vs. Yankees Game Highlights (7/12/22) | MLB Highlights


HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International) - The Bloodline (Death Metal) Transce...

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

RE: New Colorized Titanic Footage / Halifax Titanic Cemetery

I also recently saw in a video from the archives rescue ships that were sent from Halifax to the shipwreck, many of those people are buried in Halifax from the Titanic, you can also visit the Sea Museum on the Halifax Waterfront for more stuff about the Titanic I assume.

The Titanic Cemetery is on the Airport Route on my map below behind Halifax Shopping Center on the way to Bayers Lake.

Hopefully when they dig the Titanic up it will be put in a museum in Halifax when they recover the artifacts from under the ship, like things that fell out of the boat the landed on the sea floor, probably everything, from when the home made rivets popped and the ship broke in half.

Some of those artifacts can probably go back to England, considering the size of the boat.


Titanic and Olympic Original footage in Black & White and Colourized







Monday, July 11, 2022

HALIFAX: New Downtown & Express Routes Plan

Downtown Halifax sucks, thankfully the City is expanding and doing a lot of new renovations with new huge buildings in several key areas including better more open space Casino access and new Hospital Parking Garages.

In the Hospital area new City intersections are going in around the VG Hospital and a new Parking Garage near Quinpool Road effectively open the new four city block expanded Hospital area...if they update the Hospitals with new buildings...I purpose building all new Hospital buildings FIRST in the new four block area, then LATER removing the old VG and other Hospitals in the area after the new ones open.

Then those areas will be demolished for new Hospital space in the old VG and IWK Hospitals lots once they are torn down.

I made this map of a new purposed City road map that will match downtown Halifax traffic flow with Aiport Traffic flow coming in on the MacKay Bridge to Halifax Shopping Center...this road will need to be expanded into new four lane highway access for traffic in the new Hospital and Halifax Shopping Center areas.

The same at the in town route at the McDonald bridge, this will be expanded into new four lane Hospital & Halifax Shopping Center Access and will probably remove The Scotia Square for a new expanded Casino and Traffic area near the Halifax Waterfront.

This closes downtown Halifax into two areas, beneath the Hospital area are the historical landmarks and government buildings, this will be then expanded into new waterfront and park areas.

On the other side the foundations for new intersections and corner buildings have already closed old downtown and redirected traffic in the map I made of the new purposed route.

This demolished the North End which will be a new four lane road from the McDonald Bridge to the Halifax Commons and then up Quinpool Road to Halifax Shopping Center probably reducing traffic congestion by at least 1000% making the trip form the Mcdonald Bridge to Halifax Shopping Center about two minutes by car after the North End is removed.

New proper bike lanes separate from car traffic and matching sidewalks will have to be implemented on the new access roads.

This will also drastically reduce bus wait times in the new downtown center.

This diverts the new downtown area into the Halifax Shopping Center Area which will also have to connect to Bayers Lake Shopping area so also expect new four lane access roads in the Fairview area as they connect the new downtown to Bayers Lake.

This is not a coincidence as the City is expanding into the Peggy's Cove Peninsula which is about the same size as the Halifax Peninsula but is just expect Peggy's Cover to be inside Halifax as that is a city expansion area and hold the same size as another Halifax city block area.

Also affordable housing is needed for everyone in all areas plus new rebate cheques to lower monthly costs at some point.

Halifax Metro has also now been connected to Windsor and Truro areas so expect new Halifax Transit bus routes in those areas.


Sunday, July 10, 2022

HALIFAX: Campground Outraged As Only Offered Plant Based Food, Local Bums Grope Girls Dating Downtown

What a weekend here in Halifax, I even went out to eat twice.

Outrage at Shubie Campground as the canteen only served plant based food, then they tried to teach the children at the campground that they were hurting the park animals by eating meat and tried to force them to eat plant food.

I'm assuming they are getting arrested for that, anyway...then after I saw all that at the campground I had to get the local Transit Bus to the Mic Mac Mall on the other side of the park to get a real hamburger, so I had to go to the food court beside the campground and eat at the A & W, what a fucking outrage at the park / campground over that.

Like barbecue pits set up and then the canteen only sells plant food hahahahahahaa, go fuck off.

Then downtown on the waterfront I like going there because of the cruise ships, so there are like all bums down there and I was near these girls and joked with them about going out with me together in front of the bum and he jumped out in front of his girlfriend and tried groping them and thought he was going out with them in front of his girlfriend and he got dumped bad hahahahaha, then he tried groping these girls.

So downtown all the bums all jumped out when we were pretending I was going out with them in a group two at a time and the fucking bum jumped out and tried to go out with them covered in garbage and puke and then tried to grope then, then fucking police were there and were even picking one of them up ahhahahaha, like from down at the soup kitchen I mean ahhahahahahahha.

Edit: I think "hamburgers" was even painted on the sign for the menu, then they're like "oh just one minute while we prepare your experience", then they go "we only serve plant food." puke! 

Update: Now the girls who got groped at, what happened is earlier they walked past the bums and ignored them...later I was there slacking off, pretending to go out with both of them and when they started laughing and going on, like when they see a boy or something, then the bum got mad and tried to grab them and cut them on the wrist or something!

Like because he got mad because they didn't pick him earlier when they were watching the crowd, then he got jealous about my carefree interaction with women and tried to grope and cut her on the wrist or something in retaliation and then might have got grabbed by the Vice Police!


Saturday, July 9, 2022

RE: Android Smartphone New Tab Browser Button

Yeah I know, you set your smartphone down and then later someone picks it up and presses "new tab" and it's a list of porn tabs with all "shemale xxx" on them, yeah thanks for that, for your friends and girlfriend to find.

On Galaxy / Android open Galaxy browser, you have to scroll to the top of the webpage to see "refresh" to reload the browser at the top right of the address bar, if the location vanishes when you use the internet you have to scroll back to the top of the page to load the address bar / refresh button menu.

On the bottom of the window you have "home", "favorites button", and "tab button".

The tab button opens a new browser window like in Firefox, but it's listed as a it says for example "4" on it....that means four new tabs open.

Click on the button and the tab list appears, then you can switch between webpages on the tab menu. have to close these manually!

Closing the web browser saves the tab data, so when you reopen the tab list the pages are still there.

Closing all apps to desktop on the main phone functions does not close the web browser and the tabs

So that button switches you to "desktop menu".

Then when you click "browser" all your tabs are still open.

Remember to CLOSE all extra browser tabs, then close browser window or use "minimize all / show desktop button."




Friday, July 8, 2022

RE: Issues With Smart Phones & New Artificial Intelligence (AI) Broadcast Services

On your Galaxy or Smartphone, yeah I know double triple click on everything...people hate that on the navigation menu. 

Like on Youtube the Artificial Intelligence Advertising menu can play you an ad with a guitar part in it because the program reads you are playing acdc, then it loads an acdc guitar sounding ad.

So it can do that much, I mean using the visual image match to match the song you are listening to with ads with the same image of the wav file it it.

 Like on through the copyright check screen image match software.

Then it just reads off the picture of the wav file that it's an acdc copyright print, then the AI program reads the list of advertisements and checks which ones have acdc in them, then it plays an ad back to you with acdc in them.

So that much works on it.

Then on the phone the video is at the top of the screen, then the AI gives you a list of songs underneath that which you can scroll down with an AI Generated music playlist.

Yeah, but that didn't work because the songs on the AI generated playlist weren't as good as the one I was listening to so I never clicked on them.

Instead I had to manually type in a new search parameter to try and get a new song list.



Organectomy - Coerced Through Submersion (Official Video)


UNBOUNDED TERROR - Organic Waste (Official Video-Clip) [2022]


LIVE BURIAL (UK) - Exhumation and Execution (Death Metal) Transcending O...

Yankees vs. Red Sox Game Highlights (7/7/22) | MLB Highlights

RE: Yankees To Big For Fenway Demolish Green Wall

The Yankees played the Red Sox this week, they destroyed the green monster and now it's just a green wall, they ruined the wall and hit a grand slam right into the new Fenway Park across the street and the the wall almost blew up!

Yankees win!


Wednesday, July 6, 2022

RE: Halifax Bikeway Saftey Hazard

I saw a bad car accident today on the new Halifax bikeway, if you follow my blog I posted before about only cost twice a one month $150 rebate from Community Services (Welfare Office).

Like it is super cheap, it was raining bad today and a car flipped over at the base of the McDonald bridge leaving the exit ramp area..the ambulance had already left when I was there.

It looked like it could have hit the bike way concrete divider...which is not up on grass and has no highway style saftey rail.

So it's just a little foot high piece of concrete they put along side the road, now it looks like cars are "tripping on it" because it is so short with no safety rail and cars driving can't see it.

Now this could be to blame for new car accidents in Halifax being caused by the bike way divider.

A terrible story, all of it.




ABADDON INCARNATE (Ireland) - Parasite (Grindcore/Death Metal) Transcend...


Sunday, July 3, 2022

RE: Welfare Worker Hobo Update

So the bum got told off down at the welfare office, you know all those men living downtown in front of all the office buildings, some of them used to work inside them, the worker she wouldn't give the hobo his cheque becasue he didn't have a grade primary hahahahaha.

Now they are holding the hobos cheques because they have to send them to school to get a grade primary so they know how to cash it and use the money hahahahaha.

The point is they all have to get their grade primary now the hobos.


Six Days in July -- Coverage of the 1967 Detroit riots




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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Los Angeles Riots

RE: Perverts From Old Court Cases Hanging Around Public Webpages

Don't you get sick of this, from these court cases years ago you get all these groups of perverts sitting there in an isolated group years later and they won't leave the classifieds sections and the buy and sell pages, then when you go down to buy something it's some pervert from an old court case you knew about years back.

Then no one makes regular venues, so people like me have to buy new items like lawn mowers and then you meet regular cashiers.


Friday, July 1, 2022

National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) Official Trailer - Chevy Chase Comedy...

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers (1988) - The Happy Camper Song Scene (...


Canada Day - July Fourth Weekend Activities

Yeah here in Halifax that's like one holiday now, it's so busy they closed flights from New York City this Summer they said a while back.

I'm just out at the campground visiting old water park sites and stuff, I mean the park might be gone but sometimes you can still use the campground.

Then some people lived around there from before they made any of that and know the woods area that the water park used to be at, then they just go out in the woods from the campground.

I live in a huge tourist area anyway so sometimes I just go hang out at the campground and do the activities and stuff they have, then I live right by it.

So it's fun to do that because I can meet my friends up at the camp site when they are traveling, then we can have campground activities to do barbecue and stuff up at the campground concessions.

Like I said to my new friends I met at the campground this summer, people are like "that's stupid" camping and didn't know what they did at the lake hahahaha...

I mean, the old man had all this camping stuff like archery sets, horse shoes game, lawn darts canoes and from when his old man used to take him and now he likes to take his family out hahahahahahaha, the other kid didn't know what it was...the old mans camp set from his grandfather he takes up to the lake hahahahahahha.