Thursday, January 16, 2020

No Bread At Food Bank While Sobeys Named In Bread Price Fixing Lawsuit

Sobeys Caught In Bread Price Fixing Scam & Tax Fraud At Food Bank
Sobeys and others have been named in a class action lawsuit which is proceeding in court as announced this past December 2019, at the same time there is no bread in the Nova Scotia Food Bank at Feed Nova Scotia.

If I had to guess I would have to say that Feed Nova Scotia has some kind of deal with the Government to buy bread through Sobeys with government funding and Sobeys is now refusing to sell bread to Feed Nova Scotia during a class action lawsuit against their company in a bread price fixing scam...aka Pyramid Scheme at Sobeys Head Office in Stellarton, Nova Scotia.

Coincidentally,  I am sung the same people and office for attempting to steal my SAP Computer Server Designs from the same Pyramid Scheme as the bread price fixing scandal. 

Now why would Sobeys refuse to sell bread to Feed Nova Scotia for the Food Bank with approved government funding? fraud.

Sobeys must be receiving a tax credit form the Government to distribute bread to the Food Bank and probably isn't selling because Feed Nova Scotia requires a receipt and tax form for the bread sales.

On the other end Sobeys said they needed the cash sales for the bread at their store...why?

That's because of skimming and not reporting their taxes, so Sobeys would not be able to skim the till and take cash out of their business drectly by not reporting the sales if they had to sell to a government organization like Feed Nova Scotia because they need a reciept.

At the store end the bread sales would not be reported with the retail sale and people working there would be skimming the till and hiding the bread sales to take cash directly out of their business and not report it on their income tax which is tax fraud and tax evasion.  

The store would sell the bread and then pocket the money and not report it on their taxes to have unreported earnings for company owners.

Selling to the Food Bank would require documentation that would have to be reported on their taxes and is money that they could not skim at the store.

At the same time again, I am suing the same pyramid scheme right now who has just showed up at Nova Scotia Student Loan who have put a fraudulent lien on my personal income tax over my student loans with no documentation and they lost my student loan information.

The pyramid scheme looks like workers at government offices and their friends at home who are using their jobs to target people like myself by tampering with their government files at places like student loan and issuing fake tax liens.   

At Sobeys where that started with me they are implicated in a bread price fixing scam and now it looks like they have been caught in a tax fraud scam again with the same pyrmaid scheme in a bread price fixing scam, pyramid scam, with people they know working in the government who are covering Sobeys tax fraud it looks like and skimming their tills in a bread price fixing scam for raising bread prices and then not reporting their sales on their taxes.

Now they are caught again by refusing to sell bread to Feed Nova Scotia for the Food Bank who uses Government funding to buy bread.


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