Monday, January 13, 2020

They Just Did It Again And Sent Me More Fake Government Collection Papers

You can't even believe these people....they just came back and issued me more fake documents from the Nova Scotia Government and I had to go get a lawyer to sue them again, this time at Service Nova Scotia.

The last time it was Access Nova Scotia over debt collection with fake documents and they paid my debts off.

This time it was Service Nova Scotia about my student loan payments and they issued a fake lien on my income tax apparently. 

They said they were trying to garnish my GST Rebates with a lien on my tax return and they had no documentation that I owned them any money only the loan balance, plus they have stopped sending me account statements.

I told them I needed my loan documents and they said they didn't have it a Service Nova Scotia for student debt collection, then they said they could garnish my GST on my tax return with no paperwork.

Then they said it was the Nova Scotia Government for tax collection and the collection office said it was a private business from Corporate collections, just like Access Nova Scotia with Five Star Bailiff. 

Then I called the Canada Revenue Agency and told them and they said that it was on the Nova Scotia Governments end and that THEY had no documentation on liens on your tax returns for student loans and I'm not working right now and I don't have to make payments.

Then the Federal Government said that the Provincial Government is issuing Federal Liens on tax returns on their Computer System and that they don't check the documentation at the Canada Revenue Agency.

They told me to contact them in Halifax which I already had done and they didn't have my paperwork to prove I owed them a student loan

Then they issued a lien from their office in Halifax at the Provincial Government then said the Federal Government doesn't verify the liens on Student Loan Accounts.

Then they said they issued the lien with no paperwork to the Federal Government from Halifax electronically with no paper work which is wire fraud. Then the Federal Government didn't collect the proof that they were allowed to issue the lien and none of them had my files to show I own them any money.

Then they put my loan in default, and ruined my credit they said with no documentation at Equifax.

Now they have me at R9 for bad debt for student loans at Equifax with a lien on my tax returns to garnish my income tax and gst rebates, which is not  a big deal because I'm not working anyway right now.

Then they told me if I tried to pay my student loan off. which I plan to, that they didn't have my account files to prove I owed them the money to take the lien off, plus they had no paperwork to issue the lien in the first place.

On top of that they were supposed to issue me a partial tax return a few years ago because I wasn't working from my taxes and Service Nova Scotia wouldn't send the documents to the Federal Government and I didn't get it and it was applied to my student loan payment account.   

Now they may owe me a partial tax return.

Then like this, if I work part time or something I have a bad credit rating at Equifax because the loan is in default PLUS I can't get a car or home loan because of the lien on my taxes so I can't get financed...all with no paperwork!

So they are blocking my loan applications at Equifax with a defaulted student loan with a lien on it with no paperwork and they can't even prove I had a loan or owe them money they said.

Now I have to sue Service Nova Scotia at the Student Loan Office in Halifax to get the files corrected or take the lien off my tax return, fuck them.

This is not an emergency though it's just the same thing, now I had to go back to the lawyer again which I did and have them resolve it because they said they were trying to garnish my GST Rebates from a Private Business at the Nova Scotia Government at Service Nova Scotia with a lien on my tax return with no paperwork.

Now I am suing them again, fucking whatever.

Edit - oh right yea, then not only that the same office in Halifax on Barrington Street did that to me twice. Before they were harassing me reporting me for working and not paying my student loan and I wasn't working and wouldn't tell me who did it.

Then they are in my same case for that from when I was flamed in New Glasgow when they did that and then they wouldn't file my application for my partial tax return that the Federal Government told them to and I'm already suing the Nova Scotia Government for that anyway in the same case, then they just did it again.

Then when you call the Federal Government there is a warning on the phone message saying to watch out for scams and report them and the collection letter came from a private collections company at Service Nova Scotia on Barrington Street called "Corporate Collections" so I turned them in to revenue Canada on the phone and had to call the lawyer again to stop them and start suing them again, fuck you.


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