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Monday, December 28, 2020

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends - Classic Cartoon Review 1980s

Spider-Man, Firestar & Iceman: The Story of Spider-Man And His Amazing F...

Spider-Man 3: MJ Is Actually Firestar

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS: "Dragon Dice" and Game Books

Dungeons and Dragons now allows you to use their dice gaming system to make your own Dungeons and Dragons Game like the "Pathfinder" game which is based on the Dungeons and Dragons System.

Dungeons and Dragons also now allows you to write their modules yourself and sell them on their page for a share of the revenue of you sell for your game books.

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Not only that Dungeons & Dragons dice is becoming publicly available without their dice gaming system because they don't own the shape of the dice.

Like I could sell my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules on their page and then post my guides at my page www.advanceddungeonsanddragons.com , and then use the dice for anything I want because if they tried to say anything about the fan tribute page I would sue them over the dice shapes and they would lose Wizards in my lawsuit when I sued them.

Fortunately, all that legal stuff has already been covered by Wizards and the law anyway so that would never happen, just for you nubes out there.

 'nuff said.




My 80's Saturday Morning - Spiderman & His Amazing Friends

Retro RPG review 10: Part 1 - Basic D&D

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Sorry guys....

It's been busy on here over the Holidays, just catching up to Christmas now and playing Real Car Racing 2 on Windows PC Xbox live.

Some chump over at the Dungeons & Dragons game who made all the character guides on Youtube from some comic book or game store or something got kicked off the page and lost all his channels, now there's this big controversy about it on the internet.

Like this took place over the last ten years or something and I'm just catching up now.

So I bought the guys old business name on the internet for my comic stuff:



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****Mary Jane Revealed As FIRESTAR in next Spider-Man Movie!!!!!*****





Like that.....

That's what we got.

We have three pages for our comic book stuff...

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends is a 1980's Cartoon Show where Spider-Man, Ice Man and Firestar we in University together in New York City.

Now Mary Jane Watson has been revealed as Firestar for the new Spider-Man Movie.



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Saturday, December 19, 2020

MOVIES: Trick Or Treat - The Origins Of Glenn Danzig

In the 1980's movie Trick Or Treat is the character Ragman based on Glenn Danzig?

Like, is that supposed to be Glenn Danzig in the movie?

This movie is also I would assume the bigger debut of Heavy Metal in the 1980's like 1985/ 1986 and it's one of the first, or maybe the first, mainstream appearances of Heavy Metal bands like Anthrax etc. who were featured in the film...like this is where you first got to see all the new Heavy Metal bands coming out like Anthrax in the 1980's.

Gene Simmons from Kiss is also in this movie....what that means for all you dorks out there is that he's probably the main producer of the movie and at the same time also produced Wendy Williams from the Plasmatics solo albums who was also featured in movies in the 1980's....members of Kiss also appeared on her records including Ace Frehley and members of Kiss in the 1980's after the break up of the original Kiss lineup.

So if you see Gene Simmons in the production he's probably the main guy doing it, then he did Wendy Williams and Trick Or Treat and helped to release Thrash Metal.

In the movie Ragman who goes to the High School of rock singer "Sammy Curr" writes him a letter from his old school addressed from  "ragman" after they cancel the High School concert, this is probably which they torn down my High School to to prevent these demonic possessions on the students from this music, then Curr dies right away in a fire, probably caused by Ragman, and comes back and possesses him through an unreleased 180 gram vinyl lp he got from Gene Simmons from Kiss.  

You decide....is Trick Or Treat the real origins of Glenn Danzig the real Ragman?


In my opinion this probably took place in New Jersey after the original Misfits broke up and he returned to High School to get his Grade 12 before becoming a solo artist. 

My opinion is also that they are all picking on him because he quit the Misfits a couple years earlier.

Trick Or Treat Full Movie:



Enforced - At The Walls - 2019 (FULL ALBUM)

Enforced FULL SET at United Blood 2019


CRYPTOSIS - Prospect Of Immortality (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Exodus live (Full Show) | Rockpalast | 2017

Diary Update December 12-2020

I'm not at the old farm or somewhere now, there's no secret old car lot out back down here...I keep saying I can't have people here now for holiday dinner and then go look at old cars and stuff...like girls trying to get up there with you.

I live somewhere else right now and I had to take care of all this court stuff for years after university, fifteen years out of university and I'm stuck living in some closed city during covid...like when I'm trying to start a record store or music magazine or something.

Does this ever take a long time, now I have to get all my government files fixed and stuff with lawyers and stuff and get all my student loan stuff corrected so I have all my proper tax information and stuff, then I have these student loans that are just sitting there that they have to resolve collecting interest and they have to go fix all that because my files are wrong.

This is what people warn you about with careers if you want to have one, everyone else is home for Christmas out skiing or something and I'm stuck here freezing my ass off.

Really though, it's not that cold. 

Now I'm getting my webpage stuff going with my music magazine thing for my web traffic and stuff for my future online store, like fifteen years later and I'm still doing schoolwork and the store's not even open yet.

Now I have this huge file audit happening.

I should be back at the ski lodge or something, this city is pathetic now man plus it's all rental scams.


Johnny Cash - [1985] Christmas TV Special [Complete]

Monday, December 7, 2020

Anvil - Full Show - Live at Wacken Open Air 2013

Anvil - Metal On Metal (Live)

John Altyn-Sleepaway

Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

John Altyn - Outta Control

Fastway - Stand Up


Iron Maiden - Bruce unboxes Nights Of The Dead

MOONSPELL - The Greater Good (Official Lyric Video) (Censored Version) ...

Six Feet Under - Nightmares of the Decomposed (FULL ALBUM)

BEHEMOTH - Thelema.6 20th Anniversary Lookback

VOIVOD - Overreaction (Lost Machine - Live / OFFICIAL VIDEO)

HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International) - Creatures Of The Monolith (Death ...

Armored Saint - Never You Fret (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Arch Enemy y Behemoth - The European Siege 2021 en España (Trailer)


That Night Your Wife Or Girlfriend Was Distant

Remember that time when you were married or in a serious relationship?

Then your wife was super distant that one night and wouldn't come to bed like on your special occasion...and then she was fighting with you.

Her loyalty was with someone else that night....that's what happened, your stuff was getting in her way of her secret loyalty, maybe later they came back and tried to clean you out in the divorce.

That's what happened that night years ago that you remember later broke up your relationship.


It Must Be Christmas, Now The Mayor's Getting Involved

This is what I keep trying to teach those heavy metal people, like from here from St.FX and stuff, to over there in England those death metal bands writing records about social issues and stuff...see, we're living it right here...now the mayor's involved.

In a case similar to mine which is currently at the courts for resolution because I won, a different tenant was illegally evicted by a building demolition while waiting for a tenancy board hearing.

That's what I mean...I was scheduled a fake hearing...if I had of listened to them instead of suing to immediately resolve the issue my apartment might have been illegally demolished.

Like while waiting for the hearing, instead I stopped the hearing...the other tenant went to the hearing after receiving fake eviction letters and they tore down the building before the hearing date.

Now the legal aid is speaking out and the Mayor Of Halifax is now getting involved because the other tenant lost all their possessions in the demolition during the wait period for the eviction appeal - where they were going to the hearing based on fake letters.

Then they tore the building down with the tenants stuff in it.



Sunday, December 6, 2020

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry (Live 1984) (FULL CONCERT)

HALIFAX: Stop Saying Hobos And Landlords

Why does this city make you get out of bed for this, stop saying landlords...like could you tie up the entire court system here with a more trivial issue or what.

Drug dealers coming in to Halifax running illegal businesses like fake cannabis shops and stuff then using that to offer landlords more money for apartments, then they are evicting the other tenants, and they are all in court all the time taking up half of the workload of the legal aid in Halifax.

Then they all get in the building right, like on street corners and then they trash is after they got in by offering more rent money...right in a school zone and they got them full of hobos and garbage.

Will you people stop saying hobos and landlords, then the rest of us have to work around all this somehow and try to get into normal housing with all that fucking garbage going on...nobody cares about the landlord, fuck you.


Friday, December 4, 2020

HALIFAX: Expect Low Government Connectivity

I can't even believe this man, like if  you live out in the county you're going to pass out because they don't have this there because the areas are too small.

You go to the medical clinic and they don't know what the other medical clinics have....like only some can process medical cannabis applications...but they don't know which ones.

Then when you look around there are so many that they might be fake, like the point is the government wants you to do all that by yourself...like run your own office at home to process your medical records and stuff...ok what do you do then?

Like that right, then like you're at work you have to run around trying to find the claim form at home then go out and find an office that will fill out the form then when you get that done you might need to file it with a lawyer.

If I'm doing all that work they can't be doing anything at all, like shouldn't that be your job getting all those applications and stuff for me when I ask.

No they don't have that they said, the government.

Now they expect you to do all that yourself.


Thursday, December 3, 2020

HALIFAX: I Don't Know What I'm Doing Now Then

They said that if you live in the Halifax area it's probably best to keep living here, I mean will you shut up or what...everybody knows half the Province lives here, plus it's fucking Christmas.

Like where are they gonna go? 

It' s half the Province in one area here...where are they going to go...Toronto?

That place is totally locked down again, I'm not staying around some garbage dump full of hobos on Main Street...I want the most for my money.

Anyway, I'm staying on the Halifax bus route but I'm not sure where I'm going to be at because it's hard to move here they are saying so you have to wait a while...like why would you stay in a dump on Main Street that it turned into here in one second when you could be somewhere else in the Metro for cheaper with more space and washer and dryer room.

Like you're paying for nothing with a bunch of bums everywhere, then when you go downtown you have to represent your own files to maintain them yourself with your own lawyer because the government isn't doing all that or doesn't have it and they are losing your medical information for you benefits cheques.

Fuck you then.

If they don't have that man, they got nothing.....that's like the bare basics for a Provincial Government and Nova Scotia doesn't have it...see no government.

Now you have to represent yourselves with lawyers and stuff for your files and benefits, do you know how much work it is the government wants the people to do here themselves man...not even realistic....what are they totally incompetent down there now or what?



Tuesday, December 1, 2020

HALIFAX: Garbage Dumps Appearing On City Block Corners

Yeah like up here in my neighborhood by the Junior High School, people here are renting out duplex's and city apartments on street corners and then dumping garbage on them...bums are even then taking the garbage in the buildings an ruining them.

Right in front you when it was clean ten minutes ago, dumping shit and garbage all over the street corners and then trying to use them for drug dealing in a school zone.

Yeah, then the bums thought the city was going to keep it like that....after they dumped garbage right in front of them...plus that's people they gave housing subsidies to and then they are using them for dumping garbage on the street corners so they can deal drugs in them.

Then the community services was operating with no medical records from the Hospital and didn't verify doctors letters with the patients...then they cut their benefits and didn't give them housing subsidies.

Now other people like me have to go out and use my University Degree to fix my own files and process my own government medical records and benefits claims...ok I'll just go open an office then and start processing the forms through the civil court myself then.


UPDATE: Christmas Season

Some of my pages might be down over Christmas and I probably won't be on the internet much until January.

Follow: www.banzairecords.com/blog


Monday, November 30, 2020

What Am I Mad About?

Like this on the disability claim form for your benefits cheques...

Canada Federal Government Tax Fund

Form 1A Disability Application For Benefits Cheque

1A. Disability Tax Form


You go to the Community Services office in Halifax and they said they didn't have it....form 1A for your disability claim of the Provincial and Federal tax budget.

Then when you ask for the money from the Federal Form they told you to get  lawyer.

Good enough then. 

Like that's what I mean....why do I have to get a lawyer and file tons claims and medical record forms to correct my files that's going to cost me a bunch of time and money.

Then all do is check a box on the computer screen to fix the files and they said they won't do it, then I would have to go spend all this time and stuff getting my files from the courts with my lawyer to take back to your office all done in advance...

When you don't do any work at all, just to get you click the check box.

That's because you fucking lost your case.


Halifax Apartments

So they say they have low vacancy, then they want all this money for apartments here right then if you're on a disability cheque they don't tell you what extra benefits they can offer you if you need assistance....

Right, then they go just rent that one and pay that much.

Then later they go, you're not approved for painkillers...then you go....yeah it's on the illness sheet from the Hospital and they didn't have it.

Then they didn't offer you any extra services like housing subsidies and stuff....so like if you didn't know they just let you pay more money.

Now later you go and say you were paying too much money, then they go...yah get a lawyer because we can't fix that.


Oh yeah, so if you can't fix it why'd you deny services?


Then you go on kijiji and look for apartments and you go under $500.

You can get a 2 bedroom with everything included...then they go "no smoking" , yeah fuck you.

Then they other one is bachelor apartment that you have to share with an Indian. 


HALIFAX: Rent Subsities Unfairly Distributed

Like this...they have the medical files wrong on cases at the disability office now they are saying they have no means to correct the file and you have to take responsibility for your own medical files and to get them added to your community services worker through a lawyer.

They are saying that the community services own their own has no means to correct your medical files from the hospital.

If you go to the Hospital and get a diagnosis they mean that they might have the diagnosis on your file at community services, however they might not have your symptoms list for your medical illness.

So they were issuing doctors notes for over the counter prescriptions and benefits etc. from the doctor to the community services with no medical records at their office about your file.

Then when you called to get something, they said no because the doctor who wrote the medical note with the case worker didn't use your medical file from the Hospital diagnosis.

Then you were denied your claim by the doctor / case worker because they didn't have your diagnosis sheet from the Hospital to verify your illness, then they may have cut your benefits without  using the Hospital records.

After that, they said you needed to get a lawyer to have your files corrected at the community services office because the worker can't contact the Hospital to fix them themselves...

Important...HOWEVER, they CUT benefits with the same process by cutting your cheque without the Hospital now they are saying that you need a lawyer for them to fix it.

So they are saying they can cut your cheque benefits with the doctor / case worker behind the back of the Hospital diagnosis but if you tell them they said they can't put it back without your lawyer doing it so that is all illegal and they are being sued.

After this, they allowed landlords to raise rent of up to %14 per year they are claiming with no Hospital verification for your rental payment and no medical information on file leading to rent over charges.

At the same time, when this medical information was missing from community services, they issued new government housing and rent subsidies and left people off the list because they were missing the medical information from your Hospital files at community services.

After that the people who went into rent subsidy dumped garbage all over the neighborhood like in my neighborhood at the Junior High School and with bums downtown and they ruined the area by dumping trash all over the neighborhood and are dumping outside garbage into apartment buildings dumpsters and bums inside the units are taking the garbage into their apartments and going through the garbage and living in bugs and filth thus ruining the apartments around here which apparently are all full of garbage and bugs.

Then while the regular people needed the money their medical files were cut off, benefits cancelled with no notice and with no medical files from the wrong doctors and caseworkers etc. like how they ran their office behind the Hospitals back and ruined the patients cheque benefits while they allowed bums and squadders to move into all the cheap apartments and then they ruined them all with filth and garbage on the regular people.

That's what's going on here in Halifax.


HALIFAX: How Bad Is It Out?

This is Christmas during covid, how bad is it here in Halifax...well like this, the welfare / disability office is issuing cheques without medical records, during a pandemic, meaning when you call to ask for something they don't have the file with your medical information and they refuse you benefits.

Like you have a medical condition and you call to get pain killers or something then they say no they don't cover it, then they didn't even have the files that said you were allowed to have them for the payment.

Then they want you to fix it using your own lawyer.

Not only that, if you're an Olympic Medalist don't expect them to come looking for you for some social event..they have too many athletes to be doing that, you didn't think they were taking you in to live with them did you?

Like at the Oympics....

Trust me they don't do that, I was at the Calgary '88 Olympic stuff and I know.


Friday, November 27, 2020

ANVIL Kiss Of Death - Strength Of Steel

Sleepaway camp 2 theme (Sleepaway)

Anvil - Straight Between the Eyes (Sleepaway Camp II)

John Altyn - Outta Control

HALIFAX: Update - Old Mattress On Path Path Behind Army Base Leads To Sex Doll Brother Rumors

Sex Doll Bothel At Lake Banook And Braemar Drive?

By: Jason Mackenzie - Internet Blogger And Death Metal Band 


Lake Banook, Halifax

Recent findings of a mattress behind a Halifax army base on a walking trail that was used by hobos has lead to a rumor of a Sex Doll Brothel being run at Lake Banook and Braemar by MMA Fighters.


Rumors include the Sex Doll Brothel was protected by a fake sheriff who was attempting to collect debts for the doll by using collection agency services, similar brothels have been popping up in Ontario.

In a story connected to the brothel claims of wrongful evictions and fake eviction summons hearings from the Nova Scotia Tenancy board who is also responsible for rental issues in the area, also used the same debt collection services.

In a related case The Nova Scotia Community Services has been caught issuing government cheques in Halifax without the cheque recipients Hospital Records, leading to rent overcharges and unpaid medical supplements for disability patients.

Upon reviewing the case the issue was sent to lawyers and the client told to get legal representation against the Community Services to force them to correct their files and use the proper medical records of clients files.

The case is still under review.

At the time the Community Services Office issued the cheques without Hospital records the same Tenancy Board allowed landlords to increase rent up to 14% per year here in Halifax with no Hospital supervision by Community Services which lead to evictions and fake summons being issued by the Tenancy Board.

Debt Collection for the land lords through the Tenancy Board was done by the same similar collection agency services who also collect debts for the sex doll brothel issued the fake summons during the outage at Community Services and now some clients may be owed back rent and back benefits payments which were cancelled while they ran the Halifax Office with no Hospital medical records.

One customer of the Sex Doll Brothel may have been quoted as saying "I'm almost homeless and live downtown, growing up I couldn't get laid so we all took turns using the sex doll brothel from downtown Halifax and Main Street Dartmouth."


Male Bodybuilder Marries Sexdoll:



Warning Adult Link: Men With Sex Dolls On Webcams

Is the Halifax Sex Doll Brothel On Camster?


Friday, November 20, 2020

New York Christmas 1976 - Super 8mm

Venom - Fuck Off And Die

HALIFAX: Why Everything Is Stupid Here

Like with the scams and everything the government here passes everything has to be stupid and all the awards and grants have to been given to causes with no supporters like with the new art gallery design...everything has to be stupid.

That's the people that keep harassing me to death like in my court victory against the government listed below...then they do that and that's what happened to me and I sued them and they should be gone.

Every time, like with my stuff, they want it to be for a stupid cause or some Amway scam or business and it's always PETA and minorities...causes with no supporters.

Like they get this big huge grant and every time the government awards the construction and prizes to some group that has no supporters like PETA or minorities or something.

Everyone here is white and from England, then they get millions of dollars in grants and they have to give it to a cause for an article in the news paper that has no supporters...like indian art with no fans or PETA for some animal cause.

Then when you go down to the exhibit it had no fans and there was no one in the cause and the place closes and they wasted all the grant money.

Like they don't like Van Gogh around here at the government it always has to be peta indian jibber wall cause that no has no fans.

Why can't you get a real cause and gallery or something for the regular people that will actually attend.

I will never support any of that with my stuff and it will always be just for me, normal and white people and I will NEVER support any minority or peta like cause because it all sucks and has no fans and everyone hates it...like pass up on the master piece to support peta and indians for a one day exhibit with no supporters and waste millions of dollars in federal grant money....fuck ya then.

You'll never have my support with you stupid peta like causes in this Country, fuck off and die then.


HALIFAX: Nova Scotia Art Gallery Design Given To Indians

Like why can't we have something normal around here?

Now they awarded the winner for the new Art Gallery design to Native Indians...after they ripped down the Cornwallis Statue and got caught illegally fishing lobsters.

Now the Art Gallery has to be for Indians too, that's why everybody hates the Indians here...like why can't you just do a normal one that everyone will go to.

No they got to make it an Indian one and art Gallery for no supporters and no fans to attend to, like why can't you do a normal one for England or something that the public will actually want to visit that has an audience instead of Indian Art that has no fans and no one will go or give a fuck about.

Fuck I hate you people.



Thursday, November 19, 2020


So I won my court case...like with my illegal rent increases and stuff.

Here's what happened....

The Nova Scotia Government cut my benefits and then illegally increased my rent saying they were charging me a yearly interest of up to 14% rent increases.

Anyway, that was not my rent situation and they started charging me yearly percentage rent increases....what happened was the Government had my medical information wrong and they were charging me the wrong rates...when I went there they said the doctor "changed my diagnosis" or something and they had my medical file information wrong.

Then I had to go to the lawyer because they used to have it right, then they illegally audited my files and put the wrong medical diagnosis on my case...then they cut my benefits.

So I have to go to the lawyer to get my medical records corrected because the government owes me back money.

Then, after they cut my benefits they illegally raised my rent and I am trying to get my rent money back because they did that using the wrong medical file, then after they put my rent up they gave me a fake eviction summons last year and I already beat that...then they tried to increase my rent this year during covid and I am trying to block the increase with the lawyer because they have my case wrong with my medical records and stuff.

Anyway, when they did that they didn't issue me and letters and cut my benefits with no notice or letters outside the office or something and I beat them in court, now they owe me back money.

So now I am getting my files audited to correct my medical records at the government and when they do that they owe me back money and back rent money because they were charging me the wrong rate...because they can't increase my rent by percentage because I don't work...and they did it with the wrong medical file information and now when they correct my medical records they may owe me my money back and that is what is in court.

Then the same thing happened at Nova Scotia Student Loan and they they used the wrong file information and they might owe me a back tax return.  

So right now I have the government at the lawyers office to correct my medical files like in an audit and when they do that they might owe me back money, then I am also asking them to make Five Star Bailiff pay back my legal bills to legal aid.

Then after all that is done Five Star Bailiff and Access Nova Scotia at the tenancy board owe me a settlement for the fake summons and now I didn't even have to pay the money they tried to collect because they raised my bills using the wrong medical file...then the doctor didn't file my forms correctly with the wrong medical files and now the government is saying they never got them, but the doctor sent them three times....using the wrong medical file information and then she quit during covid and now I have them all in court.

Expect a six month to two year resolution while I have my files audited for my back money, try to block my rent increase then I am seeking a financial settlement because I won the case at the Legal Aid outside of court but it will take a couple years to resolve my back money from the file audit and settlement for the fake summons etc.

Stay tuned.


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

CANADA INEQUALITY: Federal Government Inequality Extended To Students

The inequality in Canada continues, not only does Canada not support the disabled...British Columbia handed out extra money only their residents while everyone else in Canada went without extra benefits.

Now this has been extended to students, with Manitoba extending Christmas Vacation to their students while places like here in Nova Scotia they are forcing them to stay in school.

So we get no extra money in Nova Scotia and the kids have no extra Christmas vacation while other provinces hand out extra money and extend Christmas break while kids here don't get one and have to stay on school, also here teachers refuse to go to students Christmas Concerts and wanted to be paid anyway.

Is the extreme hatred to Nova Scotia from the Federal Government in Ottawa obvious yet people?

When will this abuse of Atlantic Canada end and when will the Federal Government be arrested for attacking us here, not covering our benefits and not giving us an equal Canada in Nova Scotia?

Plus the Province illegally overturning a democratic vote for a grocery store, Sobeys, where I was assaulted at with no Federal oversight for fourteen years or Constitutional Resolutions - obviously Atlantic Canada - The Country Of Nova Scotia is independent again in the Commonwealth and England and Ottawa, Upper Canada, owes us financial settlements to all the residents of Atlantic Canada.




Aces High (Live in Mexico City, Palacio de los Deportes, Mexico, Septemb...

Nights Of The Dead - Coming November 20th

FUCK THE FACTS Pleine Noirceur (music video)

Fuck The Facts 'Ailleurs' Music Video

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Accuser - Thrash in a Box - Live from Vortex Surfer Musikclub - Siegen, ...

Accuser - Accuser (FULL ALBUM)

1995-12 - Mic Mac Mall Christmas / Holiday Commercial

HALIFAX: Holiday Shopping Starts Now At The Mic Mac Mall

The Mic Mac Mall has officially extended their hours to allow us to have Christmas making this week the official start of the holidays with Black Friday on cheque day November 27 (cheques will be released on November 26 this month)...only 30 days left until Christmas week, the new extended hours will be regular non-covid hours with a regular shopping schedule...don't expect me to be there.

They are making all these crazy arrangements for people including virtual lines where you book a time slot to stand in the line in advance and curbside pickup.



I Made Up A New Joke For My Comedy Routine

This a new joke I made up for my comedy act I work on in my spare time, I've never heard it before...I posted other jokes I made up on this blog or on my twitter or somewhere.

What did the decapitated body say?

Answer: "I'm trying to get a head."


Saturday, November 14, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Halifax Apartment Rental Scam Revealed With Landlords & Government Officials

Here is the exclusive you were all waiting for...

By: Jason Mackenzie www.internetnews.press

Halifax: Immigrants Caught In Housing Scam With Local Government

The story is that local landlords from India and Lebanon have been caught in multiple housing and apartment rental scams with local government officials including "fake sheriffs" for illegal rent collection.

All details have not been confirmed. 

Immigrants driving expensive cars like Audi's, BMW's etc. have been renting apartments and illegally increasing rent with local government officials like at Access Nova Scotia at the tenancy board.

These landlords, which may not be limited to non white immigrants, are claiming they are lending tenants the apartments on credit and charging a yearly percentage rent increase of up to 14%, which I am currently at civil court for asking for my rent increase money back for the last four years of illegal rent increases.

On top of this, the group has government staff at the Tenancy Board blocking tenant rights and not filing forms forcing them to go to Legal Aid to fight illegal evictions wasting the Legal Aids time and money, half their work load, on fake cases.

In my case I have turned them in to Community Services Social Workers and Legal Aid and in my case I am asking for the land lords to pay back Community Services and Legal Aid for sending them fake cases and the land lords are facing millions of dollars in repayment of Legal Aid bills for forcing them to defend fake cases.

In my case I received a fake rent eviction summons and asking that the Legal Aid force the defendant in my case "Five Star Bailiff" to repay my Legal Aid Bill to Legal Aid for sending them my case which they had to defend that was fake.

On top of this, these land lords have over crowed Halifax apartments with squadders, bums and drug dealers who triple share apartments illegally and are trashing the buildings, leaving garbage everywhere and letting out bedbugs and cock roaches.

A person outside told me "they were turning the building into an African Garbage Dump",  which I pointed out to them was caught on video camera in my buildings parking lot.

The next part of the scam is the illegal tenants are agreeing to the percentage rent increases where they deal drugs and triple share apartments to illegally attempt to pas their illegal business practices at the Nova Scotia Legislature by saying they are allowed doing that to try and pass an illegal law from Lebanon and India for illegal rent increases - claiming that "it's just like that here" which is a lie and a scam.

All that is totally illegal.

Not only that, the land lords were automatically increasing rent and Community Services had no check on the file to stop them and they were "automatically deducting funds" from cheque recipients by increasing rent which siphoned funds from Community Services because the Case Workers didn't understand the rules, plus workers at the front counter may have been caught in a drug ring at the front desks of Government Services who were going along with them an not filing the recipients paperwork and trying to get them by force to stop the complaints and not giving them court funding or emergency financial assistance - leading to the illegal fake eviction crisis here in Halifax.

Not only that there is another complaint against immigrants in Halifax for running a pizza monopoly which was made with apartment rentals where the illegal rent increases occurred and were bleeding the cheque recipients money again by billing them for pizza off their cheques by running the only restaurants in the neighborhood is an open pyramid scam from land lords, local pizza shops and local restaurants.





VICIOUS RUMORS "Asylum Of Blood" (Official Video)



Friday, November 13, 2020

HALIFAX: Black Lives Matter City Campaign Demeaning To Blacks

This covid must be driving me nut's, I don't even know to what context I'm complaining in now...and I have to get civil court lawyers just to file paperwork and forms at government offices.

I just end up roaming around the city like a zombie or something just to get outside. 

They are making black people look right weak and frail around here like they are hanging by a thread or something, they got "Black Lives Matter" scrolling on all the city buses then when a black person gets on the bus everyone starts staring at them, like they are an endangered species...like you're taking that a little far aren't you Halifax?

Then on forms I got it says "do you identify as Indian or Black",then I have to choose to not self identify because I am blonde.

Like they are making black people look right weak and frail around here demeaning them all, like the form for like a government rebate or something asks them if they are black, making them look handicapped or something and they got it all over the city buses too.

Come off it man, then I went to wal mart and it was all people from India there and looked like Indian farmers market, like what the fucks with all that.



ASPHYX - Incoming Death [DVD] Full Show

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

International Bikini Team Contest in 4K UHD - War Horse Harley-Davidson ...

Rob Zombie - Superbeast (Live)

Mayhem - Carnage (ft. Dead)

EXODUS - Now Thy Death Day Come

Follow Along With Me On Blogger!

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The Crown - Cobra Speed Venom (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Slipknot - Before I Forget [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

SARCASM: Fuck Off Canada

Are you joking man, there's nothing open during covid in Atlantic Canada.

Why you people are going to school and working is pathetic, that's a scam.

They're just trying to see if you'll go to work and school and not say anything from Ottawa.

If you quit your job or school and then go apply for benefits with a lawyer they have to give you support man, that's what's going on with me.  

I went down to Remembrance Day in Halifax and there was no one even there in Halifax or Dartmouth, they had a few seats setup and tv camera and that's it.

I had to go to two hospitals to start requesting my medial files for the legal aid to get my files corrected here in Halifax and they were swamped and screening for covid and the records department was closed and I had to be screened twice and wash my hands before they let me in.

Then they said the records department was working from home.

Then I went to the Law Courts to get files from there and that was closed, and they only had the Sheriff's working who gave me the number for the records department.

Then I went to Community Services for Legal Aid and the front desk was open but the workers were working from home and I had to talk on the telephone only.

Then I went to legal aid which was open and they now have a new office at The Halifax Shopping Center up in the tower in the elevator.

My building started charging "yearly interest" on my apartment which is fake and now I have to go to court and they owe me back rent money, then after I got a fake summons and they tried to put my rent up which starts in January and I have to go to court to block the rent increase and now I want my money back.

Plus the Hospital and everywhere had all my files wrong and I have to get my education and medical files corrected and had to call the teacher at St.Francis Xavier University to call the hospital and legal aid to tell them what my degree was because the people at the front counters at government offices here keep lying saying I'm a "homeless vagrant" like at Nova Scotia Student Loan who wouldn't file my Federal Income Tax Information and I had to get the University to call them and fix the files.


Now I have to run around filing all this shit when everything is closed so I can get my rent money back and sued them at The Legal Aid and turned Access Nova Scotia, Five Star Baillif and Student Loan and them all into the legal for trying to scam me.

Plus I had to explain to the social worker for Legal Aid that British Columbia handed out money this summer to welfare and disability and Nova Scotia didn't and now I have them all in Court, when it is closed by the way, to get my rent money back from some scam operating here from Ontario and at the Halifax tenancy board.



Monday, November 9, 2020

I'm Back In Court Suing The Tenancy Board Again

I'm back in court with the tenancy board again....this time over $25 for an illegal rent increase during covid and they already lost.

Last time it was $454 and I won instantly and this time it was $25 and they lost.

They increased my rent this summer which starts in January by $25 during covid and cross province from Ontario which is all illegal.

What they are saying is the rent is a loan from the bank like a credit card or account with an annual percentage increase which is fake and illegal.

Now I am suing the tenancy board and the Nova Scotia Government in the same case as last time which I am still in for three years worth of illegal rent increases from a group of landlords and fake tenancy board office which gave me a fake summons.

Not only that, they said at the rent control protest in Halifax that half of the Legal Aid cases are from rent increases.

That's illegal rent increases and I am also suing the Nova Scotia Government, Tenancy Board and the Landlord Group for illegally increasing rent and sending the legal aid fake cases to them and Community Services.

Then I am suing to make the landlords, tenancy board and government to make them pay back the legal aid for wasting their money in court defending fake cases from the tenancy board for landlord groups and I am also suing them to make them pay back the community services offices for wasting the case workers time defending fake cases.

I'm probably going in soon to legal aid to get started for the new year because they are swamped with fake cases from illegal rent increases and the landlords, tenancy board and provincial government already lost.

They are going to have to pay me back for the fake rent increases and also pay back community services and legal aid for their lawyers legal fees for sending them fake cases for illegal rent increases and the land lords already lost who illegally increased rent and will have to pay back legal aid for wasting the tax money defending fake cases from the tenancy board who represented the illegal land lord group increasing rent.

Drop dead.

Oh right, and here's the point.

The illegal rent increases put welfare and disability recipients below the Canada Food Guide Standards and they lost their special diet allowances due to illegal rent increases...then the community services didn't pay the recipients back for losing their food money.

Now the provincial government, tenancy board and landlord group owes the community services, legal aid the tenants rent increase money back and lost already. 


HALIFAX: Protestors Call For Rent Control, Argue For Illegal Increases...Community Services Said To Use E-Food To Supplement Budget

There was a protest at City Hall and Province House about illegal rent increases which also took place during the covid ban on rent increases.

Although the cause is good, their argument is wrong...

Protestors call for a minimum of three percent annual rent increase....now stop.

They are saying in Halifax now that when you rent an apartment it is a credit account in another scam and then they start automatically increasing your rent every year.

That is NOT correct and is illegal.

The actual rent contol increase is NO INCREASE AT ALL.

Plus rent increases have been banned under covid...I received a rent increase in Nova Scotia of $25 per month this summer illegally, from the my buildings owner in Ontario who owns apartment complexes which is also illegal.

We were also promised rent reductions from Ottawa which never happened.

This summer tenants in Halifax received illegal rent increases plus under covid for a second offense...all those landlords are heading to jail.

What in fact is happening is rent needs to be DECREASED by law as food prices have removed Canada's food guide from citizens making our rent rates 100% illegal.

So either they decrease rent, then ban increases which is illegal anyway right now, then they need to lower food and other store prices.

Then they owe us rebates and financial supplements from Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Community Services wants you to use e-food from the internet because they no longer support welfare or the disabled so maybe get a 3d printer and print off some efood they mean and eat the paper, maybe throw some food coloring on it.


I understand protestors have the right idea, but they are asking for something which is illegal so they are being tricked into asking for a lower percent increase they are saying that's automatic now which it isn't and is illegal.

So I agree with the protest but the actual increase is $0 per year plus they owe us a rent reduction and rebates.

Plus they offer no programs at all and don't support food budgets for coupons or supplements to bring homes up to the basic nutrition level from Canada's Food Guide.

Expect massive arrests of government workers in the near future in Nova Scotia and Ottawa.



Sunday, November 8, 2020


Napalm Records' New Warehouse | Napalm Records

VOIVOD – Iconspiracy (Lost Machine - Live / OFFICIAL VIDEO)


Diary Update November 8

No I don't hate blacks and immigrants, it's just the ones that harass you running cell phone scams and stuff and calling you all the time spamming your phone and voice mail which I don't even check anymore.

These days I mostly don't even have my phone turned on or check my messages and I can't even be bothered with instant messengers, then I make places like doctor's offices and stuff mail me letters instead.

I guess I'm just from a different time period, before cel phones, computers and voice mail and I use email but mostly make places write me letters for appointmens and any important information because of the spam and scams I get calling and messaging me.

Plus I'm super busy and have no time for all that. 

Donald Trump got thrown brutally out of office this election, and in fact I think they are being too nice to him on the election coverage by saying he was that popular to lose the election by the margin.

I switched candidates last March during covid, that's what ended Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau...those candidates were running my platform which I support to get elected and they got three years out of Trump with it and Four in Canada.

Then they were just lying to get elected, as soon as covid happened they switched back to the G20 backed business group which runs political candidates and said that covid only applied to them....business people in office then they stole all the emergency benefits and now refuse to hand out money.

Like they mean, only they were affected the G20 people Trump and Trudeau and then they used their positions to close all the businesses down and then not give support then they remained open etc. and started selling "covid products" and threw out their offices in order to make money off the covid virus...and now I assume they are bankrupt.

No one would ever buy those products, then they came right out and said they were doing it with defense contractors who were stealing tax money and backing them from businesses like Lockheed Martin here in Halifax with fake Military bases and made their own private economy off the stolen tax money they siphoned from illegal government computer contracts.

Then they got brutally thrown out and everyone knew that Biden got elected five days before election day because of the early vote submissions.

Then Donald Trump the traitor to us....business people, university graduates and political people, said he was going to sue if he lost...

That's what happened here in Nova Scotia....the company Sobeys where I was assaulted at sued because businesses lost the Sunday Shopping Refferendum.

Now CNN, which is looking normal again, is saying that it is ILLEGAL to sue for losing a vote and Donald Trump has been blocked.

That's the big story now, Sobeys was NOT ALLOWED to sue the Nova Scotia Government over the refferendum.

The Court here in Halifax allowed that....which is ILLEGAL.

That's the story on CNN.

Thus severing Nova Scotia from Canada and returning Atlantic Canada to it's own independent Country again within the union of Canada.

Now Ottawa and England owes us here TONS OF MONEY in settlements from Sobeys and The Nova Scotia Government which allowed this.

That's like with Lockheed Martin and them right on television.

After that lawsuit it was a landslide of human rights violations against us here in Atlantic Canada, they refused to cover university degree salaries and stopping hiring them.

Then they tried to steal my work from home for my SAP Computer Designs for their staff to have for free off my degrees....like my fucking neighbors and people at the bowling alley and stuff, then they attacked me in a home invasion when I quit and confronted them and I had to ban them in court from coming around me.

Like trying to make me give it to them, following me around and harassing me and stuff and they robbed my house back then.

That's what's Donald Trump is saying he's doing in Washington D.C. trying to sue for the election loss with the same people, Lockheed Martin and them, and CNN is telling everyone that it is ILLEGAL.

When they did that here in Atlantic Canada and now according to CNN they are going to jail because it's the same people.

Like the people that did that here in Nova Scotia with the fake referendum lawsuit did that in Washington D.C. under Trump and are getting arrested together from Washington D.C. and here in Halifax for trying to illegally sue for losing a vote.


Well it's been Fifteen Years since I graduated University, what is the state of the union?

I'm stuck out in Halifax with no money camping out in the city during covid and running a heavy metal band and music page www.banzairecords.com/blog .

No one has money...or work that is that state of affairs....like I have enough to live by the Mic Mac Mall the busiest area in Atlantic Canada and run a band and internet magazine but that's it....like I have no store yet.

So I'm doing fine but everything is shut down and the government is not helping the citizens with financial support...so I'll just be freezing it out this winter in a closed city with my space heater and boiled cod fish waiting for financial relief for the goevrnment.

$1500 a month in rebates they promised us last March or so which never showed up yet and no one will support you at the government.

So I'm just waiting for that to show up since all them people not supporting us from the government are getting arrested now according to CNN.

Now guess what happened?

It's like you get stuck doing something and you're not paying attention like with my band trying to make records, then you get down to the museum and you were already in it with your art display and you forgot.

That's what happened to me, making music pointless to me.

I mean what's the point of playing heavy metal if you're already in the art gallery...the real one.

It makes it look pretty dumb.

So I have to correct myself.

My band Collapse www.officialcollapse.com , is something I started in University when I went to get my degree...then I got all wrapped up in that and forgot about the art gallery.

Anyway, the background is this...

When I was a kid everything thought I was older and we used to do all this stuff, like art and theater and stuff and I was an artist...yes I am in fact an artist first, I'm just doing other stuff right now.

I already had my moment in that, I had this huge art display and show I think here in Halifax but I can't remember at the Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia or somewhere with this big crowd and stuff doing presentations and stuff and getting my picture taken.

I forgot all about that because I was busy, no I did all that years ago with the Art Exhibit and stuff at the museum and gallery doing paintings and art shows and stuff...

So I was out doing music and then I went "down there" and I was already in the Gallery.

Like what's the point of making records when you're already in the museum?

Like you're trying to get somewhere, and then you were done years ago and forgot. 

No I just got distracted and was wrapped up in something else.

After that I went to High School and stuff and was playing guitar and listening to Slayer everyday...so I went on to music....THEN later I went to University like from when I was a kid and doing paintings and stuff at the Art Gallery...like when I had management, they were getting me to paint all that for Art Shows...I think it must have been at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery...it was along time ago, anyway I think that was pretty well known back then.

After all that I had to go to University and get my degrees to earn a living man, that's why I left the art gallery...then I was doing my band Collapse during University.

So I got all wrapped up in that and going to school and forgot about the art shows and stuff I used to do when I had people running me....like commissioning paintings from me for the art gallery and stuff like for my school work when I was a kid.

So I got wrapped up in "trying to make it in music" which according to Casem Kasem no one did, but everyone heard the record....then I went down to the art gallery trying to make it in music and I was already in it.

Thus making music pointless, and I almost threw it all in the garbage...I mean I already did art and all that...now I'm just trying to make money since I'm old now and out of the gallery with no management.

Yeah, anyway I'm this awesome artist.

I wasn't promoting myself as an artist because I was doing the band, now all this stuff is coming out about me like all this stuff I used to do at the art gallery and other stuff I forgot from when I was younger...I'm not embarrassed about that, I just wasn't thinking of it because I was too busy getting my degree and stuff to make money.

It's just the point of it...who cares about being in a heavy metal band when you're already on display in the art gallery at the real museum?

Anyway, I think the museum kept all the paintings I did...I'm not going looking for them, that will probably all surface when I'm old and dead or something.

Like, I think they are hiding it from me or something.

The point of that is no the band was just a hobby I was doing in University...now I want to finish all that, so I still have more music to put out but it's something I did as a hobby when I was studying in University etc. 

So I'm not scrapping my music stuff  because I forgot I did bigger stuff than that years ago that I wasn't thinking of.

My music promotion is just like a starting point for the business I am starting so I am keeping that as a business and right now I'm just using my studies to build a music promotion for web traffic and stuff to run a store on like for a test for a business...but I am keeping that...like I am already in the millions of hits on my pages and have a super high web traffic volume on my pages and our "network" that we are making.

So that is already successful, I just have no money to sell products on it yet.

Then later that is going to be a larger business.

So that started out in University and now it's music web pages with millions of traffic on it...I'm keeping that to support the music scene for the artists I like because the bands need the promotion and I'm playing there. 

So I was doing all that, and someone goes..."hey here's you at the art gallery"...holy fuck I said, I had forgot about that because I was distracted with music and school work...what's the point of playing Death Metal when I'm already at the museum. 

Then I remembered and almost died laughing today because that's what I'm doing anyway...like that's where I started from for today and I'm still going...no I was just going to University and stuff and forgot. 

Anyway, I got one picture I did posted up on www.jasonmackenzie.net of some abstract art.

After seeing the old stuff I almost quit music and threw it in the garbage because it sucks to what I did years ago when I had management.

Now I'll probably do some more art and post it on www.jasonmackenzie.net and make an art page on there because that is bigger than music.

That's what's happening with me fifteen years out of University.

The point is music is small to that when I seen it even with millions of web visitors on my pages, and my music promotion is for a bigger business later.

So I'll probably be putting more work into the page www.internetnews.press and my book stuff www.space-command.net .

Those are the bigger pages and my book guide already has a large following. 

Then the web traffic I am building from music for my future store with be for selling my books and then I am making toys and comics and stuff for my Space Command books....that is where I hope to make money....selling books, comics and toys etc. stuff like that...but I'm holding on to the music promotion and have some records still to finish, like from when I started that one in University.

That's what I mean...the larger business is for selling books and toys and I'll probably do some more art when I get time and post it on the internet.

So the band and music promotion is leading to the news page and books and toys which is what I am ACTUALLY doing to try and make money.

As for a Space Command book update...now I'm working on the villains for books one to three and I have all the stories finished.

Now I'm going to have to update the book page and maybe I'll do some updates on my progress so far on the page since I'm starting to get a rabid internet following on there.

After all that I'll probably just stay home and sell paper clips or something.


Friday, November 6, 2020


HAMMERFALL - Any Means Necessary (Live) | Napalm Records

Armored Saint - Missile to Gun (OFFICIAL VIDEO)



REVOLTING (Sweden) - Dragged Back To The Cellar (Death Metal) Transcendi...

Sacred Reich "Something to Believe" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

SODOM "Indoctrination" (Official Lyric Video)




HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International) - Into The Red OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO (...



Anthrax - Gung Ho - Spreading The Disease 35th Anniversary Version

MACHINE HEAD - "My Hands Are Empty" (Out Nov 13th)


Accuser - Misled Obedience (LYRIC VIDEO)

JINJER - Retrospection (Live) | Napalm Records

HATEBREED - Instinctive (Slaughterlust) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

HATEBREED - About The Song "Instinctive (Slaughterlust)" (OFFICIAL TRAILER)




REVULSION (Finland) - Wastelands (Death Metal) Transcending Obscurity Re...

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Halifax Is Pathetic Right Now

Oh yeah...black lives matter everywhere, then they all come out and start fucking annoying you about being blonde saying their black and from India and everyone hates blondes and always sides with them blacks and Indians.

Thus, allowing me and the rest of Halifax to go back to using our racial slurs handbook since all the blacks and indians are doing it to us.

Fuck you then, all them immigrants around here harassing you about being blonde and thinking their getting their dick sucked from Canada for being from India...fuck you then garbage.

Then I went downtown and all the construction people started yelling at me to stay off the sidewalk multiple times with no open lanes on Quinpool Road...fuck you also.

Then I got harrassed and almost assaulted by a fucking bum at scotia square and almost had to beat him before I put the run to him at crombie properites...aka Sobeys...again, fucking cunts man.

Then you go buy winter boots with your money and the charity tells you they "got no money for you" because they're doing the provincial governments office work, then you complain to the social worker that you had to buy winter boots and that Halifax doesn't help the disabled and then they only have $50 for food for all of november because they bought winter boots and they didn't give them anything for food money for November because they had to go suck India's cock for black lives matter everyday.

Oh yeah, all during covid....so don't expect anyone to follow littering laws and crosswalks rules because you pay us enough for follow Canada's bylaws.


 ....then everything is closed and shutdown in Halifax and it's all wet and muddy with people harassing you everywhere plus sidewalks closed and it's the worst state of Canada I have ever seen in my life and the government won't  give us any money or let us have the Canada food guide then they put everyone's rent up like $25 and they lost their special diet money, then the welfare told them they don't give people money and Halifax doesn't help the disabled...

....why you people are working and going to school during the emergency with no money or funding and the prices out of control when everything is closed down...you must be fucking mentally retarded to be willing to work for any branch of Canada's government...provincial or federal....oh, unless that's you doing that with your scam....fuck you.


Monday, November 2, 2020


AC/DC - Shot In The Dark (Official Video)

ROB ZOMBIE - The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Supe...


SPOIL ENGINE - Sound of Noise

CANADA: Halifax Promises New Sidewalks, Now Has No Money

Not only did Halifax promise to build double wide sidewalks and didn't have the money, now they can only afford to plow one lane this winter and we're gonna have half sidewalk access.

That's what they said, now we're camping and stuck inside all winter in the city on half sidewalks.


Progressive Psytrance ALIEN AYAHUASCA @ 2020 Portal DMT Experience Visua...

Star Wars Vintage KENNER Commercial - Luke X-Wing Pilot, R5-D4, Greedo [...

Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken

WINTER UPDATE 2020: Everything Is Closing Down Outside

It's already November here in Halifax, everything is getting super slow outside....like it takes forever to go shopping, I'm at like 1/100 of my regular routine speed. 

I'm camping it out in Halifax for covid, for this winter...I think tons of people have left the area and the malls are pretty run down. Like if you're single or something here on your own they didn't give out anything extra...I guess that's what they expect for our age group.

So we'll just get out new winter clothes and stuff and hold out from what little money you have...like no one got anything for funding from the government and now the weather is getting cold and super muddy. 

Now there's like nothing outside and covid cases are increasing, so I'm just stuck in my apartment for the winter and camping it out, like it super sucks here like out in the woods but everything is open and it's just super slow outside.

So if you stay or come to live here make sure to get your camping equipment to live in the city this winter in your apartment because that's what they are expecting.


I mean like this, it's past Halloween so music is over for the year...I'm still following it though but it's at a low priority out there anyway.

Then from all the layoffs from covid those people were doing other stuff and now all those services are shut off and the place is abandoned...like from the third party effects of the layoffs, all that is gone leaving nothing at your house.

So it's just going to be you and the mud for the winter.

It looks like the cheap government system didn't have enough money in it to battle covid and the harsh weather that started now they want you camping out in the city, like with no services and they are talking about a full lock down again in some places.


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Nude Interview

Acid Trip Trance Mix


AMAZING collection vintage motorcycle jumps

Airplane Crash Compilation

McDonald's Commercials from the 1980's

Maritime Drivers & Tracks.mpg

Paul Lewis,Riverside -1983.MP4

Riverside Speedway-1985.M2TS

Rob Zombie - Demon Speeding - Spookshow International Live

The Fall Guy Intro

Robbie Knievels AMAZING career highlights complination

Robbie Knievel The Teenage Stuntman