Saturday, July 24, 2021

See They Made It

See they made it Magic Cards Dungeons &'s Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms printed on Magic Card format. 

Six months after I made my game on Dragon Adventures they printed theirs.

Now I got all this pressure on me to get mine going bigger, which it is big right now.

It's only $300...their game.

I mean come off it, Hasbro prints my games...this is just a pre-order D20 version has been out for six months for free.

I mean I'm not getting paid for that but everyone knows that's what it is, like the web traffic I'm getting off it is probably worth more than the pay check.


Yeah, I'm the out back game then building all the modules in beta Hasbros printing my stuff, and I didn't even have take it up the ass yet from some women to get that, when's this money coming anyway.

I'm going to have the biggest Dungeons & Dragons office on the iternet in ten minutes after that...remember that's my concept.



I mean Hasbro's printing them, where's my sales at?


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