Tuesday, December 1, 2020

HALIFAX: Garbage Dumps Appearing On City Block Corners

Yeah like up here in my neighborhood by the Junior High School, people here are renting out duplex's and city apartments on street corners and then dumping garbage on them...bums are even then taking the garbage in the buildings an ruining them.

Right in front you when it was clean ten minutes ago, dumping shit and garbage all over the street corners and then trying to use them for drug dealing in a school zone.

Yeah, then the bums thought the city was going to keep it like that....after they dumped garbage right in front of them...plus that's people they gave housing subsidies to and then they are using them for dumping garbage on the street corners so they can deal drugs in them.

Then the community services was operating with no medical records from the Hospital and didn't verify doctors letters with the patients...then they cut their benefits and didn't give them housing subsidies.

Now other people like me have to go out and use my University Degree to fix my own files and process my own government medical records and benefits claims...ok I'll just go open an office then and start processing the forms through the civil court myself then.


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