Monday, November 30, 2020

HALIFAX: How Bad Is It Out?

This is Christmas during covid, how bad is it here in Halifax...well like this, the welfare / disability office is issuing cheques without medical records, during a pandemic, meaning when you call to ask for something they don't have the file with your medical information and they refuse you benefits.

Like you have a medical condition and you call to get pain killers or something then they say no they don't cover it, then they didn't even have the files that said you were allowed to have them for the payment.

Then they want you to fix it using your own lawyer.

Not only that, if you're an Olympic Medalist don't expect them to come looking for you for some social event..they have too many athletes to be doing that, you didn't think they were taking you in to live with them did you?

Like at the Oympics....

Trust me they don't do that, I was at the Calgary '88 Olympic stuff and I know.


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