Wednesday, November 11, 2020

SARCASM: Fuck Off Canada

Are you joking man, there's nothing open during covid in Atlantic Canada.

Why you people are going to school and working is pathetic, that's a scam.

They're just trying to see if you'll go to work and school and not say anything from Ottawa.

If you quit your job or school and then go apply for benefits with a lawyer they have to give you support man, that's what's going on with me.  

I went down to Remembrance Day in Halifax and there was no one even there in Halifax or Dartmouth, they had a few seats setup and tv camera and that's it.

I had to go to two hospitals to start requesting my medial files for the legal aid to get my files corrected here in Halifax and they were swamped and screening for covid and the records department was closed and I had to be screened twice and wash my hands before they let me in.

Then they said the records department was working from home.

Then I went to the Law Courts to get files from there and that was closed, and they only had the Sheriff's working who gave me the number for the records department.

Then I went to Community Services for Legal Aid and the front desk was open but the workers were working from home and I had to talk on the telephone only.

Then I went to legal aid which was open and they now have a new office at The Halifax Shopping Center up in the tower in the elevator.

My building started charging "yearly interest" on my apartment which is fake and now I have to go to court and they owe me back rent money, then after I got a fake summons and they tried to put my rent up which starts in January and I have to go to court to block the rent increase and now I want my money back.

Plus the Hospital and everywhere had all my files wrong and I have to get my education and medical files corrected and had to call the teacher at St.Francis Xavier University to call the hospital and legal aid to tell them what my degree was because the people at the front counters at government offices here keep lying saying I'm a "homeless vagrant" like at Nova Scotia Student Loan who wouldn't file my Federal Income Tax Information and I had to get the University to call them and fix the files.


Now I have to run around filing all this shit when everything is closed so I can get my rent money back and sued them at The Legal Aid and turned Access Nova Scotia, Five Star Baillif and Student Loan and them all into the legal for trying to scam me.

Plus I had to explain to the social worker for Legal Aid that British Columbia handed out money this summer to welfare and disability and Nova Scotia didn't and now I have them all in Court, when it is closed by the way, to get my rent money back from some scam operating here from Ontario and at the Halifax tenancy board.



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