Monday, November 30, 2020

Halifax Apartments

So they say they have low vacancy, then they want all this money for apartments here right then if you're on a disability cheque they don't tell you what extra benefits they can offer you if you need assistance....

Right, then they go just rent that one and pay that much.

Then later they go, you're not approved for painkillers...then you go....yeah it's on the illness sheet from the Hospital and they didn't have it.

Then they didn't offer you any extra services like housing subsidies and like if you didn't know they just let you pay more money.

Now later you go and say you were paying too much money, then they go...yah get a lawyer because we can't fix that.


Oh yeah, so if you can't fix it why'd you deny services?


Then you go on kijiji and look for apartments and you go under $500.

You can get a 2 bedroom with everything included...then they go "no smoking" , yeah fuck you.

Then they other one is bachelor apartment that you have to share with an Indian. 


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