Sunday, November 8, 2020

Diary Update November 8

No I don't hate blacks and immigrants, it's just the ones that harass you running cell phone scams and stuff and calling you all the time spamming your phone and voice mail which I don't even check anymore.

These days I mostly don't even have my phone turned on or check my messages and I can't even be bothered with instant messengers, then I make places like doctor's offices and stuff mail me letters instead.

I guess I'm just from a different time period, before cel phones, computers and voice mail and I use email but mostly make places write me letters for appointmens and any important information because of the spam and scams I get calling and messaging me.

Plus I'm super busy and have no time for all that. 

Donald Trump got thrown brutally out of office this election, and in fact I think they are being too nice to him on the election coverage by saying he was that popular to lose the election by the margin.

I switched candidates last March during covid, that's what ended Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau...those candidates were running my platform which I support to get elected and they got three years out of Trump with it and Four in Canada.

Then they were just lying to get elected, as soon as covid happened they switched back to the G20 backed business group which runs political candidates and said that covid only applied to people in office then they stole all the emergency benefits and now refuse to hand out money.

Like they mean, only they were affected the G20 people Trump and Trudeau and then they used their positions to close all the businesses down and then not give support then they remained open etc. and started selling "covid products" and threw out their offices in order to make money off the covid virus...and now I assume they are bankrupt.

No one would ever buy those products, then they came right out and said they were doing it with defense contractors who were stealing tax money and backing them from businesses like Lockheed Martin here in Halifax with fake Military bases and made their own private economy off the stolen tax money they siphoned from illegal government computer contracts.

Then they got brutally thrown out and everyone knew that Biden got elected five days before election day because of the early vote submissions.

Then Donald Trump the traitor to people, university graduates and political people, said he was going to sue if he lost...

That's what happened here in Nova Scotia....the company Sobeys where I was assaulted at sued because businesses lost the Sunday Shopping Refferendum.

Now CNN, which is looking normal again, is saying that it is ILLEGAL to sue for losing a vote and Donald Trump has been blocked.

That's the big story now, Sobeys was NOT ALLOWED to sue the Nova Scotia Government over the refferendum.

The Court here in Halifax allowed that....which is ILLEGAL.

That's the story on CNN.

Thus severing Nova Scotia from Canada and returning Atlantic Canada to it's own independent Country again within the union of Canada.

Now Ottawa and England owes us here TONS OF MONEY in settlements from Sobeys and The Nova Scotia Government which allowed this.

That's like with Lockheed Martin and them right on television.

After that lawsuit it was a landslide of human rights violations against us here in Atlantic Canada, they refused to cover university degree salaries and stopping hiring them.

Then they tried to steal my work from home for my SAP Computer Designs for their staff to have for free off my my fucking neighbors and people at the bowling alley and stuff, then they attacked me in a home invasion when I quit and confronted them and I had to ban them in court from coming around me.

Like trying to make me give it to them, following me around and harassing me and stuff and they robbed my house back then.

That's what's Donald Trump is saying he's doing in Washington D.C. trying to sue for the election loss with the same people, Lockheed Martin and them, and CNN is telling everyone that it is ILLEGAL.

When they did that here in Atlantic Canada and now according to CNN they are going to jail because it's the same people.

Like the people that did that here in Nova Scotia with the fake referendum lawsuit did that in Washington D.C. under Trump and are getting arrested together from Washington D.C. and here in Halifax for trying to illegally sue for losing a vote.


Well it's been Fifteen Years since I graduated University, what is the state of the union?

I'm stuck out in Halifax with no money camping out in the city during covid and running a heavy metal band and music page .

No one has money...or work that is that state of I have enough to live by the Mic Mac Mall the busiest area in Atlantic Canada and run a band and internet magazine but that's I have no store yet.

So I'm doing fine but everything is shut down and the government is not helping the citizens with financial I'll just be freezing it out this winter in a closed city with my space heater and boiled cod fish waiting for financial relief for the goevrnment.

$1500 a month in rebates they promised us last March or so which never showed up yet and no one will support you at the government.

So I'm just waiting for that to show up since all them people not supporting us from the government are getting arrested now according to CNN.

Now guess what happened?

It's like you get stuck doing something and you're not paying attention like with my band trying to make records, then you get down to the museum and you were already in it with your art display and you forgot.

That's what happened to me, making music pointless to me.

I mean what's the point of playing heavy metal if you're already in the art gallery...the real one.

It makes it look pretty dumb.

So I have to correct myself.

My band Collapse , is something I started in University when I went to get my degree...then I got all wrapped up in that and forgot about the art gallery.

Anyway, the background is this...

When I was a kid everything thought I was older and we used to do all this stuff, like art and theater and stuff and I was an artist...yes I am in fact an artist first, I'm just doing other stuff right now.

I already had my moment in that, I had this huge art display and show I think here in Halifax but I can't remember at the Art Gallery Of Nova Scotia or somewhere with this big crowd and stuff doing presentations and stuff and getting my picture taken.

I forgot all about that because I was busy, no I did all that years ago with the Art Exhibit and stuff at the museum and gallery doing paintings and art shows and stuff...

So I was out doing music and then I went "down there" and I was already in the Gallery.

Like what's the point of making records when you're already in the museum?

Like you're trying to get somewhere, and then you were done years ago and forgot. 

No I just got distracted and was wrapped up in something else.

After that I went to High School and stuff and was playing guitar and listening to Slayer I went on to music....THEN later I went to University like from when I was a kid and doing paintings and stuff at the Art when I had management, they were getting me to paint all that for Art Shows...I think it must have been at the Nova Scotia Art was along time ago, anyway I think that was pretty well known back then.

After all that I had to go to University and get my degrees to earn a living man, that's why I left the art gallery...then I was doing my band Collapse during University.

So I got all wrapped up in that and going to school and forgot about the art shows and stuff I used to do when I had people running commissioning paintings from me for the art gallery and stuff like for my school work when I was a kid.

So I got wrapped up in "trying to make it in music" which according to Casem Kasem no one did, but everyone heard the record....then I went down to the art gallery trying to make it in music and I was already in it.

Thus making music pointless, and I almost threw it all in the garbage...I mean I already did art and all I'm just trying to make money since I'm old now and out of the gallery with no management.

Yeah, anyway I'm this awesome artist.

I wasn't promoting myself as an artist because I was doing the band, now all this stuff is coming out about me like all this stuff I used to do at the art gallery and other stuff I forgot from when I was younger...I'm not embarrassed about that, I just wasn't thinking of it because I was too busy getting my degree and stuff to make money.

It's just the point of it...who cares about being in a heavy metal band when you're already on display in the art gallery at the real museum?

Anyway, I think the museum kept all the paintings I did...I'm not going looking for them, that will probably all surface when I'm old and dead or something.

Like, I think they are hiding it from me or something.

The point of that is no the band was just a hobby I was doing in I want to finish all that, so I still have more music to put out but it's something I did as a hobby when I was studying in University etc. 

So I'm not scrapping my music stuff  because I forgot I did bigger stuff than that years ago that I wasn't thinking of.

My music promotion is just like a starting point for the business I am starting so I am keeping that as a business and right now I'm just using my studies to build a music promotion for web traffic and stuff to run a store on like for a test for a business...but I am keeping I am already in the millions of hits on my pages and have a super high web traffic volume on my pages and our "network" that we are making.

So that is already successful, I just have no money to sell products on it yet.

Then later that is going to be a larger business.

So that started out in University and now it's music web pages with millions of traffic on it...I'm keeping that to support the music scene for the artists I like because the bands need the promotion and I'm playing there. 

So I was doing all that, and someone goes..."hey here's you at the art gallery"...holy fuck I said, I had forgot about that because I was distracted with music and school work...what's the point of playing Death Metal when I'm already at the museum. 

Then I remembered and almost died laughing today because that's what I'm doing that's where I started from for today and I'm still I was just going to University and stuff and forgot. 

Anyway, I got one picture I did posted up on of some abstract art.

After seeing the old stuff I almost quit music and threw it in the garbage because it sucks to what I did years ago when I had management.

Now I'll probably do some more art and post it on and make an art page on there because that is bigger than music.

That's what's happening with me fifteen years out of University.

The point is music is small to that when I seen it even with millions of web visitors on my pages, and my music promotion is for a bigger business later.

So I'll probably be putting more work into the page and my book stuff .

Those are the bigger pages and my book guide already has a large following. 

Then the web traffic I am building from music for my future store with be for selling my books and then I am making toys and comics and stuff for my Space Command books....that is where I hope to make money....selling books, comics and toys etc. stuff like that...but I'm holding on to the music promotion and have some records still to finish, like from when I started that one in University.

That's what I mean...the larger business is for selling books and toys and I'll probably do some more art when I get time and post it on the internet.

So the band and music promotion is leading to the news page and books and toys which is what I am ACTUALLY doing to try and make money.

As for a Space Command book I'm working on the villains for books one to three and I have all the stories finished.

Now I'm going to have to update the book page and maybe I'll do some updates on my progress so far on the page since I'm starting to get a rabid internet following on there.

After all that I'll probably just stay home and sell paper clips or something.


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