Monday, November 9, 2020

HALIFAX: Protestors Call For Rent Control, Argue For Illegal Increases...Community Services Said To Use E-Food To Supplement Budget

There was a protest at City Hall and Province House about illegal rent increases which also took place during the covid ban on rent increases.

Although the cause is good, their argument is wrong...

Protestors call for a minimum of three percent annual rent stop.

They are saying in Halifax now that when you rent an apartment it is a credit account in another scam and then they start automatically increasing your rent every year.

That is NOT correct and is illegal.

The actual rent contol increase is NO INCREASE AT ALL.

Plus rent increases have been banned under covid...I received a rent increase in Nova Scotia of $25 per month this summer illegally, from the my buildings owner in Ontario who owns apartment complexes which is also illegal.

We were also promised rent reductions from Ottawa which never happened.

This summer tenants in Halifax received illegal rent increases plus under covid for a second offense...all those landlords are heading to jail.

What in fact is happening is rent needs to be DECREASED by law as food prices have removed Canada's food guide from citizens making our rent rates 100% illegal.

So either they decrease rent, then ban increases which is illegal anyway right now, then they need to lower food and other store prices.

Then they owe us rebates and financial supplements from Ottawa.

Meanwhile, Community Services wants you to use e-food from the internet because they no longer support welfare or the disabled so maybe get a 3d printer and print off some efood they mean and eat the paper, maybe throw some food coloring on it.

I understand protestors have the right idea, but they are asking for something which is illegal so they are being tricked into asking for a lower percent increase they are saying that's automatic now which it isn't and is illegal.

So I agree with the protest but the actual increase is $0 per year plus they owe us a rent reduction and rebates.

Plus they offer no programs at all and don't support food budgets for coupons or supplements to bring homes up to the basic nutrition level from Canada's Food Guide.

Expect massive arrests of government workers in the near future in Nova Scotia and Ottawa.


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