Saturday, November 14, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Halifax Apartment Rental Scam Revealed With Landlords & Government Officials

Here is the exclusive you were all waiting for...

By: Jason Mackenzie

Halifax: Immigrants Caught In Housing Scam With Local Government

The story is that local landlords from India and Lebanon have been caught in multiple housing and apartment rental scams with local government officials including "fake sheriffs" for illegal rent collection.

All details have not been confirmed. 

Immigrants driving expensive cars like Audi's, BMW's etc. have been renting apartments and illegally increasing rent with local government officials like at Access Nova Scotia at the tenancy board.

These landlords, which may not be limited to non white immigrants, are claiming they are lending tenants the apartments on credit and charging a yearly percentage rent increase of up to 14%, which I am currently at civil court for asking for my rent increase money back for the last four years of illegal rent increases.

On top of this, the group has government staff at the Tenancy Board blocking tenant rights and not filing forms forcing them to go to Legal Aid to fight illegal evictions wasting the Legal Aids time and money, half their work load, on fake cases.

In my case I have turned them in to Community Services Social Workers and Legal Aid and in my case I am asking for the land lords to pay back Community Services and Legal Aid for sending them fake cases and the land lords are facing millions of dollars in repayment of Legal Aid bills for forcing them to defend fake cases.

In my case I received a fake rent eviction summons and asking that the Legal Aid force the defendant in my case "Five Star Bailiff" to repay my Legal Aid Bill to Legal Aid for sending them my case which they had to defend that was fake.

On top of this, these land lords have over crowed Halifax apartments with squadders, bums and drug dealers who triple share apartments illegally and are trashing the buildings, leaving garbage everywhere and letting out bedbugs and cock roaches.

A person outside told me "they were turning the building into an African Garbage Dump",  which I pointed out to them was caught on video camera in my buildings parking lot.

The next part of the scam is the illegal tenants are agreeing to the percentage rent increases where they deal drugs and triple share apartments to illegally attempt to pas their illegal business practices at the Nova Scotia Legislature by saying they are allowed doing that to try and pass an illegal law from Lebanon and India for illegal rent increases - claiming that "it's just like that here" which is a lie and a scam.

All that is totally illegal.

Not only that, the land lords were automatically increasing rent and Community Services had no check on the file to stop them and they were "automatically deducting funds" from cheque recipients by increasing rent which siphoned funds from Community Services because the Case Workers didn't understand the rules, plus workers at the front counter may have been caught in a drug ring at the front desks of Government Services who were going along with them an not filing the recipients paperwork and trying to get them by force to stop the complaints and not giving them court funding or emergency financial assistance - leading to the illegal fake eviction crisis here in Halifax.

Not only that there is another complaint against immigrants in Halifax for running a pizza monopoly which was made with apartment rentals where the illegal rent increases occurred and were bleeding the cheque recipients money again by billing them for pizza off their cheques by running the only restaurants in the neighborhood is an open pyramid scam from land lords, local pizza shops and local restaurants.


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