Monday, November 2, 2020

WINTER UPDATE 2020: Everything Is Closing Down Outside

It's already November here in Halifax, everything is getting super slow it takes forever to go shopping, I'm at like 1/100 of my regular routine speed. 

I'm camping it out in Halifax for covid, for this winter...I think tons of people have left the area and the malls are pretty run down. Like if you're single or something here on your own they didn't give out anything extra...I guess that's what they expect for our age group.

So we'll just get out new winter clothes and stuff and hold out from what little money you no one got anything for funding from the government and now the weather is getting cold and super muddy. 

Now there's like nothing outside and covid cases are increasing, so I'm just stuck in my apartment for the winter and camping it out, like it super sucks here like out in the woods but everything is open and it's just super slow outside.

So if you stay or come to live here make sure to get your camping equipment to live in the city this winter in your apartment because that's what they are expecting.


I mean like this, it's past Halloween so music is over for the year...I'm still following it though but it's at a low priority out there anyway.

Then from all the layoffs from covid those people were doing other stuff and now all those services are shut off and the place is from the third party effects of the layoffs, all that is gone leaving nothing at your house.

So it's just going to be you and the mud for the winter.

It looks like the cheap government system didn't have enough money in it to battle covid and the harsh weather that started now they want you camping out in the city, like with no services and they are talking about a full lock down again in some places.


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