Thursday, November 5, 2020

Halifax Is Pathetic Right Now

Oh lives matter everywhere, then they all come out and start fucking annoying you about being blonde saying their black and from India and everyone hates blondes and always sides with them blacks and Indians.

Thus, allowing me and the rest of Halifax to go back to using our racial slurs handbook since all the blacks and indians are doing it to us.

Fuck you then, all them immigrants around here harassing you about being blonde and thinking their getting their dick sucked from Canada for being from India...fuck you then garbage.

Then I went downtown and all the construction people started yelling at me to stay off the sidewalk multiple times with no open lanes on Quinpool Road...fuck you also.

Then I got harrassed and almost assaulted by a fucking bum at scotia square and almost had to beat him before I put the run to him at crombie properites...aka Sobeys...again, fucking cunts man.

Then you go buy winter boots with your money and the charity tells you they "got no money for you" because they're doing the provincial governments office work, then you complain to the social worker that you had to buy winter boots and that Halifax doesn't help the disabled and then they only have $50 for food for all of november because they bought winter boots and they didn't give them anything for food money for November because they had to go suck India's cock for black lives matter everyday.

Oh yeah, all during don't expect anyone to follow littering laws and crosswalks rules because you pay us enough for follow Canada's bylaws.


 ....then everything is closed and shutdown in Halifax and it's all wet and muddy with people harassing you everywhere plus sidewalks closed and it's the worst state of Canada I have ever seen in my life and the government won't  give us any money or let us have the Canada food guide then they put everyone's rent up like $25 and they lost their special diet money, then the welfare told them they don't give people money and Halifax doesn't help the disabled...

....why you people are working and going to school during the emergency with no money or funding and the prices out of control when everything is closed must be fucking mentally retarded to be willing to work for any branch of Canada's government...provincial or federal....oh, unless that's you doing that with your scam....fuck you.


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