Tuesday, July 27, 2021

SUMMER 2021: Nova Scotia Is Awesome This Summer

Old Nova Scotia days are back to me, the reopening just started and there's a new election with real candidates with Premier Ian Rankin...glad to see it's the Rankin Family running for office here in Halifax for President Of Old Nova Scotia - aka Atlantic Canada.

I was downtown today, free water bottles at the library...water bottle recharge station cooling up.

All the bums and beggars downtown are all sqadding down on Spring Garden Road in front of all all the womens underwear stores and the girls can't get in....that was big deal down there today and not going well for beggars.

Not only that they are running our issues the Rankins on their campaign for future job growth and industry from Nova Scotia with tourist season heating up and a record number of cruise ships heading in.

Yeah anyway, it was an awesome day here in Halifax with the reopening getting started and the traffic and stuff is just gearing up with super awesome weather, you can't even believe it.


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