Friday, December 4, 2020

HALIFAX: Expect Low Government Connectivity

I can't even believe this man, like if  you live out in the county you're going to pass out because they don't have this there because the areas are too small.

You go to the medical clinic and they don't know what the other medical clinics only some can process medical cannabis applications...but they don't know which ones.

Then when you look around there are so many that they might be fake, like the point is the government wants you to do all that by run your own office at home to process your medical records and stuff...ok what do you do then?

Like that right, then like you're at work you have to run around trying to find the claim form at home then go out and find an office that will fill out the form then when you get that done you might need to file it with a lawyer.

If I'm doing all that work they can't be doing anything at all, like shouldn't that be your job getting all those applications and stuff for me when I ask.

No they don't have that they said, the government.

Now they expect you to do all that yourself.


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