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Halifax’s North End Is The Worst Area In The History Of Nova Scotia

Halifax Citizens Are Banning Inner City Slums In Halifax

The problem in Downtown Halifax right now being caused by the “residents” of the condemned slums (Hobo’s) in the North End Area is at an all time ridiculous high. The problem is so outlandish when you hear about it you can’t even believe people would actually participate in the behavior with others in a public environment.

Yet here it is, right in Downtown Halifax.
Personally, I don’t want these people in the downtown area anyway just because I don’t like them. The good thing is they shouldn’t be down there anyway and the City wants to have them removed and banned from begging and loitering in the area.

Here is the point: 

The new downtown area being constructed is not being built for the homeless people in the North End of Halifax to hang around in.

Right now the City is under a lot of renovations with new buildings going up everywhere. Those buildings are being built for OTHER people, NOT for the people in the North End to use.
Pretty soon all of the downtown area is going to be completely renovated. Those fucking hobo’s from the North End are all running around saying they are artists, musicians, photographers etc. and ruining the community in Downtown Halifax.

You are NOT artists, photographers, musicians in the North End. You are liars.

Those are the people putting up posters all over the downtown area every two minutes and there are no real events to go with them. If you did go their would be like two people there. They are all saying they are “In everything artistic” in Halifax then they go around the City begging for money with stupid cardboard signs. 

They are the same people standing in the middle of the main roads by the bridges on the medians putting signs putting signs in your face when you are parked at the traffic lights begging you for money. Everyone in Halifax fucking hates that.

Now everyone in the City wants them banned from begging in the downtown area and the North End demolished.

In the future there probably won’t be any house below Robie Street and Windsor Street to the Macdonald Bridge.

Those are the area’s on the way into the City from the MacKay Bridge and the Main Road to the Halifax Hospitals, which could also use renovations. The Hospitals in Halifax are also in need of big makeovers. Specifically the Victoria General Hospital and the IWK Children’s Hospital which could both use Hundred’s of Millions of Dollars in Renovations to bring them up to date with current building standards and modern medical technology and possibly even new floor wax at the Victoria General. 

In the future, the City Blocks  around these two hospitals will probably be demolished to make room for the new Super Hospitals like the one’s on the Television Soap Opera’s like the Classic show General Hospital.

The new Super Hospitals will probably have every technological advancement available and hopefully take up a few City Blocks in the area when they are constructed. 

To make room for the new Hospitals the City of Halifax will have to demolish several blocks around the area and then they will have to Widen all the Roads in the Hospital area to make room for the traffic and provide new parking garages.

When the Roads in Halifax are widened there will probably be no houses left in Downtown Halifax below the Hospital Area and around the Halifax Commons all the Way out to the Mackay Bridge and the North End.

For someone like me, to get this City Project passed through City and Provincial Legislation to widen the Roads in Halifax and Build the new Hospitals I would gladly pay the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars it would take out of my own money it would take to build the Super Hospitals but unfortunately I am not an Infinite Trillionaire yet as I am just setting up my business right now and don’t have the Capital for that Endeavor yet. Right now it is just a Record Label and Books coming out.

For me I would say we need to Build the new Hospitals and Widen the Roads and then remove the  fucking hobo’s from Downtown Halifax and ban them from Begging in the Area, and then Demolish all their old neighborhoods.

The Downtown area in Halifax right now is at a Crawl with all the new Construction and looks closed anyway. Now they are blocking off side streets where they are building the new World Trade Center or Nova Center and the whole area is pretty much closed off. 

You can practically walk around in the streets down there it is so quiet without getting run over. How many Streets are they blocking off anyway to make picnic areas? Hopefully a lot. This will also run out all those seedy businesses down there when they start cleaning the area and will help keep the hobo’s from the North End off the Greenery and new Shopping Centers.

Speaking of Traffic Congestion, how narrow is Barrington Street Anyway? 

The main road in Downtown Halifax is super narrow and traffic is super slow with all the construction. Unfortunately, the City of Halifax probably can’t widen the Historical Barrington Street into four lanes because of the Buildings there. However, there are many other areas of Downtown where the Roads can be widened to ease Traffic Congestion…like through the North End of Halifax.
When the roads Downtown are Widened through the North End the “neighborhood” which is actually a rundown slum full of hobo’s will no longer exist.

Here is the scenario in Downtown Halifax right now, there is so much construction on the Water Front and around the new Nova World Trade Center that all the surrounding buildings and the Whole North End and Gottingen Street have already started falling down from ground vibrations from construction equipment.

Now the whole area is condemned AND falling down. The heavy weight of all the new buildings going up and continuous vibrations have already started knocking down many of the buildings in the area around the Nova Center, Gottingen Street and all the houses and business in the North End.

The area is so dilapidated that the new building construction all over Downtown has weakened the North End, Gottingen Street and adjacent buildings in the area that they are visibly condemned and already falling down.

Specifically, in the Blowers Street Area by the new Nova Center Buildings at what used to be “Pizza Corner”, where their used to be all Pizza Restaurants but it’s not there anymore.

All the old buildings at the old Pizza Corner on Blowers Street, which looks like hobo’s in the area stuck chewing gum all over the pavement by the Nova Center Construction office and then took a shit all over it, needs to be demolished.

That is the area where currently the Office is for the Construction of the Nova Center on Blowers Street at the old Pizza Corner Location.  

All those buildings are condemned and need to be demolished including the block that the Nova Center Construction office is in. The only buildings that will probably still be intact when they are finished construction will probably be the Historical Churches on Spring Garden Road and around Blowers Street. All old buildings have already started falling down from the construction of the new World Trade Center and are extremely dilapidated and unsafe for shopping in. 

Not only are they physically unsafe there is another problem in there in Downtown Halifax…..drug dealing.

Not only are the old buildings unsafe they are full of Drug Dealing Hobo’s from the North End of Halifax all down there ruining the brand new area.

Speaking of drug dealing in the Halifax area new research and observation has shown that the Drug Dealers are probably actually using Medical Marijuana and Natural Wellness or “weed” shops as they are known as Drug Dealing Stands.

Now in Halifax to buy drugs all you have to do is go into a Medical Marijuana store front as ask them about Medical Marijuana. They will probably give you information on how to get a marijuana license and say they are trying to help people get legal marijuana.

Then this happens… start hanging around the medical marijuana stand for a while and get to know the people who work there. After a while their friends show up and you start hanging out with them and then when they get to know you they START SELLING YOU HEROIN.

That’s right everyone, drug dealers are now running store fronts in Halifax and calling them Medical Marijuana Resources. The resources they have are Heroin dealers that you meet from hanging around there all day learning about medical marijuana from the staff at the fake “marijuana resource center”.
Then the real drug dealing is out back when their friends show up and get to know you. Now the places are overrun with Hobo’s looking for “weed” and heroin in the Downtown Halifax area.

This is what the result of all those factors looks like in Downtown Halifax. You go down to the Brand New Scotia Square Mall attached to the Hotels and Casino at what I believe is the old World Trade Center. 

You go into the new huge expanded Food Court in Scotia Square where they have these brand new Glass Enclosures overlooking Barrington Street and all brand new seating and tables. Plus the building is still under construction and hopefully they will be expanding the mall to go with the new expanded Food Court. 

So you sit at the tables and brand new furniture where the Glass Enclosures are overlooking Barrington Street and you look over to the new “lounge area” where they have cushy seating like sofa chairs or something and there is this fucking hobo in there from the North End and Gottingen Street just up on the next Block over there taking a shit in the new lounge seats.

Now you’re down there at this brand new huge mall area at the Casino and Hotel in the old World Trade Center sitting by the new Glass Enclosure’s overlooking Barrington Street and having a Starbucks or Tim Hortons’s Coffee and there are fucking hobo’s in the new Scotia Square Mall taking a shit in the seats on the new lounge seating from the fucking North End of Halifax.

 Just to let you fucking hobo’s know….they are not building the new Scotia Square Mall on Barrington Street for Hobo’s from the North End of Halifax in Leather Outfits up the Road.

Then they’ll all be down there bumming with cardboard signs and taking a shit on the new furniture and picking their nose and wiping it on the new tables and seating at the brand new Food Court at Scotia Square in Downtown Halifax.

The new Food Court in Scotia Square looks super good with new glass enclosures right in the Food Court looking out at the Delta Barrington Hotel and the Casino Area.

Then all these fucking hobo’s think that the City built it for them in the North End and they’re all down there all over it bumming and taking a shit in the new furniture.

The Halifax Downtown area is for OTHER PEOPLE and not for hobo’s from the North End to be sitting in all day fucking annoying people.

The fucking pricks down there think that just because they live near the down town area in a condemned neighborhood that all the stuff down there is for them. It isn’t. It’s for other people and the new buildings are not for them either. They are for other people.

Fuck you Halifax North End. Other people in the area want to use that stuff down there without you fuckers being down there ruining it by bumming and bothering people.

Everybody fucking hates that down there. Those fucking pricks from the North End and Gottingen Street have to be ALL OVER EVERYTHING in the downtown area.  You can’t have one thing down there without them being all over it.

If you open a coffee shop they all run down there loitering at it and hanging out there all day. Then they start trying to find out who owns the business and then they start bumming them.

They try to get to know ANYONE who does anything artistic in Downtown Halifax.

Then they try and get in on their thing and get to know them and start looking for hand outs. Those fucking cunts down there from the North End will then go out and start copying you saying their doing the same thing as you and then start postering all the downtown area with crap about their thing.

This is how it works down there in the fucking slums with those hobo’s. Everyone one of them says their an artist, musician or photographer etc. and if anyone try’s to do anything in art or music they all fucking run down there and try and claim it. 

Then they try and get to know you and start bumming, just like they do in leather outfits with cardboard signs all over downtown Halifax.

I don’t who let them start doing that around here but it was a fucking mistake. 

Everyone one of them thinks their a fucking artist and musician. Then if you don’t feed them or give them money they start flaming you.

Then they go around saying the entire art and music community in Halifax lives in the North End.

It’s not even possible that this would be true, you are just lying hobo’s pretending to be musicians and artists to get away with bumming money with cardboard signs in Downtown Halifax. Myself personally knows YOU ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE.

All you fucking hobo’s in the North End said you were a heavy metal music community then when I went down there with my REAL Death Metal Band you all wanted my fucking money from my house and band and wanted me to buy you fucking food and start running a soup kitchen for you so you could eat for free off my paycheck ten years ago.

Then you all were going around saying that “it’s not fair that Jason Mackenzie has all this money from his job in Project Management because we never got a chance to be huge Heavy Metal Stars.”
Then they all got mad in the group of them in the North End of Halifax because I wouldn’t give them money from my paycheck at a Corporation ten years ago then they all flamed me on the internet and here is the deal.

Then they went around Halifax and tried to RUIN MY ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN for my band in the Downtown Halifax Area from the North End and Gottingen Street.

Then they went out and postered for all their bands all over the downtown area on telephone poles to promote their bands while they flamed me on the internet and said “THE HALIFAX METAL SCENE HATES JASON MACKENZIE’S BAND BECAUSE HE IS A PRICK” all over Halifax. Then when someone new comes to the “metal scene” here they all start saying that “everyone hates Jason Mackenzie’s band on Gottingen Street and in the North End because he won’t give us money or feed us from his Corporate Job and if you want to be friends and play music with us in Halifax you’re not allowed to like Jason Mackenzie’s band because we’re Hobo’s and he won’t feed us.”

What they mean by me being a prick is that I won’t support them by giving them money or food because they think it’s not fair that I play in a band and I have money for food and don’t have to go begging downtown with a cardboard sign.

Newflash cunts in the North End and Gottingen Street….my music is NOT FOR YOU.  It is for DEATH METAL FANS which you are not.

If you didn’t know, not every heavy metal band if there was one has to be for people in the North End of Halifax.

You don’t have to be friends with hobo’s in the North End to be in Death Metal Music in Halifax.

Here is the factual correction about the posters and metal stuff in Halifax. I am the only person in Heavy Metal in Halifax and I have the ONLY DEATH METAL BAND TO EVER EXIST IN HALIFAX.


No one in the North End has even ever had a Death Metal band. They are all stupid and you can’t play.

What you are saying is that you have to be from the North End and be a Hobo in the Slums or you can’t play Death Metal in Halifax because of you. Then you will all go out and flame me and try to ruin my advertising campaign locally, and the put up all these posters to cover mine up.


I don’t play concerts in Halifax because there are no Death Metal fans here. All there are is hobo’s in the North End so there is no point in having a concert here anymore.

Then all you do is just bum money and look for food. Then you all think you are super tough and have this “mouth” on you like you are always picking a fight. 

No one in Halifax is going to be putting up with your mouths in the North End saying that you are looking for a fight with everyone while you are bumming with a cardboard sign downtown.

You are going to be banned from bumming in the downtown area and the North End and Gottingen Street will be demolished.

Everyone knows that the entire metal scene in Halifax is owned by Jason Mackenzie from Collapse, and the North End and Gottingen Street will be demolished and then you will leave the area.

If I have to I will have President Trump issue the order to have the Canadian Government remove your neighborhood to make way for the new Roads to the Hospital and to the Downtown Area. 

When the Downtown area is restructured the North End will now be four lane interchanges with shopping and high rise apartment areas.

With the downtown area expanding into the North End and Gottingen Street there is no room left in Halifax for your area. Your condemned houses will be turned into City Apartments so that more people can live in the Downtown Halifax Area in the smaller space with wider roads to ease traffic congestion.

Upon careful examination of the behavior of the hobo’s from the North End of Halifax and Gottingen Street research has determined that they are all down there running around in leather outfits dressed up like the characters on the Motorhead record album cover “The Ace of Spades”.

This appears to be some kind of “Catcher in the Rye” syndrome, where they can’t stop listening to the record “The Ace of Spades” and now they are in Downtown Halifax enacting out scenes from the lyrics in public in the group from the album.

No specific example at this point, but apparently they are “living out” scenes in real life from the lyrics of the songs on the Motorhead Album “The Ace of Spades”. This is not recent and has been going on for years now.

How this translates is they end up saying they are in a heavy metal band and are wearing leather outfits with pants and vests and jackets and boots etc.  and go around the City like an “Urban Cowboy” who wears a leather outfit. Then they bum for money all day getting in everyone’s face. 

Then if a real musician won’t feed them they try to ruin their local advertising campaign in Downtown Halifax and they over poster their music on telephone poles. Then they all flame you on the internet and trying to ruin your band in the local area because you refuse to feed them.

I am being told that the reason they wear leather outfit’s is because they are homeless and don’t have to wash them. They just wipe off the dirt with a cloth because they are water proof.

Then they are hanging around outside all day bumming with cardboard signs and then wipe off their leather pants when they get dirty in the bathroom of the new Scotia Square on Barrington at the Delta Hotel and Park lane Mall by the Movie Theater on Spring Garden Road.

Then when you track down their music and listen to their “recording” they all have no production on them and have no musical theory on their albums at all. They can’t write songs and the all the guitars are off sync with no real heavy metal drum beats in them or BPM.

This is because they were probably on drugs when they recorded their records and think they sound good. In reality, it is not even music.

Then they go around over postering all over Downtown Halifax and no one goes to their concerts.

They must be so high on drugs on the North End of Halifax that the bands their think they are actually playing music and even recorded it.

Every band to ever exist in the North End of Halifax is fucking FAKE. 

They are just hobo’s on drugs bumming in Downtown Halifax.


Everyone in the North End keeps saying they are the metal scene but it is NOT POSSIBLE for every metal band to be that poor and ridicules. 

That is not even a music scene. Music scenes do not just exist in one neighborhood.
They are just liars.

People told me that they are so poor in the North End when I went to play there ten years ago that they never seen a real Guitar Amplifier before and when they did they wanted me to start giving them money and start feeding them.

When I told them to suck it they started flaming me on the Maritime Metal webpage which has been gone for years and tried to ruin my local advertising campaign because I wouldn’t give them money or feed them.

If you have ANY MONEY AT ALL you can’t go to the North End of Halifax because they will get mad because you won’t feed them.

Right now the North End and Gottingen Street has already started falling down and looks like it’s being demolished and they are still hobo’s living it while it’s being torn down and condemned.

The whole thing is the stupidest event to ever exist in Canada and the people in the North End and Gottingen Street must be the poorest people in Canada for this behavior to exist there.

Here is one of the main problems with the Hobo’s there.

They all say they are musicians, and artists and photographers and then when you go to the Downtown Area to be an artist they all show up from the North End. 

That’s what happened to me directly ten years ago. Fortunately, most of those people moved away and are no longer playing in bands but the problem is still there today.

 Then they want to make friends with you by saying they are an artist and want you to help them out with money and food, if you reject them they all flame you and smack talk you with tough guy mouths and try and ruin your local advertising campaign.

These hobo’s can not be allowed be continue to occupy the new downtown area because it is for other people and NOT THEM.

The stuff they are building downtown is NOT FOR THE NORTH END OF HALIFAX TO RUIN.

Halifax is a super friendly LGBT Community and they have stuff up everywhere. A lot of people in the LGBT Community are probably trying to be artists and run gallery’s and stuff downtown and go shopping in the area without being bothered.

Halifax is probably the most LGBT Place on Earth from I can see. Everyone knows that no one bother’s anyone here in Halifax. 

Now you have hobo’s from the North End and Gottingen Street which are the OPPOSITE of LGBT Halifax.

If an artist in the LGBT Community in Downtown Halifax opens a studio or something the hobo’s will all run down there and harass them for money. If they don’t give them money they will flame them on the internet and try and ruin their local advertising.


The attitude in the North End of Halifax has nothing to do with REAL Halifax.  People who are in the LGBT Community want to go shopping all the time without being bothered. Now hobo’s from the North End and Gottingen Street are bothering EVERYONE who says they are an artist and not from the North End. 

If they don’t give them money they will flame them and try and ruin their advertising campaign.
Those are the same people bothering them that are wearing leather Motorhead outfits and harassed me ten years ago.

If that can happen to someone like me in Downtown Halifax with all my education and music everything it can happen to ANYONE.

Including members of the LGBT Community.

If they bother a St.FX Grad and Project Manager from a huge Corporation like myself who is HUGE IN THE REAL MUSIC SCENE they will bother ANYONE.

They are all FUCKED IN THE HEAD.

Fortunately for me, I will just kick their ass. Other people might not be able to do that. They are the ones whole will face ridicule and flaming from the North End and Gottingen Street for being an artist without their permission.

Everyone says they are all jealous of me….duh. That’s because I am super hot and they are hobo’s. Then they lie to all the girls in the Downtown Area and tell them all these crazy stories to get them into the North End.

Then all the guys down their try and act tough telling girls all these crazy stories which are LIES and saying shit to flame me to try and pick up girls off my reputation saying they are tougher than me because they are rotten fucks.

They are just pricks who live in the City and bother anyone who has money because they think the art community is just for them in the North End and that the Entire Downtown Area is being built for them to take a shit in.

Downtown Halifax is NOT FOR THEM.

They are NOT artists, musicians or photographers.

Downtown Halifax is for OTHER PEOPLE who are REGULAR.

All these people need to be banned from begging in the Downtown Area and the Slums have to be torn down as soon as possible.

The actual Heavy Metal Scene and Death Metal Scene is JUST FANS.

They are regular people at home and kid’s at the Junior High School.

The real heavy metal scene is kids in Junior High who get their Mother’s to buy them Slayer Shirts at Stitches for back to school and people like me who sit around at home watching music videos all day.
That is the real heavy metal scene in Halifax. It’s the kid’s at the Junior High School listening to Slayer CD’s and getting their stuff at Stitches for Back to School.

That has NOTHING TO DO with the events in Downtown Halifax with the hobo’s from the North End.


There are hobo’s and bums looking for money and food and ruining real artists advertising campaigns in the Halifax area.

 If you go down there the people with the cardboard signs in downtown will bother you for all your money and try and make you feed them.

They are people who are ADDICTED to LOITERING and BEGGING FOR MONEY in the Halifax Area.

All those hobo’s are fucking idiots who are addicted to loitering and bumming.

They need to be banned from begging in downtown Halifax, including Street Performers who are loitering and begging because people apparently have the same issue about them.

People want to go shopping on Spring Garden Road without having to get cardboard signs shoved in their face from people looking for money and listening to people banding on pots and pans all day with their hat on the ground.

All you people need to get the fuck out of my face because I fucking hate you.
It would be nice to be downtown for a coffee without hearing people banging on pots and pans begging and hobo’s everywhere.

Why don’t you fucking pricks give it a rest and get the fuck out of my face.

Other people are trying to use the downtown area and the new mall and food court for regular purposes.

Why don’t you take your drugs and problems and begging and go somewhere else and stop bothering real artists like me and people in the LGBT Community around here.

No one has any Compassion for you in Halifax, so why don’t you take your fucking tattooed sleeves for arms and get the fuck out of our faces cunts.

These are the people who want the same rights as the LGBT community so they can tell you to go fuck yourself when they cover their bodies in Tattoos and sit around begging wanting other people to feed them like me out of my money.


LGBT and Hobo Beggars Covered in tattoos harassing you are NOT the same thing.

LGBT has rights.


No one has the right to harass people and ruin their advertising campaigns in front of the whole area because they won’t feed them and give them money while they cover themselves in tattoos.
So there.

When the roads are twinned in Downtown Halifax to make way for the new Hospital Areas and High Rises this is what it will probably look like.

Gottingen Street will be Widened and all the Buildings torn down to make it easier to get into down town.

From the Macdonald Bridge to the Banking Area on Water Street by the Harbour where all the offices are at needs to be twinned or widened.

So along the Water Front should be all double lanes next to the Macdonald Bridge connecting to the Casino Area.

All that area need to be torn down.

North Street from the MacDonald bridge Exit all the way up to around Mumford Road to the Halifax shopping Center needs to be Twinned or widened.

Like on Windsor Street from the MacKay Bridge I think, by the Halifax Commons and Atlantica Hotel. Gottingen Street Needs To Widened to that Level and the Houses and Businesses Demolished.

North Street off the Macdonald Bridge needs to be widened to match by the Commons all the way from the Macdonald Bridge to Halifax Shopping Center.

Water Street from the Macdonald Bridge to The Casino and Bank Towers need to be widened to match Windsor Street by the IWK Hospital.

The blocks around the Hospitals need to be demolished to make new Hospitals and have new parking garages and apartments.

All of the North End Needs to be Demolished to make room for the Widening of the Roads leading to the Macdonald Bridge and Downtown area.

This will mean the North End of Halifax will no longer exist and Gottingen Street will be redeveloped.

All the regular houses in the Areas Around Robie Street, Windsor Street, North Street and Surrounding neighborhoods need to be Demolished to Widen the Roads and ease traffic Congestion and then new Tower Apartment Buildings can be built in the area where the houses used to be and in the old North End.

Then we will have wider roads and easier downtown access and to the Hospital Access. More people will be able to live in the smaller area after they Twin Every Road in The North End and build Tall Apartment Buildings.

Everyone is sick of the Corner of North Street and Robie Street smelling like BURNT MUFFINS every fucking day.

Can you please give it a rest on the fucking burnt muffin smell down there, people are trying to walk there.

Everyday down there it smells like burnt fucking muffins.

Then down behind the Oland Brewery in the North End it smells so bad that it makes you vomit. Somewhere behind the Brewery it smells like people are BOILING ROTTEN MACARONI.
Are you ever fucking gross down there.      
The whole area is falling down from Construction, and people are still living there, it is full of hobo’s harassing the art and LGBT Community and shoppers on Spring Garden Road with Cardboard Signs all day addicted to begging and loitering and they are dressing up in leather outfits and acting out Motorhead songs form “The Ace of Spades” lp from like 1980 and the whole Area smells like burnt muffins and people boiling rotten macaroni.

The City of Halifax is not going to allow this to continue with the construction taking place on the new downtown area and waterfront.

The North End and Gottingen Street will be torn down and alls road will be Twinned and new apartments will go in.

Then all you fucking hobo’s will be banned from dressing like Motorhead and begging on Spring Garden Road and Taking a Shit in the New Furniture in the Scotia Square brand new Food Court.

Now when I am petitioning to have your houses removed and have you banned from Downtown Halifax do you still think there is nothing I can do when you try and ruin my advertising campaign in the Halifax Area and ruin my stuff on the internet ten years ago and make me quit music in the local area because no one likes me in the North End because you thought I was afraid of you and wouldn’t give you money or food cunt?


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