Wednesday, November 18, 2020

CANADA INEQUALITY: Federal Government Inequality Extended To Students

The inequality in Canada continues, not only does Canada not support the disabled...British Columbia handed out extra money only their residents while everyone else in Canada went without extra benefits.

Now this has been extended to students, with Manitoba extending Christmas Vacation to their students while places like here in Nova Scotia they are forcing them to stay in school.

So we get no extra money in Nova Scotia and the kids have no extra Christmas vacation while other provinces hand out extra money and extend Christmas break while kids here don't get one and have to stay on school, also here teachers refuse to go to students Christmas Concerts and wanted to be paid anyway.

Is the extreme hatred to Nova Scotia from the Federal Government in Ottawa obvious yet people?

When will this abuse of Atlantic Canada end and when will the Federal Government be arrested for attacking us here, not covering our benefits and not giving us an equal Canada in Nova Scotia?

Plus the Province illegally overturning a democratic vote for a grocery store, Sobeys, where I was assaulted at with no Federal oversight for fourteen years or Constitutional Resolutions - obviously Atlantic Canada - The Country Of Nova Scotia is independent again in the Commonwealth and England and Ottawa, Upper Canada, owes us financial settlements to all the residents of Atlantic Canada.



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