Monday, November 9, 2020

I'm Back In Court Suing The Tenancy Board Again

I'm back in court with the tenancy board again....this time over $25 for an illegal rent increase during covid and they already lost.

Last time it was $454 and I won instantly and this time it was $25 and they lost.

They increased my rent this summer which starts in January by $25 during covid and cross province from Ontario which is all illegal.

What they are saying is the rent is a loan from the bank like a credit card or account with an annual percentage increase which is fake and illegal.

Now I am suing the tenancy board and the Nova Scotia Government in the same case as last time which I am still in for three years worth of illegal rent increases from a group of landlords and fake tenancy board office which gave me a fake summons.

Not only that, they said at the rent control protest in Halifax that half of the Legal Aid cases are from rent increases.

That's illegal rent increases and I am also suing the Nova Scotia Government, Tenancy Board and the Landlord Group for illegally increasing rent and sending the legal aid fake cases to them and Community Services.

Then I am suing to make the landlords, tenancy board and government to make them pay back the legal aid for wasting their money in court defending fake cases from the tenancy board for landlord groups and I am also suing them to make them pay back the community services offices for wasting the case workers time defending fake cases.

I'm probably going in soon to legal aid to get started for the new year because they are swamped with fake cases from illegal rent increases and the landlords, tenancy board and provincial government already lost.

They are going to have to pay me back for the fake rent increases and also pay back community services and legal aid for their lawyers legal fees for sending them fake cases for illegal rent increases and the land lords already lost who illegally increased rent and will have to pay back legal aid for wasting the tax money defending fake cases from the tenancy board who represented the illegal land lord group increasing rent.

Drop dead.

Oh right, and here's the point.

The illegal rent increases put welfare and disability recipients below the Canada Food Guide Standards and they lost their special diet allowances due to illegal rent increases...then the community services didn't pay the recipients back for losing their food money.

Now the provincial government, tenancy board and landlord group owes the community services, legal aid the tenants rent increase money back and lost already. 


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