Monday, January 13, 2020

Here Is I'm Suing The Provincial Government Right Now

They did it everyone, the Nova Scotia Government just made me sue them.

I am having the part below reviewed first to see what they say, then I am preparing my case and sending it out to lawyers. 

That's to see if they will settle without a court hearing.

If I can't get a private lawyer to contact and negotiate a settlement then I am suing the Nova Scotia Barristers Association for not providing me with a representative to negotiate with the Provincial Government.

Then I am filing and representing myself against the government with no advance negotiations with the Lawyers that represent the Province because the Provincial Government Lawyers won't provide me a representative to talk to them about an out of court settlement.

Then I am going to file in Civil Court and the Provincial Government will have two weeks to reply with no advance information and will have to face me cold in court with no advance discussions.

When I file it is a separate case from Sobeys and is only against the Nova Scotia Government.

Then the parties listed are:

1. Access Nova Scotia and Five Star Bailiff for serving me with a fake summons for a false eviction hearing that was already thrown out.

2. Service Nova Scotia and "Corporate Collections" for trying to garnish my GST Rebate with a lien on my taxes with no file documentation to show I owe them any money and because they don't have my student loan files to prove how much I owe.

Then I just have to find out how much money I an suing for and they will have two weeks to reply or they will be in court.

This is right now, and I am back to court acting as my own lawyer again and I am offering no out of court settlement if I have to do it myself which will not be pretty to the Nova Scotia Government for them when they face me with no advance negotiations or legal discussions if they refuse to review my lawsuit before I file against them at the front desk of the Civil Court building. 


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