Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Commentary: I Can't Even Imagine What People Working In Business Must Be Dealing With

White Collar Crime Rings In Canada
People working in high paying positions or running their own Companies and Small Businesses and stuff with stocks like on the stock market, property owners stuff like that with lots of money in it like in the million dollar range or high salaries, they must be under constant attack from scams around them and corrupt business people.

I mean, in my case they came right at me only after being out of St.Francis Xavier University for three years as soon as they seen my SAP Computer Server designs worth hundreds of millions of dollars to a Company or hundreds of thousands in salary for myself, like they must be some traveling circus or something and I was even approached by Amway in the past before all that.

You probably already know this anyway but business people like that are continuously facing attacks from pyramid schemes, ponzie scams etc. because of their larger incomes.

People working on Wall Street for example are facing scams at their homes in their private time from these people who try and get in their lives through people they know at home to steal their money, they try and get access to their bank accounts and business decisions by placing crooked accountants and stuff in their home who loot and ponzi their money.

It is bad enough that you have to compete in business like the stock market and then also face assault for your earnings from scams and ponzi schemes at your doorstep. Obviously, not legal but the people that do that are so reckless with their own lives that you never know when they will come crashing through your front door.

When running a business your legal defenses come right at you from strangers at your doorstep continuously trying to take you in a scam. They try to penetrate your life from every aspect leaving someone with money untrustful of new people and groups of strangers. That new group of people you just met may seem nice but they could really be some pyramid scheme trying to make friends with you in order to scam you out of your money.

Then they try and isolate you in the group and then threaten to take your friends from you unless you do what they want in the scam for them, using your feelings of love and friendship to try and steal your money.

My advice is this to someone with money, always be greedy with it and never share it plus never feel bad for not helping anyone, then you will be happy. On the other end people trying to scam you at home from your office have no feelings at all for you because they value money so much.

They will give you fake friends, fake relationships, fake everything in order to get around your money with unrelenting aggression. Someone in a position with money has to be extra careful who they let into their life and not get wrapped up in fast relationships or with strange groups of people. Remember, money is what they want more than anything and you should to in order to get rid of them.

That will show them that you are not a sucker for love and friendship over money, then ruthlessly sue them until they never come back every way you can to get the scams to stop coming. Once word gets out that you will sue with your money they will stop trying to plant people in your life to steal your money.

These people will stop at no end to get your hard earned money.

A good example would be like a woman who owns their own magazine and makes like six million dollars a year off it, not big in business but huge to the neighbors. They may be working on that at home and making a gardening magazine or interior decorating magazine and taking pictures of that in their own home and working on the magazine out in their yard for photo shoots etc. for the magazine.

People around them running scams will try anything to get into the house where they are doing that at through people they know and try to steal their money risking their own lives and freedom in a last ditch effort to be rich.

You never know what they will try and run into you home with. 

Court and lawsuits become part of your life and business when you start making money like that, meeting with lawyers become weekly or monthly tasks on your business plan that you have to deal with. You always have that in the back of your head when you are working in a position like that, what is going on with the lawsuits etc. and court while you are working.

You always have to stop and make sure all the legal stuff is accounted for. With most regular people the lawsuits come at home not business probably where they are being attacked and assaulted by scams and pyramid schemes where they have done nothing wrong and are protecting their assets by suing. 

White collar crime comes in when a competing business tries to use their business to attack your assets at home like with what happened to me, I guess they wanted to be in a long term court case or something on my business plan.

Like they come at you with a ponzi scam or pyramid scheme that you block and defend leaving you stuck in legal meetings for decades probably into the future to sue the other business and the people trying to scam you, it can take a long time to get that through the courts because of the size of the group in the pyrmaid scheme that you caught trying to rob your business in a scam.

For you that just becomes another task on your meeting calendar while you wait for updates on the case and get settlements from the other party which is the most important thing that you get a financial settlement, after all they are the ones who wanted your money first, it's only fair that you get theirs legally in the courts.

Then you have to isolate yourself from these types of people trying to scam you, never let yourself be drawn into any kind of pyramid situation and never let anyone tell you what to do with your own money and assets even if you know them, outside there could be tons of people there waiting in a scam that you never met.

That's what they tried to pull on me, then the legal stuff defending your personal assets from running a business or high paying job becomes just another business meeting to you, that is what these people don't get. When you have money like that Court just becomes another monthly or weekly meeting waiting for settlement and to see if their will be a criminal prosecution in the ponzie scam or pyramid scheme.   

What they are doing is testing the business owner to see if they can take their money in a scam, in my case they ran right into my house and tried to ruin everything right in public, obviously an act of desperation after seeing the future value of my accomplishments.

The people did not realize though that my assets and money were protected in the courts and that I had all my legal work covered because that was private and I did not share that information with friends or co workers, when I was assaulted they must have thought I wasn't able to defend myself in the courts which I did and won the case. 

Now moving forward as I continue into business and stuff court is becoming a regular meeting, that's to keep my home and personal assets safe while I continue to launch my business. That way everyone will know when the big money starts coming that my personal income and assets at my home are already protected from having a case already in the courts. 

Ponzie scams and pyramid schemes will be more likely to not harass you with a white collar crime from some office if they see others have been wrapped up in a long term court case with your business from past scams so they will also not get wrapped up in a similar case with you.

Going to court makes you safer when you run a business, this will get criminals off your doorstep. Then always just leave it up to the courts and judges to resolve the matter instead of fighting with them or talking to them.

This way they will know that they can not intimidate you and will have to face the court judges instead if they come harassing you at your doorsteps with scams and schemes from people you may have met in the area who want your money.

They want it so bad they will risk life in prison to get a pyramid scheme into your house when they see your larger income coming when you first start, or even if you already have it when they just met you.


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