Friday, September 15, 2017

The Maritime Heavy Metal Trench Coat Mafia Can Suck It

Marilyn Manson - Leader of the Trenchcoat Mafia
These people in Halifax and around Atlantic Canada are mentally handicapped. Everyone knows there is this huge problem with these people but now I'm actually starting to get what everyone else is complaining about, like people who are not into heavy music or concerned parents or whatever.

Then their "group" have this history of bothering people and going on killing sprees or something. Now I am actually starting to get what other people are concerned about and what the Marilyn Manson Trench Coat Mafia People are even talking about.

Now this is in Marilyn Manson stuff and all over Black Metal and Heavy Metal stuff like Motorhead exactly the same as the Trench Coat Mafia. 

So when you say "Trench Coat Mafia" now this includes Marilyn Manson, Motorhead, Death Metal and Black Metal now in every heavy metal category.

Here is what I'm getting from all this:

The Concept of Marilyn Manson - This is the guy who is super unattractive or something is the character to "regular" or "beautiful" the "Beautiful People" he is going on about in his music is regular people.

So the whole point of this guy is the "statement" he is making....

He's going to go around in front of normal people the "beautiful people" dressed up all crazy looking in some goth costume in public where everyone is nice looking and walk around in front of them being unattractive or something dressed up in a costume to "shock" people or scare them or something.

So when your sitting there in an outdoor restaurant on the pier or something having a nice dinner or something you look over and their's this guy there all dressed up showing off in some crazy outfit in front of people who are regular and dressed nice making a public spectacle of himself.

This is for people who are ugly or something and don't fit in with everyone normal. 

So he goes down to the church or something on Sunday in some crazy costume and tries to scare all the church goers by making a spectacle of himself in a crazy outfit.

Then all these other people who don't fit in all start cheering for him at going down there and making a fool of himself in front of everyone else that doesn't fit in.

That's the "Trench Coat Mafia" people all cheering for him, that's their way of "getting back" at regular people because they don't fit in.

So that's the whole appeal for the fan base of Marilyn Manson or "Trench Coat Mafia" the fans are called is to make a spectacle of themselves in front of the regular or "The Beautiful People" he is calling them while all the fans who are losers or something and don't fit in all cheer.

That's how they get back at regular people for not fitting in by making a spectacle of themselves and then they all group together and made some club or something to go around annoying people in public dressed up in costumes so they fit in together all annoying people they don't like.

So you take the outfits off them are they look like dork's and don't fit in with regular people so they wear a costume and go around together like Marilyn Manson all annoying people in the regular part of society.

Black Metal Trench Coat Mafia
For me I am just into heavy metal, so I would like wear a jean jacket and heavy metal shirt or something and just go around being normal and playing music. I thought that was the whole thing.

It turns out that not everyone is doing that in hard rock music. 

The rest of the people are posers wearing heavy metal stuff as "Costumes" like Marilyn Manson and copying his act and going around annoying people and trying to scare them like Marilyn Manson.

Those Black Metal outfits are just stage costumes, now people are wearing them around outside everyday annoying people in them and doing that Marilyn Manson act.

So they are all the same, if they are wearing around a crazy costume all day that is supposed to be stage clothes they are all the Marilyn Manson Trench Coat Mafia now, Black Metal, Death Metal all of them.

So what happened to me is a few years ago they all started annoying me in the North End of Halifax and tried to ruin my advertising campaign. It turns out that they are the Trench Coat Mafia in Halifax on the old Maritime Metal webpages, all of them on there.

Motorhead Trench Coat Mafia
They said they were in Thrash and Heavy Metal like Motorhead and into Death Metal and Black Metal. Then you go play and find out they are all the Trench Coat Mafia and are just wearing costumes and doing some act on the internet and running around Halifax annoying everyone like Marilyn Manson does and dressed up in every costume imaginable. 

When it comes down to it they are all posers.

Now they are all doing the Marilyn Manson Trench Coat Mafia act in every heavy metal category and all they are doing is PUTTING ON A SHOW so they can shock people like Marilyn Manson and then when you go down there to where their bands play at there is no substance and it is not a real music scene.

So you can't go play there in a real band because they are all fakes. For me, I am a University Graduate and Project Manager and worked in a Corporation and I am a super huge guitarist and play Death Metal and stuff like that in the REAL MUSIC. They are just the fake one and don't know anything about real heavy metal.

They just copy it and run around like Marilyn Manson annoying people because it's all the same to them. Instead of doing the Marilyn Manson act they do it in Heavy Metal and dress like Motorhead or Black Metal and run around wearing make up and stuff every day "shocking" the regular citizens of Halifax or anywhere.

So all those Trench Coat Mafia people started flaming me in Halifax and on the internet because I am Death Metal but I am the regular people or the "beautiful people" Marilyn Manson is out there annoying. I have a regular career and play real heavy metal, none of them even know what it is because they just copy everything and are doing an act like Marilyn Manson out in public.

That's why the Halifax Trench Coat Mafia people all go around flaming me and trying to ruin my advertising campaign. It's because they are posers and are doing that Marilyn Manson act against regular people including me when I'm playing real heavy metal.

In Halifax you go to a restaurant on the waterfront and sit outside at the Harbor for supper or something and you look over and there's this guy there dressed up like Marilyn Manson blasting Marilyn Manson music on a cell phone outside at the restaurant trying to scare everyone.

He's sitting there doing Marilyn Manson's stage act in front of everyone and thinks everyone is going to start cheering for him for annoying regular people blasting Mariyn Manson on a cel phone in downtwon Halifax. 

They are a bunch of fucking idiots. They think you are "scared of them" because you are normal regular people and their out there "making a statement" in front of you while they think the rest of the Trench Coat Mafia is out there cheering for them.

Newsflash: No one is scared of those people, I think they are Mentally Retarded.

So someone like me who plays real heavy metal and is a University Graduate and goes skiing and gets a tan and goes to the beach and stuff is the total OPPOSITE of those people.

They are all sitting in the house all the time and don't play sports or go to university and don't go tanning at the beach and stuff and have no social life and are all right pale and pasty looking.

Then they were all badmouthing me because they are jealous because I have all that and they don't fit in at the Beach or Ski Lodge and I do.

So the Motorhead people and the Marilyn Manson people all did it together flaming me on the internet and trying to ruin my advertising campaign doing that Marilyn Manson act in Halifax in one group.

So the metal people and the Trench Coat Mafia people are all the same here in Halifax and Atlantic Canada.

Now no regular people like me or anyone in real heavy metal people go to their shows because it's just the Trench Coat Mafia there doing some fake act pretending to be heavy metal music. 

No one can even show them their music collection in real metal now because the Trench Coat Mafia people all go around copying what they are listening to in the group and come back and start annoying them.

So now all the real metal guys all stay home and it's a more underground metal scene now and no one shares their music with the other people because they are the Trench Coat Mafia and go around annoying everyone with other people's favorite music.

This is what happens, if a Trench Coat Mafia Person see a real artist when they are a poser they all get mad because they what to be a huge music star and think they get it as soon as they see it by copying Marilyn Manson, then they think they are going to be famous or something like Marilyn Manson because they saw a real artist.

Now guys in metal don't go to shows or let them people see their music collections because they all get mad because real metal people have more music stuff than them and they all run down there annoying them and flaming them because they are mad that a real music guy has more than them when they are being a poser in the Trench Coat Mafia.

Now everyone in real heavy metal have made the metal scene more underground so the Trench Coat Mafia can't see it or be involved. 

In Halifax and everywhere.


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