Friday, November 20, 2020

HALIFAX: Why Everything Is Stupid Here

Like with the scams and everything the government here passes everything has to be stupid and all the awards and grants have to been given to causes with no supporters like with the new art gallery design...everything has to be stupid.

That's the people that keep harassing me to death like in my court victory against the government listed below...then they do that and that's what happened to me and I sued them and they should be gone.

Every time, like with my stuff, they want it to be for a stupid cause or some Amway scam or business and it's always PETA and minorities...causes with no supporters.

Like they get this big huge grant and every time the government awards the construction and prizes to some group that has no supporters like PETA or minorities or something.

Everyone here is white and from England, then they get millions of dollars in grants and they have to give it to a cause for an article in the news paper that has no indian art with no fans or PETA for some animal cause.

Then when you go down to the exhibit it had no fans and there was no one in the cause and the place closes and they wasted all the grant money.

Like they don't like Van Gogh around here at the government it always has to be peta indian jibber wall cause that no has no fans.

Why can't you get a real cause and gallery or something for the regular people that will actually attend.

I will never support any of that with my stuff and it will always be just for me, normal and white people and I will NEVER support any minority or peta like cause because it all sucks and has no fans and everyone hates pass up on the master piece to support peta and indians for a one day exhibit with no supporters and waste millions of dollars in federal grant money....fuck ya then.

You'll never have my support with you stupid peta like causes in this Country, fuck off and die then.


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