Friday, November 27, 2020

HALIFAX: Update - Old Mattress On Path Path Behind Army Base Leads To Sex Doll Brother Rumors

Sex Doll Bothel At Lake Banook And Braemar Drive?

By: Jason Mackenzie - Internet Blogger And Death Metal Band

Lake Banook, Halifax

Recent findings of a mattress behind a Halifax army base on a walking trail that was used by hobos has lead to a rumor of a Sex Doll Brothel being run at Lake Banook and Braemar by MMA Fighters.


Rumors include the Sex Doll Brothel was protected by a fake sheriff who was attempting to collect debts for the doll by using collection agency services, similar brothels have been popping up in Ontario.

In a story connected to the brothel claims of wrongful evictions and fake eviction summons hearings from the Nova Scotia Tenancy board who is also responsible for rental issues in the area, also used the same debt collection services.

In a related case The Nova Scotia Community Services has been caught issuing government cheques in Halifax without the cheque recipients Hospital Records, leading to rent overcharges and unpaid medical supplements for disability patients.

Upon reviewing the case the issue was sent to lawyers and the client told to get legal representation against the Community Services to force them to correct their files and use the proper medical records of clients files.

The case is still under review.

At the time the Community Services Office issued the cheques without Hospital records the same Tenancy Board allowed landlords to increase rent up to 14% per year here in Halifax with no Hospital supervision by Community Services which lead to evictions and fake summons being issued by the Tenancy Board.

Debt Collection for the land lords through the Tenancy Board was done by the same similar collection agency services who also collect debts for the sex doll brothel issued the fake summons during the outage at Community Services and now some clients may be owed back rent and back benefits payments which were cancelled while they ran the Halifax Office with no Hospital medical records.

One customer of the Sex Doll Brothel may have been quoted as saying "I'm almost homeless and live downtown, growing up I couldn't get laid so we all took turns using the sex doll brothel from downtown Halifax and Main Street Dartmouth."


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