Friday, July 30, 2021

These Are My Final Instruction Until After My Summer Vacation

Sorry entertainment company I have to pull my promotions for the rest of the summer because all them guys from East Hastings & Skid Row showed up downtown during the election and the whole thing is on television.

I'm just gonna jump right to it....I gave downtown to the bums, the ones from East Hastings who sold my stuff on the streets...they all showed up downtown and I have a restraining order against the group of them.

They got some bum camp setup in the City Hall Court Yard, it was so nuts down there this week I can't believe events right downtown.

That's right on the news man, the bums took the downtown man...I fucking pulled out, it doesn't matter anyway I was just downtown there using their hand sanitizer know like billing a bunch of my soap budget back to the city, then getting my turn on the new garbage can at the bridge terminal.

The place is going up man...I checked...they got the bank machine and store inventory all unguarded all over the place.

Then they dug up Spring Garden Road and put fences up - that's the corral point for the when the place goes nuts they are going to fence them in on Spring Garden Road, then they left all the store inventory unguarded and the bums took the downtown.

Everybody knows downtown about my house and stuff that got stolen and that the guy from the band from Toronto followed me home from the Pavillion all ages club and climbed in my window and went through my underwear and stole my t-shirts and records (back in 2008 I mean), then they were down there trying to sell my stolen records or something to all the kids staking at the park.

Like homeless people squadding, selling stolen goods at the skate park trying to get the kids in everybody knows that the bums that got caught had the other people selling my stolen stuff out in East Hastings and they come down here start flaming people, then the stolen goods guys came from the underwear guy and some pawn shop and now I gotta get outta here.

I'm still in the area but I'm way over in Dartmouth almost in Waverly and I'm using outside services, so that place went up and everybody's down there can have it!

The bums win now, they're back in and I'm gone - only downtown!

Now I'm "out at the lake" until September and all them East Hasting people are down there fighting about the underwear guy and the stolen goods from my house because they flamed me against the restraining order and it came right out in public so I had to take off, anyway now they all know the stolen goods they had in East Hastings were from the home invasion and it was from the underwear guy and the whole Commons went up in flames.  

That's because they got caught selling stolen goods from the guy that stole my underwear and all those people owe me money and we had this big civil rights clash and it all came out and everyone's on the same page now and their all fighting...right on the news probably on City Hall cameras, I gotta get out of here.


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