Monday, November 30, 2020

HALIFAX: Rent Subsities Unfairly Distributed

Like this...they have the medical files wrong on cases at the disability office now they are saying they have no means to correct the file and you have to take responsibility for your own medical files and to get them added to your community services worker through a lawyer.

They are saying that the community services own their own has no means to correct your medical files from the hospital.

If you go to the Hospital and get a diagnosis they mean that they might have the diagnosis on your file at community services, however they might not have your symptoms list for your medical illness.

So they were issuing doctors notes for over the counter prescriptions and benefits etc. from the doctor to the community services with no medical records at their office about your file.

Then when you called to get something, they said no because the doctor who wrote the medical note with the case worker didn't use your medical file from the Hospital diagnosis.

Then you were denied your claim by the doctor / case worker because they didn't have your diagnosis sheet from the Hospital to verify your illness, then they may have cut your benefits without  using the Hospital records.

After that, they said you needed to get a lawyer to have your files corrected at the community services office because the worker can't contact the Hospital to fix them themselves...

Important...HOWEVER, they CUT benefits with the same process by cutting your cheque without the Hospital now they are saying that you need a lawyer for them to fix it.

So they are saying they can cut your cheque benefits with the doctor / case worker behind the back of the Hospital diagnosis but if you tell them they said they can't put it back without your lawyer doing it so that is all illegal and they are being sued.

After this, they allowed landlords to raise rent of up to %14 per year they are claiming with no Hospital verification for your rental payment and no medical information on file leading to rent over charges.

At the same time, when this medical information was missing from community services, they issued new government housing and rent subsidies and left people off the list because they were missing the medical information from your Hospital files at community services.

After that the people who went into rent subsidy dumped garbage all over the neighborhood like in my neighborhood at the Junior High School and with bums downtown and they ruined the area by dumping trash all over the neighborhood and are dumping outside garbage into apartment buildings dumpsters and bums inside the units are taking the garbage into their apartments and going through the garbage and living in bugs and filth thus ruining the apartments around here which apparently are all full of garbage and bugs.

Then while the regular people needed the money their medical files were cut off, benefits cancelled with no notice and with no medical files from the wrong doctors and caseworkers etc. like how they ran their office behind the Hospitals back and ruined the patients cheque benefits while they allowed bums and squadders to move into all the cheap apartments and then they ruined them all with filth and garbage on the regular people.

That's what's going on here in Halifax.


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