Monday, November 30, 2020

What Am I Mad About?

Like this on the disability claim form for your benefits cheques...

Canada Federal Government Tax Fund

Form 1A Disability Application For Benefits Cheque

1A. Disability Tax Form


You go to the Community Services office in Halifax and they said they didn't have it....form 1A for your disability claim of the Provincial and Federal tax budget.

Then when you ask for the money from the Federal Form they told you to get  lawyer.

Good enough then. 

Like that's what I mean....why do I have to get a lawyer and file tons claims and medical record forms to correct my files that's going to cost me a bunch of time and money.

Then all do is check a box on the computer screen to fix the files and they said they won't do it, then I would have to go spend all this time and stuff getting my files from the courts with my lawyer to take back to your office all done in advance...

When you don't do any work at all, just to get you click the check box.

That's because you fucking lost your case.


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