Thursday, November 19, 2020


So I won my court with my illegal rent increases and stuff.

Here's what happened....

The Nova Scotia Government cut my benefits and then illegally increased my rent saying they were charging me a yearly interest of up to 14% rent increases.

Anyway, that was not my rent situation and they started charging me yearly percentage rent increases....what happened was the Government had my medical information wrong and they were charging me the wrong rates...when I went there they said the doctor "changed my diagnosis" or something and they had my medical file information wrong.

Then I had to go to the lawyer because they used to have it right, then they illegally audited my files and put the wrong medical diagnosis on my case...then they cut my benefits.

So I have to go to the lawyer to get my medical records corrected because the government owes me back money.

Then, after they cut my benefits they illegally raised my rent and I am trying to get my rent money back because they did that using the wrong medical file, then after they put my rent up they gave me a fake eviction summons last year and I already beat that...then they tried to increase my rent this year during covid and I am trying to block the increase with the lawyer because they have my case wrong with my medical records and stuff.

Anyway, when they did that they didn't issue me and letters and cut my benefits with no notice or letters outside the office or something and I beat them in court, now they owe me back money.

So now I am getting my files audited to correct my medical records at the government and when they do that they owe me back money and back rent money because they were charging me the wrong rate...because they can't increase my rent by percentage because I don't work...and they did it with the wrong medical file information and now when they correct my medical records they may owe me my money back and that is what is in court.

Then the same thing happened at Nova Scotia Student Loan and they they used the wrong file information and they might owe me a back tax return.  

So right now I have the government at the lawyers office to correct my medical files like in an audit and when they do that they might owe me back money, then I am also asking them to make Five Star Bailiff pay back my legal bills to legal aid.

Then after all that is done Five Star Bailiff and Access Nova Scotia at the tenancy board owe me a settlement for the fake summons and now I didn't even have to pay the money they tried to collect because they raised my bills using the wrong medical file...then the doctor didn't file my forms correctly with the wrong medical files and now the government is saying they never got them, but the doctor sent them three times....using the wrong medical file information and then she quit during covid and now I have them all in court.

Expect a six month to two year resolution while I have my files audited for my back money, try to block my rent increase then I am seeking a financial settlement because I won the case at the Legal Aid outside of court but it will take a couple years to resolve my back money from the file audit and settlement for the fake summons etc.

Stay tuned.


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