Friday, November 13, 2020

HALIFAX: Black Lives Matter City Campaign Demeaning To Blacks

This covid must be driving me nut's, I don't even know to what context I'm complaining in now...and I have to get civil court lawyers just to file paperwork and forms at government offices.

I just end up roaming around the city like a zombie or something just to get outside. 

They are making black people look right weak and frail around here like they are hanging by a thread or something, they got "Black Lives Matter" scrolling on all the city buses then when a black person gets on the bus everyone starts staring at them, like they are an endangered you're taking that a little far aren't you Halifax?

Then on forms I got it says "do you identify as Indian or Black",then I have to choose to not self identify because I am blonde.

Like they are making black people look right weak and frail around here demeaning them all, like the form for like a government rebate or something asks them if they are black, making them look handicapped or something and they got it all over the city buses too.

Come off it man, then I went to wal mart and it was all people from India there and looked like Indian farmers market, like what the fucks with all that.



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