Tuesday, January 7, 2020

LOCAL: The Pyramid Scam

Pyramid Scheme
According to this graphic you are supposed to "buy in" at work to get in the pyramid scheme for like $600, that goes up...your bosses get the $600 from your pocket...then you get what...to keep working there and wait for a payout of it?

Yeah, I don't think you're allowed doing that in an office.

In my case this is what I'm saying, I'm going after the ringleaders who attacked me at the office from their pyramid scheme. Those are the people that are facing the worst criminal charges from the testimony from my lawsuit against Sobeys Company.

Here is some more key information about my case.

In a pyrmaid scam you are supposed to pass up your sales for a small cut of the profits, like Amway. That business will give you products to sell then you sell them and they get a cut of your profits, then you are supposed to sign more people up for Amway then you get a piece of their profits in a classic pyramid scam.

In my case they tried to hold me in a pyrmaid scam without giving me any products to sell for them...they did it to me with my own work.

This is super important, I did not "buy in" to a pyrmaid scheme, they tried to take my personal property, SAP Computer Server Designs, and then own them at their office by making me pass up my work to them which is my own property.

Then they tried to make me work off my own creations for an entry level wage while they became the boss and stole my promotion.

You can say it many ways.

They tried to make me "pass up my promotion" as a certified project manager to other staff and take my raise etc. from the money for the budget from my projects which also includes salary bonuses on the project team.

So they tried to cancel my project bonuses and salary promotion and "pass it up to them" so they could have it to get the money at work.

Right so they didn't own the material, my inventions for example, they tried to make me pass them up by forcing me into the situation by assaulting me at work and at my home, then take an entry level salary while they stole my promotion.

Then they also tried to do that with my album "Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression" demo version 2008 and make me pass the album up to them and be in charge of it when it was my property and I made it plus they wanted me to give them money to run it, then they tried to cut me out of the money from the sales of the album in a pyrmaid scheme and give me nothing, they pressed it and didn't even give me a copy, then they sold them all without me and stole my money from the record for designing writing and recording it.

After that, the other people and band members lost all future royalties from my early material and are facing an investigation from my lawsuit against Sobeys for attacking me in a pyramid scam.

The key point here is - in a real pyrmaid scheme you "buy in".....I did not "buy in" to anything, they tried to TAKE my property twice, the record and the computer designs, and then force me into the bottom of the pyrmaid for lower wages at work and then lose my album sales money.

The album was scrapped and re-recorded with myself and a different band lineup for the 2011 release.

The scam itself that they tried to pull on me just shows that these people are functionally illiterate.

For example they went around saying catch phrases like "he doesn't know what he has" like trying to trick the owner of a rare collectable into thinking it's not worth anything in order to get it for next to nothing - just watch out for people saying that in scams.

Then they tried to get me to pass my work up to them in a pyrmaid scam.

Here is where they become functionally illiterate, by saying that I didn't know what it was shows that the office didn't know anything about SAP Computer Design or University Science Programs.

This is the whole point to that.

If you have the work like I did from the University Programs then you AUTOMATICALLY know what it is.

Everyone in the world knows this.

They tried to say I was doing the University work but I didn't know what it was because they are ignorant and illiterate then they tried to steal it by making me pass it up to them and then not promoting me when I got my qualifications, after that the promotion is pretty much automatic and I would have just went to work in a different company with it if they didn't want to pay me, without trying to steal it. 

Where they are illiterate: 

The requirement to do the work and get the degrees is that YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO KNOW WHAT IT IS FROM THE UNIVERSITY.

They tried to say I was making all this stuff and it was worth money but I didn't know what it was so they tried to take it from me by forcing me to pass it up to a pyrmaid scam.

That is NOT possible, because it is a requirement from the University that you know what it is in order to pass and get your degrees which I did.

That is an admission of guilt from them at the office I worked in, because they are illiterate and didn't know that this was a requirement from the University to know what the work was and it's financial value to get the degree for SAP installations on the Stock Market.

Right, they are a Pyramid Scheme. The company on the Stock Market did not know at their head office for SAP Computer Installations for Government Taxation on the Stock Market that the people designing the Computer Systems had to know what they were for from the school.

That makes them totally illerate at that office.

Then I quite and they followed me home flaming me at my house and starting a fist fight with a bunch of people because I caught them and they tried to shut me up and make me stop suing them by assaulting me at home.

Like in a landslide of lawsuits against them.

Then they came to my house and had me wrongfully evicted form my house with three days notice from the local police department, who were probably also in the pyrmaid scheme at home, which was not valid, then I was allowed back to my house where my possessions were and they arrested me anyway the same police officers with a fake restraining order (that were thrown out by the courts) in fight that they started and when I couldn't go back they looted my house and stole my possessions and the police officer who started it was my fucking landlord.

Then they used all that to rob me and hold me illegally in the jail for catching them and quitting my job, then the incident at my house with them was over my record "Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression" demo version 2008.

Then I turned them all in and they followed me around for two years flaming me and trying to make me quit music I am saying because I caught them and turned them in, quit my job and restarted my band with new members...then they did all that to "shut me up and make me quit suing them" by assaulting and flaming me at home, in public and on the internet.    

So my point of view on that is that they assaulted and flamed me to shut me up and make me quit suing them, then not only that they still wanted money from me and keep staring at me and stuff outside lying and pretending their not doing anything.

They key point here is that they are functionally illiterate by doing that because they didn't think I knew what I owned at their "company" and the value of it when it was a requirement to pass the course at the University...then none of them knew what it was and that's why they tried to steal it. 

It only shows they are low and illiterate and running a pyrmaid scam because of the way they did it to me, like they did it right to me in the open right in public.

They tried to say I was "an idiot" and rob me in a scam because I was "stupid" and didn't know what the work was worth all lying about it and they never even heard of the University curriculum at their "business" or they would have known the difference.

Before I sue Sobeys I am getting lawyers to question all them separately and then comparing their stories to find out the whole picture and identify the ring leaders of the pyrmaid scheme that assaulted me at work and at home, stole my possessions and flamed and assaulted me to shut me up and drop my lawsuit which did not work.

The advance testimony for the lawsuit in the case is super important because the people are so low and illiterate that they are probably involved in other crimes and scams, plus Bit Coin was just labeled as a Pyramid Scam in the news and it could be some of the same people in my case as well as the people who flamed Rehataeh Parsons and the ones that robbed Bit Coin terminals in Alberta for $200 Thousand Dollars.

Hopefully in my case where I actually caught the pyramid scheme that the testimony in my lawsuit against Sobeys Company will lead to the arrest and capture of the other pyrmaid schemes like Bit Coin that other people might be involved in who are connected to my case.


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